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Tribe Profile
Namesake: A corruption of "Força",
Portuguese for "strength"
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 19
Tribes Merged: Jalapao
Lowest Placing Member: Joe Dowdle (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: J.T. Thomas (Winner)

S18 Forza Flag


Forza has no insignia.


S18 forza

Forza was the merged tribe of Jalapao and Timbira on Survivor: Tocantins.

Their tribe color is green.


S18 brendan tS18 coach tS18 debbie t
S18 erinn tS18 jt tS18 joe tS18 sierra t
S18 stephen tS18 taj tS18 tyson t

Tribe History

Episode 8

In The Dragon Slayer (Episode 8) on Day 19, the Jalapao and Timbira tribes each received Tree Mail telling them that the winning tribe that day would receive at feast which left the two tribes unsure of whether it was a challenge or the merge. When both tribes arrived at the site where they both met, they did not find Jeff Probst but instead found a feast waiting there for them. J.T. read the letter saying that it was a merge and they are now one tribe. They decided to name their new tribe Forza, a corruption of "strength" in Portuguese (the Portuguese word is "força", but English does not use diacritical marks.)

After the newly merged tribe got back to camp, J.T. and Stephen were worried that the former Timbira members would start picking off each of the former Jalapao members one by one so they decided to form an alliance with Coach and Tyson in an attempt to stay in the game. Along with the four of them, they decided to include Debbie in the alliance. Taj started to become suspicious of Brendan because she was unsure if he was holding up his end of their deal that they made on Exile Island. At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to Debbie and Tyson, but in the end, Tyson was able to pull out the win, winning the first individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

After the challenge, Joe did not come back to camp with the rest of the tribe and was instead asked by Jeff Probst to stay at the challenge area and let the Survivor Medical Team look at his injured leg. Coach and Tyson decided that they wanted to make a plan to blindside Brendan at Tribal Council, but due to the fact that they knew he had a Hidden Immunity Idol, they decided to make sure there were four votes for Brendan and three votes for Sierra. But in the end, Coach and Tyson's plan was delayed three days when they were told by Jeff Probst that Joe would not be returning to the competition as he had been medically evacuated from the game, meaning that there would be no Tribal Council that night.

Episode 9

In The Biggest Fraud in the Game (Episode 9), even though Coach and Tyson's plan did not go exactly the way that they planned because of Joe's evacuation, Coach was still confident that his alliance would be able to maintain control and decided to target Brendan for elimination next, followed by Sierra. Since Erinn's closest ally, Joe, was taken out of the game, she decided to try and join the alliance of the former Jalapao members. At the Reward Challenge, it came down to the team consisting of Brendan, Debbie, and J.T. against the team consisting of Erinn, Sierra, and Stephen and in the end, Brendan's final toss was good enough to win the reward for his team.

While Brendan, Debbie, and J.T. were on their reward, Brendan decided to have a discussion with J.T. about going to the final 2. When they got back to camp, Brendan talked to Sierra and Taj about keeping J.T. in the game and voting out Coach, Erinn, and Tyson. At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to a close competition between Brendan, J.T., and Tyson but in the end, Tyson was able to pull out another win, winning his 2nd straight Immunity Challenge.

Coach and Tyson decided that they were going to do the same thing that they were planning to do last time which was to split the vote with four votes against Brendan and three votes against Sierra to make sure they had a back-up plan in case Brendan played a Hidden Immunity Idol. Brendan decided to tell Stephen and J.T. about the Exile Island alliance, which made them think about following that alliance instead of the one they made with Coach and Tyson. At Tribal Council, Brendan revealed that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol, but decided not to use it because he felt sure that he wasn't getting voted out. But in the end, J.T., Stephen, and Taj decided to stick with their alliance with Coach and Tyson, and blindsided Brendan by a vote of 4-3-2 and became the first jury member.

Episodes 10

In It's Funny When People Cry (Episode 10), after the tribe got back to camp, Sierra was afraid that she would be the next to go so she decided to make amends with Coach. Sierra also tried getting other people to change their vote so she would not be voted out next, but Tyson said that he was definitely not changing his and that she would be voted out next. At the Reward Challenge, the red team of Debbie, Erinn, J.T., and Tyson were able to beat the black team of Coach, Sierra, Stephen, and Taj and won the challenge.

Stephen was sent to Exile Island where he was able to find the seventh clue to the original Hidden Immunity Idol which meant that there was no new one that had been placed. Sierra continued to beg for Coach to keep her in the game, but he still refused. At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants had a choice of whether they wanted to play in the challenge or sit out and eat pizza. Coach, J.T., and Stephen chose to sit out while everybody else competed for immunity. In the end, even though Sierra came very close to winning immunity, Debbie was able to snatch it from her and was able to win immunity.

When the tribe got back to camp, Erinn suggested to Stephen and Taj that it may be a good idea to vote out Tyson at Tribal Council due to the fact that he finally lost an individual Immunity Challenge. Stephen agreed that if they didn't do it now, that they might not have another chance to do it, so he convinced J.T. to blindside Tyson. J.T. was unsure if he wanted to break the "warrior" alliance that he had with Coach and Tyson. In the end, after a heated argument between Sierra and Tyson, J.T. decided to turn away from his "warrior" alliance and Tyson was blindsided by a vote of 5-3 and became the second jury member.

Episode 11

In They Both Went Bananas (Episode 11), after returning to camp, Coach and Debbie were angry at J.T. and Stephen for not telling them that they were going to blindside Tyson at Tribal Council. Debbie talked to Coach about trying to reform the Timbira alliance so that they could regain control of the game. At the Reward Challenge, it came down to Stephen and Taj, and in the end, Stephen was able to win his first challenge since the merge. He chose J.T. and Taj to go on the reward with him and chose Erinn to go to Exile Island because he wanted to make sure that one member of their alliance finds a Hidden Immunity Idol if there is a new one hidden.

While they were on their reward, J.T., Stephen, and Taj discussed voting out Debbie or Sierra next. Back at camp, Coach and Debbie tried to convince Sierra to rejoin the Timbira alliance and when she refused, they turned on her. When J.T., Stephen, and Taj got back from their reward, Coach approached J.T. to ask him what his plans were for the final 4. Coach lied to J.T. by telling him that it was Sierra who wanted to bring the old Timbira alliance back together, while Sierra told Stephen that it was Coach and Debbie who wanted to bring the alliance back together. The differing stories made J.T. and Stephen suspicious of all three of them. At the Immunity Challenge, Coach, Debbie, and J.T. were able to make it the final round and in the end, Coach was able to win immunity, which saved him from possibly getting voted out that night.

Back at camp, Sierra decided to confront Coach and Debbie in front of the whole tribe about what happened between them with reforming the Timbira alliance. Coach said that Debbie wanted to talk about a former Timbira alliance, Sierra got in Debbie's face which made her cry, and then he said that he didn't want a Timbira alliance. J.T. and Stephen were able to see Coach and Debbie's scheming through Sierra's confrontation which made them consider voting Debbie out but also believed that getting rid of Sierra would help get rid of the drama that was going on at camp. Coach and Sierra ended up continuing their confrontation at Tribal Council and in the end, Sierra was not able to sway her tribemates, which caused her to be voted out by a vote of 4-2-1 and becoming the third jury member. Erinn voted against Stephen out of spite for him sending her to Exile Island.

Episodes 12-13

In The Ultimate Sacrifice (Episode 12), the Survivor Auction was held and Taj sent herself to Exile Island so everybody could have a visit from their loved ones. Stephen, despite starting off terribly, won the Immunity Challenge.  Debbie was blindsided and became the fourth Jury member by a vote of 4-1-1. Unbeknownst to Coach, despite their tight alliance, Debbie voted against him.

In The Martyr Approach (Episode 13), J.T. won reward and inviting Stephen to join him in the reward. J.T. won the Immunity Challenge. Coach was voted off and became the fifth Jury member by a vote of 3-2.

Season Finale

In the season finale, I Trust You but I Trust Me More (Episode 14), J.T. won both Immunity Challenges. Taj was voted off and became the sixth Jury by a vote of 3-1. In the penultimate Tribal Council with only three castaways left, J.T. casts the single vote against Erinn.

J.T. became the Sole Survivor by a vote of 7-0 against Stephen, becoming the second Sole Survivor to win in a unanimous vote and the first to play a Perfect Game.



  • Taj Johnson-George is the only contestant from the former Jalapao to be voted out from Forza.  Joe was medically evacuated, while J.T. and Stephen reached the final 2.
  • The name Forza was chosen as an attempt to mean "strength" in a Portuguese word, but the Portuguese word for "strength" is "Força". However, "Forza" does mean "strength" in Italian.


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