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Final Four Alliance
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Vanuatu
Founder: Twila Tanner & Chris Daugherty
Members: Remained Loyal:
Chris Daugherty (Day 30-39)
Twila Tanner (Day 30-39)
Scout Cloud Lee (Day 30-38)
Eliza Orlins (Day 30-34)
Day Formed: Day 30
Enemies: Yasur Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Eliza Orlins (4/18)
Highest Placing Member: Chris Daugherty (Sole Survivor)

The Final Four Alliance was an alliance from Survivor: Vanuatu.


Twila Reconciles With Chris

At first Chris was a big target, and after he lost the Immunity Challenge with his fiancée, he started to look out for some possibilities to stay in the game. He was able to get Twila and Scout on his side because they thought they would be the first ones to be picked off when the Yasur Alliance would have to turn on each other.

Successful in Shattering Ami's Alliance

After Twila talked to Ami and was confirmed that they would vote for Eliza, she talked to Chris to let Eliza in their alliance and eliminate the girl's alliance. Chris quickly went out back to camp to try and convince Eliza, and although she was hesitant to turn on the girl's alliance, she finally joined the alliance.

Mission Accomplished

After successfully voting off Leann and Eliza was confirmed she would be next to go, the alliance continued with their dominance and voted off Ami at the next Tribal Council.

Eliza Switches Sides

After Julie was the last isolated member of the girl's alliance, Eliza saw an opportunity to finally turn against her enemy Twila, who she made an alliance with to simply survive the game. To let this happen, they had to convince Chris to turn against Twila and Scout.

Chris Caught In The Middle

After Julie won the Reward Challenge, she picked Chris to share her reward as she saw it was an opportunity to talk to him. She tried to convince him to switch sides, however Chris wasn't sure if it was going to be a good move to his part, although he didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings. He was very undecided until the Tribal Council.

Sticking To The Alliance

Chris ultimatelly decided to stick with Twila and Scout and vote Julie off, and because of that Eliza became suspicious about his loyalty although she still trusted him.

Eliza and her Downfall

Before Tribal Council, Eliza thought that she had Chris on her side and that he would vote for Twila with her. She was very happy about this vote because she thought Twila was finally getting out, but ultimatelly she was blindsided when Chris decided once again to stick with Scout and Twila.


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