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"Double Tribal, Double Trouble"
Survivor.Vanuatu.s09e03.Double.Tribal,.Double.Trouble.DVDrip 271John K. has to decide to which of the women he will give the Immunity Necklace.
Season Vanuatu
Episode Number 3/14 (117)
First Broadcast September 30, 2004
Viewership (in millions) 19.91[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 7.5/21
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs, and the Old Bunch
Next Now That's a Reward!

Double Tribal, Double Trouble is the third episode of Survivor: Vanuatu.


Day 7Edit



Challenge: Great Escape Run
This episode's challenge was divided into two parts:

  • First Part (for Tribal Reward): Tribes must work together to make their way through three locked cages by untying planks, using grappling hooks to retrieve keys, and mastering a series of interlocking slide rails. The first tribe to crawl through the three cages to safety would win reward.
  • Second Part (for Individual Immunity): Each person must dig ladder rungs out of the sand in order to build a ladder with. The first person to build their ladder and climb to the top would win immunity at their Tribal Council. The winner would award individual immunity to one person from the rival tribe. Also, they would stay at the other tribe's camp to gather enough information that would help them decide which member of that tribe would receive immunity at their Tribal Council.

Reward: Fishing and snorkeling gear, and the chance to vie for inidividual immunity.
Winner: Lopevi (tribal reward); John Kenney (individual immunity, gave additional immunity to Ami Cusack)

Reward Challenge: Great Escape Run
Result Tribe Competitors
Won Lopevi S9 brady tS9 chad tS9 chris tS9 johnk tS9 johnp tS9 lea tS9 rory tS9 travis t
Brady, Chad, Chris, John K., John P., Lea, Rory & Travis
Lost Yasur S9 ami tS9 eliza tS9 julie tS9 leann tS9 lisa tS9 mia tS9 scout tS9 twila t
Ami, Eliza, Julie, Leann, Lisa, Mia, Scout & Twila

Immunity Challenge: Great Escape Run
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway S9 johnk t
John K.
S9 brady tS9 chad tS9 chris tS9 johnp tS9 lea tS9 rory tS9 travis t
Brady, Chad, Chris, John P., Lea, Rory & Travis

Tribal CouncilEdit


Tribal Council 3:
S9 johnp t
John P. (5 votes)
S9 chad tS9 chris tS9 lea tS9 rory tS9 travis t
Chad, Chris, Lea, Rory & Travis
S9 rory t
Rory (3 votes)
S9 brady tS9 johnk tS9 johnp t
Brady, John K. & John P.
S9 johnp bw
John Palyok

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I'm voting for you. I might be weaker than you physically, but I'm stronger than you mentally. It's just a game.


Ain't nothing personal, man. I'm just being consistent.


I'm voting for Rory tonight, because you are the weakest guy in the tribe. Hopefully, there'll be four votes to get you out, or tie with me.

–John P.

This is our strategy. Sorry, my friend.


Final WordsEdit

Well, what can I say? I survived seven days. I was hoping to stay a little bit longer but there is no way that I think I was outwitted, outlasted or outplayed. Coming to the island and being part of something that I couldn't even imagine, I'll tell you, what an experience.

–John Palyok


Tribal Council 4:
S9 mia t
Mia (5 votes)
S9 ami tS9 leann tS9 lisa tS9 twila tS9 scout t
Ami, Leann, Lisa, Twila & Scout
S9 twila t
Twila (3 votes)
S9 eliza tS9 julie tS9 mia t
Eliza, Julie & Mia
S9 mia bw
Mia Galeotalanza

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Twila, I'm voting for you. Um, you said you can't relate to women, and, unfortunately, you got stuck on an all women's tribe. I just don't wanna spend another day on the island with you.


Mia, your volcano erupts more than I like. Good luck in finding a husband that will put up with you.


I think you're a young woman that's got a big chip on her shoulder. I think that you got a mouth and a half, and I think you need to go. That's all.


Twila, my vote's for you. I think you have an amazing work ethic, but you can't be here anymore. Sorry.


Final WordsEdit

I have met a lot of amazing girls and a lot of people that I never want to see again, one of them being Twila. Twila, you have been extremely deceiving with all the girls. I thought you were absolutely horrendous. I don't think you have the social skills to play this game at all and that's going to wear on the girls. Hopefully, you will get voted off next.

–Mia Galeotalanza

Still in the RunningEdit

S9 brady t
S9 brook bw
S9 chad t
S9 chris t
S9 johnk t
John K.
S9 johnp bw
John P.
S9 lea t
S9 rory t
S9 travis t
S9 ami t
S9 dolly bw
S9 eliza t
S9 julie t
S9 leann t
S9 lisa t
S9 mia bw
S9 scout t
S9 twila t


  • This episode marks the first time Individual Immunity was offered before the merge.
  • This was the first time both tribes voted someone out of the game on the same day.
  • Both of the Tribal Councils held in this episode ended with a 5-3 vote.
  • In this episode, John P. and Mia became the first contestants to be voted out on Day 7.


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