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Ethan Zohn

S8 Ethan Zohn

S3 Ethan Zohn

Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 12, 1973 (1973-11-12) (age 42)
Hometown Lexington, Massachusetts,
New York City
Occupation Professional Soccer Player


Tribe(s) Boran
Moto Maji
Placement Winner
Alliance(s) Boran Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 39


Tribe(s) Saboga
► Mogo Mogo
Placement 11/18
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 21

Ethan Zohn is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Africa. He later competed on Survivor: All-Stars.

Aligning with close friend Tom Buchanan and strategist Lex van den Berghe, Ethan was able to stick with his alliance to the end and eventually defeat Kim Johnson to become one of the most popular and well-liked winners to play the game.


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Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Ethan Zohn currently lives in New York City. He is a professional soccer player, having been employed as a goalie for the Highlanders Football Club (Zimbabwe), Cape Cod Crusaders (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) and the Hawaii Tsunami (Oahu, Hawaii). Zohn also played for the 1997 and 2001 U.S. National Maccabiah Team (Israel). Off the field, he has been the assistant coach for the Fairleigh Dickinson University Men's and Women's Soccer Team in Teaneck, New Jersey since 1998. Additionally, since 1999 Zohn has worked freelance as a brand name strategist/developer, responsible for creating names for newly invented products.

Zohn attended Vassar College, where he graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Following graduation, he traveled for six months in Australia and New Zealand, where he bungee jumped from one of the highest jumps in the world (400 feet).[1]

Zohn's Club History

Ethan's Club History
Club League
Vassar College Vassar College Brewers NCAA Division III
Hawaii Tsunami United Soccer Leagues
Capecodcrusaders Cape Cod Crusaders
Highlanders FC Highlanders F.C. Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League


Since being declared the winner of SURVIVOR: AFRICA, Ethan Zohn has founded "Grassroot Soccer," a non-profit organization which trains Africa's professional soccer players to teach children about HIV/AIDS prevention ( Additionally, he is a national spokesperson for America Scores, an organization that helps inner city kids participate in educational soccer programs. He has done extensive charity work for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids organization and YouthAids, along with the Colon Cancer Alliance. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements, appeared in a Hewlett Packard commercial, hosted numerous MTV specials and appeared in various other television and print media. He most recently served as the coach of the U.S. National Maccabiah Team at the Pan American Maccabi Games in Chile. 

In 2002, Ethan hosted "Ethan Zohn's Zone," an online journal summarizing the events of the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan. His accounts provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look inside the U.S. Soccer Team and the event itself. He also competed in Eco-Challenge Fiji with fellow SURVIVOR alumna, Jenna Lewis. 

Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Ethan moved to New York, where he attended Vassar College, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. He eventually became a professional soccer player, having been employed as a goalie for the Highlanders Football Club (Zimbabwe), Cape Cod Crusaders (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) and the Hawaii Tsunami (Oahu, Hawaii). Ethan also played for the 1997 and 2001 U.S. National Maccabiah Team (Israel). Off the field, he was the assistant coach for the Fairleigh Dickinson University Men's and Women's Soccer Team in Teaneck, N.J. from 1998-2002. Additionally, since 1999 he has worked freelance as a brand name strategist/developer, responsible for creating names for newly invented products. 

Ethan is currently single and living in New York City. He has two brothers, Lenard and Lee. His birth date is November 12, 1973.[2]

Survivor: Africa

As part of the Boran tribe, Zohn was seen as a strong player who could potentially win challenges, and was not targeted early because of his congenial personality. During Boran's two back-to-back Immunity Challenges losses, he joined the majority to vote off Diane Ogden and Jessie Camacho. Over the next few days, Ethan would cement a long-term alliance with Lex van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan from his Boran tribe.

But during a twist in Day 13 saw both of Zohn's alliance members switch from Boran to the Samburu tribe, leaving Ethan alone with old Boran members Kim Johnson and Clarence Black. Two of the new Boran members from the Samburu tribe, Teresa Cooper and Frank Garrison, had an old misunderstanding with younger old Samburu member Silas Gaither. So, on Day 15, a secret consensus was reached between Teresa and Frank and the original Borans (in which the two ex-Samburus would swear loyalty to Boran) by purposefully throwqing the next Immunity Challenge in order to vote out the unpopular Silas. Both of Ethan's alliance members, Tom and Lex, remained safe on the Samburu tribe, carrying all three into the merge.

Ethan's alliance soon began to take control of the game, along with other members Kim Johnson and Kelly Goldsmith, all from the original Boran. They immediately targeted old Boran member Clarence Black due to his physical strength and he was voted out. But unbeknownst to Lex, he had received another vote at Tribal Council, who he believed had come from Kelly, but Teresa was the real culprit. This led Lex on a witch-hunt against Kelly which almost led to the demise of Ethan's alliance when Kelly possessed the power with the other four ex-Samburu members, Teresa, Frank, Kim Powers, and Brandon Quinton. But at the last minute, Brandon switched his vote, saving Lex and eliminating Kelly. But this move came back to haunt Brandon, when Ethan's alliance saw him as untrustworthy and voted him out at the next Tribal Council.

Ethan, Lex, Tom and Kim Johnson regained control of the game, ousting previous Samburu members Frank, Kim Powers, and Teresa in the next three votes, carrying them into the Final Four. Kim Johnson surprised everyone by winning the remaining Immunity Challenges, putting the men (who already planned to be the final three) in trouble. Tom and Lex were eliminated respectively, thus bringing Ethan to Day 39.

In the end, Ethan beat out Kim in a 5-2 vote to become the Sole Survivor, receiving votes from Kelly, Frank, Teresa, Tom, and Lex.

Voting History

Ethan's Voting History
Episode Ethan's
Voted Against
1 Diane -
2 Jessie -
3 Boran Tribe Immune
4 Boran Tribe Immune
5 Silas -
6 Boran Tribe Immune
7 Clarence -
9 Kelly Individual Immunity
10 Brandon -
11 Frank -
12 Kim P. -
13 Teresa -
14 Tom -
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Ethan
Frank, Kelly, Lex,
Teresa, Tom
Sole Survivor, Day 39

Survivor: All-Stars

Originally part of the Saboga tribe, Zohn was immediately targeted as a previous winner, along with Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson. When Saboga lost immunity, the rest of the tribe decided to vote out Tina first, needing Zohn's strength to win future challenges. When Saboga lost immunity once again, Zohn was spared once more over physical liability Rudy Boesch, who had hurt his ankle at the Reward Challenge.

In Day 13, Zohn and the rest of the Saboga tribe were disbanded after losing a challenge. Zohn and Jerri Manthey joined the Mogo Mogo tribe, while Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham joined Chapera . Later in that episode, Zohn joined the rest of his new tribe to vote out Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch. With Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien kidnapped by Chapera, Ethan joined forces with Colby Donaldson to oust Jerri. Unfortunately for Ethan, Shii Ann Huang voted against Colby, causing his demise. On the outs, Ethan begged Lex to honor their friendship by keeping him over the unpopular Jerri. Despite this, he was the last of the former winners to take the fall, though he was the most successful of the four previous winners who competed on All-Stars, lasting longer than Tina Wesson, Richard Hatch, and Jenna Morasca did.

Ethan was nominated in Survivor: America's Tribal Council as Sexiest Male, but lost to Colby Donaldson.

Statistics of Ethan Zohn
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 60
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 9
Individual wins 2
Total 11
Tribal Council
Total votes received 6
Exile Island
Times exiled N/A
Redemption Island
Days spent at Redemption Island N/A
Duels won N/A

Voting History

Ethan's Voting History
Episode Ethan's
Voted Against
1 Jenna L. -
2 Rudy Rudy, Rupert
3 No Tribal Council
4 Saboga Tribe Immune
5 Richard -
6 No Tribal Council
7 Jerri -
8 Jerri Jerri, Kathy,
Lex, Shii Ann
Voted Off, Day 21


  • On May 19, 2002, Ethan, along with Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson, appeared live going into commercial break chatting with Rosie O'Donnell who would host the Marquesas reunion. Rosie asked Ethan who he thinks would win Marquesas and Ethan said Vecepia Towery would win.
  • In Summer of 2009, Ethan, along with the other first eighteen Survivor winners, appeared on a TVGuide special "Survivor Millionaires: Where Are They Now?"[3]
  • Ethan was inducted into Xfinity's Survivor Hall of Fame in 2012.

Personal life

He formerly dated Amber Brkich from Survivor: The Australian Outback (now married to Rob Mariano). He was engaged to fellow winner Jenna Morasca. In 2013, the couple split up but remained as good friends.[4] Ethan gotten engaged to Lisa Heywood in July 2015.[5]


  • Zohn was a member of Team Mad River during the 2002 Eco-Challenge in Fiji.
  • In 2005, Zohn appeared on Kill Reality, which follows various reality television personalities as they film a horror movie called The Scorned.
  • In 2005, Zohn was a contestant in a special episode of Fear Factor which aired in February 28, 2005, in which he competed against other reality star winners, including his girlfriend, Jenna Morasca, who was the winner of Survivor: The Amazon. He finished second, losing to former The Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter.
SurvivorFamilyFeud Men

Ethan on Family Feud for charity.


Ethan and Jenna's promotional photo for The Amazing Race 19.

  • In 2011, Ethan and Jenna appeared in the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice 4 where Richard Hatch was one of the celebrities competing.[6]
  • Ethan and Jenna competed in the 19th season of CBS's Amazing Race. They placed 10th.
  • Ethan has co-written a series of children's books entitled "Soccer World".
  • Since December 2013, Ethan has been writing weekly entries for his blog The Zohn Zone , part of The blog details his life experiences as a cancer survivor. 


  • Zohn is an animal rights advocate. He posed nude (while holding a leaf to cover himself) for PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign along with Jenna Morasca.
  • Zohn used his winnings to found a fundraiser called Grassroots Soccer. This was Richard Hatch's chosen charity in Celebrity Apprentice.



Ethan's ongoing battle of cancer.

  • On April 30, 2009, Zohn was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was diagnosed after experiencing night sweats and strange itching. He started chemotherapy in May 2009. On September 14, 2009, he disclosed that after three months of intensive chemotherapy, his cancer returned. He underwent a new treatment, including a stem-cell transplant, to battle the rare form of Hodgkin's disease. Zohn received a "clean CT scan" in late April 2010.
  • Twenty months after his remission, Ethan's cancer returned, and is now undergoing another series of stem cell transplants.




Preceded by
The Australian Outback
S2 tina t
Tina Wesson
Sole Survivor Titleholder
S3 ethan t
Ethan Zohn
Succeeded by
S4 vecepia t
Vecepia Towery

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