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David de Wet
Sa5 david de wet
Contestant Profile
Born: 1960 [Age 54]
Hometown: Roosevelt Park, GP
Occupation: Farrier
Survivor Career
Survivor: Champions (South Africa)
Tribe(s): Selatan
► Utara
Finish: 4/20
Alliance(s): The Rugrats
Utara Three (affiliated)
Challenge Wins: 10
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 26

David de Wet is a contestant from Survivor: Champions (South Africa).


David, the oldest contestant on Survivor (South Africa) to date, is not your average 'old toppie'. He shoes race horses and show horses for a living – a job he's done since his army days – which were a long time a go. He has never been married, has no kids, lives with his sister and has never drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes. David is a fun-loving motor-mouth with an odd sense of humour. You'd never say so at first glance, but he loves meditation and reading and prefers books about History and Neurology.

Survivor: Champions (South Africa)

Voting History

David's Voting History
Episode David's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Ashleigh -
3 Philip -
4 Selatan Tribe Immune
5 Shona Shona
6 Philip -
7 Gena -
8 Sonette -
9 Stephen Stephen
10 No Tribal Council
11 Shane;
12 Solly Vel
13 Moyra -
Vel -
14 Shane -
15 Altaaf -
16 Sivu -
17 Sivu Graham, Sivu
Voted Off, Day 26
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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