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This article regards the Filipino version of Survivor, not to be confused with the American version of the show.
Echo Caceres
Sp2 Echo Caceres
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Albay, Philippines
Occupation: Call Center Agent
Survivor Career
Tribe(s): Koror
Finish: 8/16
Challenge Wins: 10
Votes Against: 6
Days Lasted: 28

Francia Floresca "Echo" Caceres is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Palau.


I am not physically strong... but I know how to deal with different people even in difficult situations."

As the eldest of seven siblings, Echo Caceres of Sto. Domingo, Albay had to become a breadwinner at a younger age. One of the major challenges her family faced was when their house was destroyed by typhoon Milenyo, while she was on training in Singapore. Despite the challenges, Echo keeps a positive attitude by living her life to the fullest. She tags herself as a "feisty call center agent." But what's with her nickname? "People have always called me 'Echo' not only because of my distinct voice that really echoes, but because I have become a catalyst of change when I was a student," Echo said in English. "I really deliver my opinions passionately."

Survivor: Palau (Philippines)

Voting History

Echo's Voting History
Cycle Echo's
Voted Against
1 Justine -
2 Carol -
3 Koror Tribe Immune
4 Koror Tribe Immune
5 Koror Tribe Immune
6 Koror Tribe Immune
7 Koror Tribe Immune
8 Marvin -
9 Tara -
Shaun Amanda, Charles, Jef,
Mika, Shaun, Suzuki
Voted Out, Day 28
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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