Expedition Robinson is the Swedish version of the Survivor franchise. It is the very first televised version of Survivor produced by Charlie Parsons debuting in 1997. The name is based on the literary pieces Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, both based on stories of people marooned by shipwrecks.


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Format variations

While the initial season of Expedition Robinson set the rules for the basic format of the show, starting in season two twists were added to make the game more interesting.

Division of tribes

Over the course of the show's run, producers would add twists to how the tribes were divided. However, there has been changes in the divisions of the tribes. The first major change in tribal divisions came in the show's third season but there would be many variations in the way tribes were divided as years went on.

The following seasons had an unusual division of tribes:

  • Expedition Robinson 1999, where the contestants were initially split into four tribes of four. The two male tribes were known as 'East Team' and 'West Team'. The two female tribes were known as 'North Team' and 'South Team'. This division lasted until the East and West tribes were absorbed into the North and South in episode three.
  • Expedition Robinson 2002, where the contestants were split into tribes based on their gender. The 'North Team' was composed of all females with one male leader while the 'South Team' was composed of all males with one female leader. This division lasted until episode four when a tribal swap occurred.
  • Expedition Robinson 2003, where the contestants, initially only veterans, all lived as one tribe and were then divided into two tribes in episode two known as the 'Veteran Team', which was composed of former Robinson contestants, and the 'Challenger Team' composed of fans of the show. This division lasted for only one episode as a tribal swap occurred in episode three.
  • Robinson Karibien, where contestants were initially split into two tribes based on gender. This division came to an end in episode two following a tribal swap.
  • Robinson 2011, where the two tribes were initially composed of two tribes of six women. This division, while not officially ended, slowly lost significance as more men joined the game and some of the women quit.

Recurring themes

Tribe switch and dissolves

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Utopia/The Other Side

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