East Team (Expedition Robinson 1999)
Tribe Profile
Season: Expedition Robinson 1999
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): West Team (Expedition Robinson 1999) (Main Rival)
North Team (Expedition Robinson 1999)
South Team (Expedition Robinson 1999)
Tribe Status: Absorbed into North Team most likely around Day 5-9
Challenge Wins: 0
Lowest Placing Member: Franz Schnabel (17/17)
Highest Placing Member: Martin Suorra (7/17)

Flag unavailable.

Tribe Emblem

East Team (Expedition Robinson 1999) has no emblem.


Buff unavailable.

The East Team' (nicknamed The Old Man Gang) was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 1999.

As part of this seasons four tribe twist this tribe started off with only four members, all of which were male. The East Team only existed for two episodes of the season and the tribe only competed in three challenges. Despite there being four tribes, the East Team only directly competed against the West Team (the other all male team) in challenges and despite their best efforts never won a challenge. Their tribe color is orange.




Tribe History

At the start of Expedition Robinson 1999, the contestants were surprised to learn that the tribes would be divided into four tribes based on gender. The East Team, whether intentionally or unintentionally, consisted of the seasons oldest four male contestants, namely Deniz Özen, Franz Schnabel, Johnny Leinonen and Martin Suorra. From the beginning the tribe came across problems as Franz was injured shortly after the East Team arrived at their camp. Franz claimed to have received a large cut near the bottom half of his leg upon jumping off the boat carrying the team to their camp. The cut was caused by the boat's propeller making contact with Franz's leg when he hit the water. The injury proved too much for Franz and he had to be removed from the competition prior to the first Immunity Challenge.
East Team

Deniz, Johnny, and Martin at the start of the first Immunity Challenge

The tribe continued you struggle as they lost the first Immunity Challenge against the West Team, however due to the evacuation of Franz they, along with the losing North Team, were spared a trip to Tribal Council. The East Team continued to struggle in episode two as they lost both the first Reward Challenge and second Immunity Challenge. Following the defeat at the second Immunity Challenge both the East and South teams were forced to go to Tribal Council were the victorious North and West teams would vote out one of their members. At Tribal Council the team lost its second member as Deniz found himself voted out following an initial tie vote and lot draw. The morning after Deniz's elimination Johnny and Martin were absorbed into the North team and the East Team ceased to exist.



  • Much like the original Casaya tribe from the American version's Survivor: Panama, most of the East Team's original members were eliminated prior to the merge. Only Martin Suorra made it to the individual stage of the competition.
  • This team is also like La Mina because it is an orange team made of older men.
  • The East Team is the only tribe in the history of Expedition Robinson to never win a competition.
  • The East Team is one of only two tribes in the history of Expedition Robinson to never have any female members.