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Tribe Profile
Namesake: Samoan word meaning "Trumpet Shell"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Galu
Tribe Status: Merged with Galu on Day 19
Challenge Wins: 2
Lowest Placing Member: Marisa Calihan (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Natalie White (Winner)

S19 Foa Foa Flag

Foa Foa insignia

S19 foafoa

Foa Foa was a tribe from Survivor: Samoa.

The tribe is quite commonly known for losing many of the challenges, in large part to Russell Hantz's plan to sabotage the tribe by ruining their well-being. Despite their losses, the four surviving members enjoyed more success after the merge. Their tribe color is yellow.


S19 ashley tS19 ben tS19 betsy t
S19 jaison tS19 liz tS19 marisa tS19 mick t
S19 mike tS19 natalie tS19 russellh t

Tribe History

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  • Foa Foa should be pronounced "fwah fwah", however, during the season its pronunciation had been Americanized by the cast as "Fo-ah Fo-ah."


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