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Fab Five
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: San Juan del Sur
Founder: Jon Misch & Missy Payne
Members: Remained Loyal:
Missy Payne (Day 13-39)
Baylor Wilson (Day 13-37)
Jaclyn Schultz (Day 13-35)
Jon Misch (Day 13-35)
Natalie Anderson (Day 16-37)
Jeremy Collins (Day 16-24)
Day Formed: Day 13
Enemies: Kelley Wentworth
Dale Wentworth
Coyopa Guys Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Jon Misch (6/18)
Highest Placing Member: Natalie Anderson (Sole Survivor)

The Fab Five, (also known as The Fearsome Five), was the dominant alliance during the merge, while the core members started as the dominant Coyopa Pairs Alliance in post-Switch Coyopa, in Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Oh, Pairs!

Jon and Jaclyn's Decision

Taking Control

Natalie's Revenge

Final Tribal Council



  • Natalie is the only member of the alliance not to have a loved one in the alliance as well.


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