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"For Cod's Sake"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Panama
Episode Number: 5/16 (173)
Original Release: March 2, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 16.08[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 5.5/14 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Starvation and Lunacy"
Next: "Salvation and Desertion"

For Cod's Sake is the fifth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 12

La Mina wakes up and Sally talks about being the last woman left on the tribe. Dan, in a confessional, discussed the events at the previous Tribal Council and how he was disappointed that Ruth-Marie had been voted out. Both Sally and Nick talked about how they will both miss "Ruthie". However, Sally stated she had never felt so good in her life after being spared elimination.

At Casaya, Bruce was focusing on constructing his zen garden. Aras, Shane and Courtney were unsuccessful in making fire. Aras noticed this and questioned whether it was even possible to start one. Aras informs Bruce about Casaya's problems with the fire, and Bruce offered the solution of getting more firewood. This caused Aras to yell at Bruce (which Aras later regretted in a confessional), causing an argument between the two. This and the fact that Aras came off as the most authoritative member of the tribe caused him to wish to be on Exile Island. 

The castaways arrived at the Reward Challenge and Casaya seemed shocked that Ruth-Marie had been voted out. Jeff explained the rules and that the winning team would get all of the fish, rice and beans from the challenge while the losing tribe would pick rice or beans. Courtney and Danielle sat out for the challenge. The challenge started with both tribes even. Bruce struggled with chopping the fish, putting Casaya behind. However, Bobby's strong chopping of the fish, along with Dan and Sally floundering their fish, allowed Casaya to win yet another challenge. As the losers of the challenge, La Mina picked beans over rice and Terry was exiled. Any joy from winning the Reward Challenge was lost when Casaya discovered that their camp was flooded due to a heavy torrent. Unable to make fire, Bruce proposed to eat the fish raw. Cirie was worried about the potential side effects but reluctantly ate the fish.

At La Mina, the tribe indulged on the beans. Austin was upset by Casaya's winning streak. The lack of nutrition caused stomach pains for the La Mina tribe. Later that night, Nick and Austin were still feeling the effects of the beans. At Casaya, most of the tribe had fallen asleep. However, in the outhouse, Bruce and Bobby are drinking wine. They talk how they shouldn't be drinking the wine without the permission of the tribe, but the others had taken their spots in the shelter. Bobby then declares that he would flip to La Mina when the tribes merged. Both men then agree to not vote each other out.

Day 13 

In the morning, Casaya examines the damage from the flood. Courtney notices that the wine is gone and wonder where Bobby and Bruce are. Cirie walks in on Bruce in the bathroom, holding the now empty bottle. Cirie claims she would not drink the wine unless she was dead. Bobby explained why he slept in Casa de Charmin and revealed he drank the bottle of Wine. Courtney did not like his explanation and was annoyed they drank the wine. Courtney confronted Bobby about drinking the wine and argued with him. Bobby eventually told her that he didn't care about denying her wine, leaving her stunned. In a confessional, Bobby noted that Courtney had the right to be angry but didn't want to hear her. Bobby finished the confession by claiming that Courtney was annoying.

Day 14

At Exile Island, Terry knew that he was going to return to isolation. Having found the idol, Terry focused on the survival aspect, but was worried about La Mina being unable to take care of themselves. Dan and Sally return to La Mina with Tree Mail. Based on the context of the clue, Austin deduced the challenge was a puzzle. That worried him as La Mina was not fit for the challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, Terry returned and Jeff reclaimed the idol. After explaining the rules, Aras announced that Bruce and Cirie were sitting out. La Mina was consistently leading and ultimately won, breaking Casaya's winning streak.

After the loss, Shane is quick to nominate Bobby for elimination. In an confessional, Aras reveals that he would prefer for Bruce to go. Aras explains that Bruce could not be controlled, and that Bobby contributed more to the tribe. Shane states in a confessional that he fears that Bobby would flip to Austin and Nick. Aras continued to rally for Bobby. Shane told Bobby that he was not going and that it would be Bruce. Bobby swears on Shane's son that he will not flip and that he will bring Shane to the final six. Bruce works on his zen garden to relieve the stress of his first Tribal Council and proclaims his disdain of Courtney due to her doing yoga in said garden. Danielle talks to Cirie and Courtney about Bobby and states that he should be voted out. The women decided to get Shane in on the plot. Danielle tried to convince Shane to vote out Bobby but he refused because he had sworn on his son that Bobby would make the final six. This caused an argument within the group.

At Tribal Council, Bruce lit his torch. Jeff asked about tribal unity and the conditions after the heavy rain. Shane claims that Casaya is a dysfunctional yet functional tribe. Bruce talks about the night where he had slept in the Casa de Charmin and Bobby came by with the wine. Aras called Bruce out for not taking responsibility for drinking the wine like Bobby did. Jeff reminds everyone on how the Hidden Immunity Idol works. Cirie was the first person to vote, followed by Bruce voting against Courtney. Thereafter, Danielle votes against Bobby. Courtney and Bobby are the next two to vote, followed by Aras voting against Bruce. Shane is the last to vote and declares his vote a throwaway. Courtney, Bruce, Bobby, and Aras all receive votes. The next vote said Bruce, and the next said Bobby. The final vote read Bobby, making him the 5th person voted out of Survivor: Panama.


Challenge: For Cod's Sake
One player runs to a boat, grabs a bag of rice, then comes back, throwing the bag to the second person, who throws it to the third, who throws it to the fourth, who throws it to the final player, who dumps it in the marked bin. Then, the same thing happens with a bag of beans, and again with six large fish. Before each fish is placed in their bin, the final player must chop off the heads and tails with a cleaver. The first tribe to get everything in the right bins wins.
Reward: Rice, beans, fish, spices, wine, and cooking oil.
Additional Stipulation: The other tribe will get to take either a sack of beans or a sack of rice back to camp.
Winner: Casaya

Challenge: Buried At Sea
Three tribe members paddle a tribe boat around a marked area to four submerged coffins, untying the slipknots and grabbing a puzzle piece from each, before rowing back to shore, where the other two use them to form a skull pyramid, placing a golden skull on top.
Winner: La Mina

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S12 bobby t
Bobby (3 votes)
S12 cirie tS12 courtney tS12 danielle t
Cirie, Courtney, Danielle
S12 bruce t
Bruce (2 votes)
S12 aras tS12 bobby t
Aras, Bobby
S12 aras t
Aras (1 vote)
S12 shane t
S12 courtney t
Courtney (1 vote)
S12 bruce t
S12 bobby bw
Bobby Mason

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Bobby) Strictly strategic, sorry. I hope we can be friends after.


(voting for Courtney) This is not to vote you out Courtney, but this vote here is to help keep in check and make in the game for all the other ladies. And, um, you seem to challenge everything, uh, you ask me all the time, and, some of the time, it's irritating. I've grown to like you more, but, uh, this is not... you're probably not going to be voted out tonight, but this is just to remind you, um, and I hope you have more respect for me, because I've been growing to like you more.


(voting for Bruce) Bruce, you know we get down, dawg. I'd drink that wine with you every time. Forget them. I couldn't tell them the real reason why I drank it; it's 'cause I have no respect for any of them. I drank it 'cause I didn't want them to have it, and of course they didn't. When we get back to L.A., steak, seafood, whiskey and a ballgame on Bob Dawg. You know this didn't come from me. You know who did this. Bob.


(voting for Aras) This is a throwaway vote. It's confusing, but it doesn't mean anything. I tried to make my vote go away.


(voting for Bobby) Hey, I think you're a great brother, and I wish you the best, but this is purely strategic to protect myself.


(voting for Bruce) Bruce, I just didn't think I could trust you.


(voting for Bobby) Bobby, you let yourself... you're just too egotistical and you're selfish. You just need to learn how to communicate better with people, and open up.


Final Words

I didn't expect to be here this early. I feel like I never really got my game off the ground. I could have played it differently but to be truthful, I just couldn't stomach these jokers. People at Casaya were bonding together out of weakness and out of desperation. Courtney, Danielle and Shane are spineless little twerps, all of them. Being around them made me want to throw up.

Bobby Mason

Still in the Running

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 aras t
La Mina
S12 austin t
S12 bruce t
S12 cirie t
S12 courtney t
La Mina
S12 dan t
S12 danielle t
La Mina
S12 nick t
La Mina
S12 sally t
S12 shane t
La Mina
S12 terry t


  • Bobby's elimination marks the first time a male was eliminated in Panama.
  • This episode's title is named after the Reward Challenge. 
  • This is the first time a contestant has been voted out without having a majority vote since Gretchen Cordy's elimination.