S17 Gabon Fang Tribe


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Tribe Profile
Version: United States
Season: Gabon
Namesake: Fang, a Beti-Pahuin ethnic subgroup
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Kota
Tribe Status: Merged with Kota on Day 27
Challenge Wins: 4
Lowest Placing Member: Michelle Chase (18/18)
Highest Placing Member: Susie Smith (Runner-Up)

S17 Fang Flag

Tribe Sigil

Fang insignia 1

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Fang was a tribe from Survivor: Gabon.

Fang was one of two tribes with 9 castaways that began in "Want to See the Elephant Dung?". The tribe was known for their extensive losing streak in challenges during the pre-merge portion of the game, but managed to rebound post-merge by systematically eliminating the rival Kota tribe members. Their tribe color is red.


Original Tribe

S17 crystal tS17 dan tS17 gc t
S17 gillian tS17 ken tS17 matty t
S17 michelle tS17 randy tS17 susie t
  • Crystal Cox, an Olympic champion from Durham, North Carolina.
  • Dan Kay, an attorney from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • G.C. Brown, a maintenance supervisor from Portland, Oregon.
  • Gillian Larson, a nurse from Temecula, California.
  • Ken Hoang, a professional gamer from Westminster, California.
  • Matty Whitmore, a personal trainer from Pacific Palisades, California.
  • Michelle Chase, a music assistant from Los Angeles, California.
  • Randy Bailey, a wedding videographer from Eagle Rock, Missouri.
  • Susie Smith, a hairdresser from Charles City, Iowa.

As Gabonese tradition dictates, the elders were given utmost respect. With this, the oldest cast members of both sexes will initiate a tribe-picking activity. The oldest female chose the members of Fang. The following castaways comprised the original Fang tribe, existing from Days 1-9 (In order of selection):

  • Gillian picked Crystal;
  • Crystal picked Susie;
  • Susie picked Matty;
  • Matty picked Randy;
  • Randy picked Dan;
  • Dan picked G.C.;
  • G.C. picked Ken;
  • Ken picked Michelle.

Post-First Tribe Switch

S17 ace tS17 crystal tS17 gc tS17 jacquie t
S17 kelly tS17 ken tS17 matty tS17 sugar t
  • Ace Gordon, a fashion photographer from Naples, Florida.
  • Crystal Cox
  • G.C. Brown
  • Jacquie Berg, a medical saleswoman from Santa Barbara, California.
  • Kelly Czarnecki, a student from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
  • Ken Hoang
  • Matty Whitmore
  • Sugar Kiper, a pin-up model from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Joined on Day 13).

The Schoolyard Pick to choose the tribe went as follows:

  • Matty chose Ace;
  • Ace chose Crystal;
  • Crystal chose Jacquie;
  • Jacquie chose Ken;
  • Ken chose Kelly;
  • Kelly chose G.C.;
  • Sugar was sent to Exile Island and was put on Fang after the Day 12 Tribal Council.

Post-Second Tribe Switch

S17 charlie tS17 corinne t
S17 matty tS17 randy tS17 sugar t

Tribe History

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  • From the beginning of the game until the second tribe switch, the tribe's name was pronounced as /fɑng/ (pronounced "fong"), but since the second switch, it was changed by Corinne Kaplan to /fæng/ (sounding like how "fang" is usually pronounced in American English), because she thought the original pronunciation was "tainted" due to its misfortunes.
  • Matty Whitmore is the only original member of Fang to stay at Fang until the merge.
  • Among all the red tribes in Survivor history, Fang fared the worst in challenges, winning only four of the season's thirteen tribal challenges.
  • Fang, along with its rival Kota tribe, are the third and fourth tribes to have its tribe name originate from an actual tribe or ethnic group, following Survivor: Africa's Samburu and Boran tribes, which are also African-based tribes. Fang is the dominant language of the Bantu and is spoken by 32% of Gabon inhabitants.
  • Fang, along with Kota, are the first two tribes to be a part of two full tribe switches.