"Fight for Your Life or Eat"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Panama
Episode Number: 10/16 (178)
Original Release: April 13, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 15.07[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 5.2/17 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "The Power of the Idol"
Next: "Medical Emergency"

Fight for Your Life or Eat is the tenth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 22Edit

In the morning, Terry talks about his pilot training, while Courtney and Cirie talked about how they were supposed to beat Terry in the Immunity Challenge. Terry asks how does he fit into the six, but he is told he is not in the six. Terry talks about the day before and Tribal Council. Danielle wants the former La Mina gone, followed by Aras. The women agree Terry is gone as soon as he is vulnerable. Danielle, in a confessional, talks about whether the idol Terry has was real or not. Aras talks to the women and asked to be sent to Exile Island. He reveals he did so he can find the idol.

At the Reward Challenge, the reward was to watch the complete videos from home, along with milk and PB&J. After everyone finished watching the videos, Jeff explained the rules and divided the teams. Although the challenge was a close race, the team of Courtney, Bruce, Sally, and Terry won due to the other team knocking out flags. The winning team exiled Aras.

Cirie, Danielle, and Shane walk back to camp, dejected after losing. Shane try to cheer up Danielle and Cirie by saying that the challenge wasn't that big of a challenge to lose. Cirie could tell what Shane was trying to do. Then Shane wanted Cirie to look at his genitalia. Cirie reluctantly agreed and she bursts into laughter after taking a look, causing Danielle to also laugh when she took a quick look herself. Cirie viewed Shane as a cartoon, but it made her forget what she was missing. On Exile Island, Aras is trying to make fire. Aras states he was actually happy to be on Exile because of privacy and the chance to look for the idol. Aras decided to look for the idol. However, he was unable to decipher the clues. Along with the fact that how quickly Terry sent him to Exile, Aras concludes that the idol was found.

Shane spots the boat with the winning team returning from reward. Danielle didn't want to hear about how great the Reward Challenge. The winning team also had their luxury items, which upset Danielle more. Courtney's item was some fire toys. Bruce's item was his sketchbook. Terry uses his item, an American flag to honor his father and father in law. Sally's item was her journal. Cirie was most impressed with the fire toys, but was upset at losing.

Day 23Edit

No footage was shown from Day 23.

Day 24Edit

Sally talks to Terry about their options and how to take over the game. Shane tells Terry that he would voted out if he is vulnerable. The castaways arrive for the challenge and Aras is welcomed from exile. Aras explained his experience wasn't that bad but he wouldn't want to go right back. Jeff hands everyone a shell and a nut. After explaining the challenge rules, Jeff revealed that the castaways could feast on burgers if they feel safe. The shell means they would compete, the nut means they want to eat. Sally and Terry obviously chose to compete. Aras seemed annoyed that he was the only one from his alliance to compete. After five minutes, Terry won immunity for the third time.

Back at camp, Terry and Sally are happy that he won immunity. Aras talks about exile and the idol was already found. Aras expressed his concerns about being voted out. Terry shows his idol to Bruce. Sally pleads with the casaya women to vote out Aras. Sally says that they want Casaya to break up, which would happen anyway. Sally's revealed she was trying to get the others to believe that the idol being played tonight. Courtney asked Terry about the idol, but downplays that. Terry then try to convince Courtney to flip, but she wants to do it later. Courtney reveals that Terry is her choice for the final two. Courtney points out that Aras is a bigger threat but is the only one who can beat Terry. Cirie talks to Bruce about Terry's idol. Cirie would not believe it if Terry would give Sally the idol. If he does, Cirie would view that as one of the worst moves ever because it forces Terry to rely on immunity. Courtney plays with her fire toys while Terry hopes two people flip. 

At Tribal Council, the events of the challenge along with Terry's winning streak are discussed .Terry did not give Sally her idol, nor did anyone flip. Sally was voted out in a 6-2 vote.


Challenge: Get Hooked
One player lies on a "cradle" supported by bungee ropes. The other three members of their team use ropes to pull them around a boxlike structure to grab 15 numbered flags, one at a time, and place them into the corresponding holders.
Reward: A full screening of the winning team's videos from home, along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk. The winners will also receive their luxury items.
Winners: White Team (Bruce Kanegai, Courtney Marit, Sally Schumann, and Terry Deitz) (exiled Aras Baskauskas)

Challenge: Marine Memory
The castaways must swim out to a pair of floating life rings, dive down to find a long plank and memorize the seven symbols shown on it in order. They must then return to the beach and use three-sided puzzle pieces to recreate the sequence in a solving station. The castaways were given the choice to sit out of the challenge and eat hamburgers instead of competing.
Winner: Terry Deitz

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 9:
S12 sally t
Sally (6 votes)
S12 aras tS12 bruce tS12 cirie t
S12 courtney tS12 danielle tS12 shane t
Aras, Bruce, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle, Shane
S12 aras t
Aras (2 votes)
S12 sally tS12 terry t
Sally, Terry
S12 sally bw
Sally Schumann

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(voting for Aras) Um, kind of sick of the six of you, so one at a time.


(voting for Aras) Still the number one threat, buddy.


(voting for Sally) I just don't trust you around camp. Sorry.


(voting for Sally) We're gonna see each other real soon, have a pizza. I miss you, Mama. Best socks in the history of Survivor.


(voting for Sally) Just strategy, nothing personal. Hope you have the Idol.


(voting for Sally) Sally, this was nothing but a numbers thing. I wish you could still be here.


(voting for Sally) You're a great player of this game and too much of a threat. I'm so sorry.


(voting for Sally) My most memorable moment in this game so far was breakfast in bed in the rain with sweet rolls and coffee and breakfast. I'll always remember that. But right now, this is a group strategy for a million dollars.


Final WordsEdit

I am not disappointed that Terry didn't give me the Hidden Immunity Idol. He has a huge uphill battle ahead of him. I'm disappointed that I cannot be there fighting in the trenches beside him but I've found so much inner strength. I learned a lot about myself. And I'll take that with me. And I learn about myself and all of this You know I fought hard and I feel great and I have no regrets.

Sally Schumann

Still in the RunningEdit

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 sally bw
S12 aras t
S12 bruce t
S12 cirie t
S12 courtney t
S12 danielle t
S12 shane t
S12 terry t


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