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Foa Foa Four
Foa Foa Four
Season Survivor: Samoa
Founder Russell Hantz
Members Remained Loyal
Natalie White
Mick Trimming
Jaison Robinson (Day 18-37)
Shambo Waters (Day 19-36)
Day Formed Day 18
Enemies Liz Kim
Erik Cardona
Kelly Sharbaugh
Laura Morett
John Fincher
Dave Ball
Monica Padilla
Brett Clouser
Lowest Placing Member Shambo Waters (6/20)
Highest Placing Member Natalie White (Winner)

The Foa Foa Four is an alliance from Survivor: Samoa

Although small in number compared to their rivals, the foursome led by Russell Hantz used his ownership of the Hidden Immunity Idol and his ability to seduce weaker members of Galu into voting with him only to have the four eliminate them soon after. The once paltry alliance of four secured their place in the game for successfully pitting the Galu members to each other, making way for their subsequent domination at the end of the season.


Although not created until after the elimination of Liz Kim due to their low numbers, Hantz had previously been working with Natalie White and other women from the tribe (forging the Dumb Girls Alliance) and despite all but White being eliminated from this original voting bloc, he chose to keep tribe leader Mick Trimming and Jaison Robinson as they were aware of his true profession as an Oil Company Owner.

Keep Hope Alive

With Russell being the holder of a Hidden Immunity Idol, the eight members of Galu attempted to eliminate him at the first opportunity. Despite not winning the first challenge, Galu leader Laura Morett heard that Erik Cardona was over-strategizing thanks in part to White subtly placing this information to the other women. At the time, Galu employed a dangerous "all in this together" strategy in order to scare the Foa Foa Foursome and in an ironic twist of fate, Hantz played his Idol and was shocked to learn that nobody had voted against him as Cardona was blindsided by his former tribe mates.

Now without his Idol, Galu intended Hantz to be the next person voted off.

Seducing Shambo

Prior to the merge, Shambo Waters had been selected as an observer at Foa Foa and this gave her the opportunity to speak with her competition. Making it evidently clear she was unhappy with Galu, Hantz offered her a chance to shake up the game by joining them full time (unbeknownst to her actual role as just another vote) and at the merge, this deal followed through.

After locating another Idol without the aid of a clue, Hantz approached Waters and stated that his next target was Morett. Onboard with this idea, but dashed last minute due to her second individual win, the alliance opted to instead target one of her closest friends in the game, either Monica Padilla or Kelly Sharbaugh. Galu, under the assumption that Russell did not have another Idol, decided to throw their numbers towards him in what they would assume would be an easy vote - however, Hantz shocked his rivals and even garnered approval from the Jury as the Foursome (plus Waters) eliminated Sharbaugh.

Downfall of Galu

Knowing that Hantz had taken out one of Morett's closest alliance mates, a curious John Fincher approached the alliance and wanted to join as their sixth, thus giving them a majority over the remaining ten members under the condition that after the elimination of intended target Morett that somebody from Foa Foa would be eliminated (thus still giving the alliance majority). Hantz agreed to these terms, although he chose to not disclose this additional term to anybody else.

The plan at the next Tribal Council was to force a tie between White and Morrett with Fincher voting against the intended Galu target White. At the re-vote, Fincher then switched his vote over to Morett after the rest of Galu stated that they would go to rocks. Following Morett's elimination, Fincher returned to Hantz to keep his side of the deal which the alliance turned on and promptly began eliminating the remaining Galu, including Waters.

The Brett Effect and Turning on One Another

A quiet personality, Brett Clouser was regarded as the alliance's biggest threat, although he never really showed his true colors until very deep in the game and became a prime candidate to receive all the Jury votes regardless of performance or not.

When he became a target by the alliance, Clouser began to win Individual Immunities, and Hantz had to begin working a different angle by turning Robinson and Trimming against one another by telling conflicting stories. At this point, White was deemed by Hantz as a coattail rider and he felt that this would be reflected upon at the Final Tribal Council. With Robinson and Trimming at the agreement that they would vote one another, Hantz and White chose to eliminate Robinson, becoming the only Foa Foa member to join the Jury.

At the Final Four Immunity, Hantz defeated Clouser and at Tribal Council, he ordered Trimming and White to vote against him as they had a better shot with each other instead of him. With his word as law, White and Trimming eliminated the final Galu and the remaining three went to the Final Tribal Council to face their peers.


Similar to that of the Aitutaki Four, the Foa Foa Four quickly went from underdogs to in complete control thanks in part to the Hidden Immunity Idol and their ability to come across members of Galu who were looking to improve their own personal game.



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