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"Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus"
Aitu visits raro cook islandsCao Boi, Jessica, and Ozzy pay a surprise vist to Rarotonga.
Episode Information
Season: Cook Islands
Episode Number: 5/15 (176)
Original Release: October 12, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 15.84[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 5.5/15 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Ruling the Roost"
Next: "Plan Voodoo"

Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus is the fifth episode of Survivor: Cook Islands.


At Aitutaki, Cao Boi complained about Becky, Candice, and Sundra being lazy. At the modified weight-holding Reward Challenge, the tribes began trash-talking each other; but Rarotonga's Nate and Adam came in victorious. Rarotonga sent Jonathan back to Exile Island since he had been there before. Back at camp, Cristina's tribemates complained about her being bossy like J.P.. Cao Boi, Jessica, and Ozzy went exploring around the bay and accidentally ended up on Rarotonga's island. Their unexpected visit did not sit well with Rarotonga. Meanwhile, back at Aitutaki, Becky, Candice, and Yul tried to pull Sundra into their alliance with Jonathan. Aitutaki came from behind to win the Immunity Challenge. That afternoon, Rarotonga collectively decided that Cristina would be voted off next. But when Stephannie and Nate gathered water from the well, Stephannie told Nate that she "wanted mashed potatoes and gravy". Nate took this as a sign of weakness, and relayed it to the tribe. Even though Cristina spilled their octopus lunch earlier and continued to irritate others, the vote swung against Stephannie 7–1.

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14



Challenge: Never Tear Us Apart
Three pairs stand on individual platforms, harnessed together at the waist and with each member holding a hook in the air. In two-minute intervals, the remaining members of the other tribe load up one pair with a five-pound weight on each hook. Drop a hook and the pair is out. Last pair standing wins.
Reward: Spices, wine, and other efficient supplies.
Winner: Rarotonga

Reward Challenge: Never Tear Us Apart
Outcome Tribe Pair 1 Pair 2 Pair 3 Loaders
Won Rarotonga S13 adam tS13 nate t
Adam & Nate
S13 rebecca tS13 stephannie t
Rebecca & Stephannie
S13 brad tS13 cristina t
Brad & Cristina
S13 jenny tS13 parvati t
Jenny & Parvati
Lost Aitutaki S13 jonathan tS13 yul t
Jonathan & Yul
S13 candice tS13 sundra t
Candice & Sundra
S13 jessica tS13 ozzy t
Jessica & Ozzy
S13 becky tS13 caoboi t
Becky & Cao Boi


Challenge: United We Stand
The two tribes must assemble interlocking pieces to form two poles with small podiums on top, then use them to transfer two tribe members from one platform to another. Finally, all eight tribe members must swim out to a much smaller platform and stand on top.
Winner: Aitutaki

Immunity Challenge: United We Stand
Outcome Tribe On Poles Moving Poles
Won Aitutaki S13 becky tS13 jessica t
Becky & Jessica
S13 candice tS13 caoboi tS13 jonathan tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t
Candice, Cao Boi, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, & Yul
Lost Rarotonga S13 jenny tS13 parvati t
Jenny & Parvati
S13 adam tS13 brad tS13 cristina tS13 nate tS13 rebecca tS13 stephannie t
Adam, Brad, Cristina, Nate, Rebecca, & Stephannie

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S13 stephannie t
Stephannie (7 votes)
S13 adam tS13 brad tS13 cristina t
S13 jenny tS13 nate tS13 parvati tS13 rebecca t
Adam, Brad, Cristina, Jenny, Nate, Parvati, & Rebecca
S13 cristina t
Cristina (1 vote)
S13 stephannie t
S13 stephannie bw
Stephannie Favor

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Stephannie) You'll be missed, Stephannie.


(voting for Stephannie) Stephannie, I'm sorry. I think you are a great person. God bless.


(voting for Stephannie) You're a great woman, and I think you're great to be around, but I don't think your heart's in this game.


(voting for Stephannie) Stephannie, you're a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for your spiritual guidance that you've bestowed upon our tribe.


(voting for Cristina) Just because, Sweetie, just because. Nothing personal.


(voting for Stephannie) I hate to do this, but your heart's not in the game anymore.


(voting for Stephannie) You are a beautiful, beautiful person inside and out, and I thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. God bless.


(voting for Stephannie) I believe you have a big, beautiful heart; it just wasn't 100% in this game. I'm gonna miss you, Mother Soul.


Final Words

I would've loved to have stayed in the game a little while longer but if your mind's not there completely, 100%, then your tribe is going to feel that. And you don't want to be a weak link to your tribe. I had wonderful tribemates, I was thankful to have been a part of the experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thanks.

Stephannie Favor

Still in the Running

S13 sekou bw
S13 billy bw
S13 cecilia bw
S13 jp bw
S13 stephannie bw
S13 adam t
S13 becky t
S13 brad t
S13 candice t
 Cao Boi
S13 caoboi t
S13 cristina t
S13 jenny t
S13 jessica t
S13 jonathan t
S13 nate t
S13 ozzy t
S13 parvati t
S13 rebecca t
S13 sundra t
S13 yul t



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