Double Elimination
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Survivor Gameplay
Description: When a tribe is surprised after voting out one tribe member and have to vote out an additional tribe member
Appearances: Cook Islands
Redemption Island
South Pacific
The Double Elimination is a game-changing twist that forces a tribe to vote out multiple contestants at one Tribal Council. A Double Elimination is different from a Double Tribal Council in several ways: it is not revealed beforehand, individual immunity is not always offered, and only one tribe is involved in a Double Elimination. In this way, two members of one tribe go home consecutively.


This twist first appeared in Survivor: Cook Islands, when host Jeff Probst announced that the loser of the Immunity Challenge would receive a message in a bottle, to be opened after Tribal Council. After Rarotonga eliminated one member, they opened the bottle, expecting the merge. Instead, they were instructed to vote out an additional tribe member.

The twist was later modified and appeared in both Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: South Pacific. In both seasons, the twist was used after the merged tribe had already voted someone out. An impromptu Immunity Challenge was held in between the votes before another member of the merged tribe was voted out.


In Cook Islands, Rarotonga was forced to vote out two members consecutively, after receiving a message in a bottle, for losing the Immunity Challenge. After Rarotonga eliminated Rebecca Borman, they opened the bottle, expecting the merge. Instead, they were instructed to vote out an additional tribe member, and Jenny Guzon-Bae was eliminated.

In Redemption Island, the merged Murlonio tribe received a mysterious package that they were only to open after voting out Ralph Kiser. They then competed in another Immunity Challenge, won by Rob Mariano, and voted out Steve Wright, eliminating the remaining former members of Zapatera.

In South Pacific, the merged Te Tuna tribe was surprised when an impromptu Immunity Challenge was held at Tribal Council, immediately after voting out Dawn MeehanSophie Clarke won her second consecutive Immunity Challenge, and the tribe unanimously voted out Whitney Duncan, eliminating the remaining loyal members of Savaii.

People Eliminated By A Double Elimination

Season Episode First Voted Out Second Voted Out Result
Cook Islands 10 S13 rebecca t
Rebecca Borman
S13 jenny t
Jenny Guzon-Bae
Rarotonga voted Rebecca out first. Jenny was then voted out after the message in the bottle revealed that they must vote out another member of the tribe.
Redemption Island 11 S22 ralph t
Ralph Kiser
S22 steve t
Steve Wright
Murlonio voted Ralph out first. Rob Mariano won the Immunity Challenge that took place between the votes. Steve was then voted out in the second vote.
South Pacific 10 S23 dawn t
Dawn Meehan
S23 whitney t
Whitney Duncan
Te Tuna voted Dawn out first. Sophie Clarke won the Immunity Challenge that took place between the votes. Whitney was then voted out in the second vote.


  • Both times that this twist has appeared post-merge, there has been an Immunity Challenge in between eliminations, whereas when it appeared pre-merge in Survivor: Cook Islands, there was no challenge.
    • Both times a challenge was used, the last two remaining members of the minority alliance have been the two contestants voted out.
  • Every time a Double Elimination has occurred, the two contestants voted out have been the same sex.
    • Redemption Island is the only season to have both Double Elimination casualties be male.
  • Every victim of this twist has finished between 9th and 11th place in their season.
  • Dawn Meehan is the only contestant to be voted out during this twist and return for another season.
  • This twist allowed Sophie Clarke to become the first and currently the only contestant to win individual immunity twice in one day.
  • Two of the three Double Eliminations appeared after the merge, while the other one occurred one episode before the merge.
  • Every time there has been an Immunity Challenge during this twist, the player who won immunity became the Sole Survivor.