"Don't Say Anything About My Mom"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Caramoan
Episode Number: 13/15 (395)
Original Release: May 8, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous: "The Beginning of the End"
Next: "Last Push"

Don't Say Anything About My Mom is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Day 34

Day 35

Day 35's Tree Mail was a Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE containing videos from the castaways' loved ones: Brenda's dad Raymond, Dawn's husband David, Sherri's husband Jared, Cochran's mom Arlene, Eddie's dad Edward, and Erik's brother Richard. At the Reward Challenge, Brenda's dad Raymond scored the last point to take the win. Jeff called Brenda over and gave her the offer to select one other castaway to join them and Brenda selected Dawn. Jeff then pulled out a second HTC Evo 4G LTE that had a video announcing that, not one, but two loved ones were on the island for the visit. Jeff then told Brenda that she could give up both her and Dawn's visit with their loved ones in exchange for the other four castaways to see their loved ones on the boat. Brenda called the decision a "no brainer" and gave up the reward. While the four were enjoying their visit, Dawn was livid that she missed out on her loved ones' visit back at camp because of Brenda. When the castaways returned from the visit, Cochran was concerned that Brenda's gesture would protect her for the rest of the game and would even get her votes at the Final Tribal Council.

Day 36

At the Immunity Challenge, the challenge came down to Brenda and Dawn. Dawn tried to cut a deal to end the challenge early since Eddie had not won and they would send him to the jury. However, Brenda did not agree to the deal and the challenge continued. Dawn would eventually outlast Brenda to take Individual Immunity. Back at camp, Cochran tried to sell Dawn and Sherri on sending Brenda home. Sherri readily agreed, while Dawn was conflicted on what to do. When the vote came, Dawn followed through with Cochran's plan and blindsided a devastated Brenda by a vote of 3–2–1.


Challenge: Dizzy Gillespie
The castaways have to unscrew three bars with their loved ones and stack them on a rack. They must then toss three balls on ropes and connect with the rack.
Reward: Picnic with two of their loved ones (one of which participated the challenge).
Winner: Brenda Lowe (originally shared with Dawn Meehan; gave up to Eddie Fox, Erik Reichenbach, John Cochran, and Sherri Biethman)

Challenge: I Hold On
The castaways will stand on a log, placed at the end of the platform with their arms behind them grabbing onto a handle. At certain times, Jeff will turn a crank, which uncoils the rope, which lowers the castaways and sends them closer to the water. When the castaways fall into the water, they're out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Dawn Meehan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Enil Edam
S26 brenda t
Brenda (3 votes)
S26 cochran tS26 dawn tS26 sherri t
Cochran, Dawn, Sherri
S26 eddie t
Eddie (2 votes)
S26 brenda tS26 erik t
Brenda, Erik
S26 erik t
Erik (1 vote)
S26 eddie t
S26 brenda bw
Brenda Lowe

Voting Confessionals

Unavailable. Sherri was shown writing Brenda's name down on the parchment. Brenda was shown writing down Eddie.

Final Words

(crying) I'm just crying because I'm in shock. I think the reason it hurts so much is that I was hesitant to lie to people, I was so true to Dawn. Oh my God, it just hurts so much right now what I'm feeling.

Brenda Lowe

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw
S26 allie bw
S26 hope bw
S26 shamar bw
S26 laura bw
S26 brandon bw
S26 matt bw
S26 julia bw
S26 corinne bw
S26 michael bw
S26 phillip bw
S26 malcolm bw
S26 reynold bw
S26 andrea bw
S26 brenda bw
Enil Edam
S26 cochran t
Enil Edam
S26 dawn t
Enil Edam
S26 eddie t
Enil Edam
S26 erik t
Enil Edam
S26 sherri t


Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

Brenda arrives with a warm welcome and the jury comforts her as she is still distraught over her blindside by Cochran, Dawn, and Sherri. The jury then gives her a brownie, and learns that Brenda lost 10 lbs. over the course of the season. They then talk about the game, the good things, and also trash people, especially Dawn. Phillip says that he doesn't respect Dawn's game and says she has no heart. Brenda is then accepting of her blindside and tells herself that is "the game".


  • This was the first time in Survivor history where two loved ones came to the island rather than just one.
  • Jeff erroneously stated that Dawn won her first immunity win in her Survivor career. She won the Immunity Challenge in "Double Agent".