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Tribe Profile
Season Philippines
Namesake A pun on how the castaways
got battered by two weeks
of rain ("dang rain")
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 17
Tribes Merged Kalabaw
Lowest Placing Member R.C. Saint-Amour (11/18)
Highest Placing Member Denise Stapley (Winner)

Dangrain (1)


Philippines Merge Buff

Dangrayne is the merged tribe of Kalabaw and Tandang from Survivor: Philippines.

The tribe was created when the two surviving tribes of Kalabaw and Tandang merged on Day 17. Matsing was dissolved and the two lone members were distributed to the other two dominating tribes. Their tribe color is black.


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S25 jeff tS25 jonathan tS25 lisa tS25 malcolm t
S25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t

Tribe History

Episode 7-8

In Not the Only Actor on This Island (Episode 7), the merge occurs. After seventeen days of Kalabaw and Tandang dominating Matsing and then Kalabaw loses three of their original members, the two remaining tribes merged into Dangrayne (Matsing being dissolved in Day 11). Boats were dispatched to transport the remaining members of Kalabaw and Tandang to the new merged camp. The merged tribe consists of three original Kalabaw members (all male), all six original Tandang members (3 females, 3 males), and the two surviving Matsing players (Denise and Malcolm). The remaining eleven castaways arrived to the new camp.  It was later revealed that the merged camp is the dismantled Matsing camp. At some point, it was decided to name the merged tribe Dangrayne, which was a play on words of "Dang Rain", referring to the wet conditions. The castaways enjoyed the merge feast and decorated the tribal flag.

At the first merged individual Immunity Challenge, one woman and one man would win the immunity.  After the remaining women fell out of the challenge, Denise dropped and won immunity.  After a struggle, Carter wins the men's Immunity Necklace.  At the seventh Tribal Council, there were numerous options for castaways to vote.  One included ousting Jonathan Penner, a veteran and holder of an idol. Another was to oust RC because of her not aligning to the core Tandang alliance.  The third option was to target Pete in the core Tandang alliance. The voting bloc that became to be decided to split the votes between Jonathan and RC.  Before Jeff Probst read the votes, Jonathan played his idol, the votes came to blindside R.C. 4-2-0, with five votes against Jonathan negated by idol. R.C. becomes the first jury member. After Tribal Council, Jonathan wasn't happy about how he was left in the loop in that vote and was mad at the entire tribe.

In Dead Man Walking (Episode 8), the Reward Challenge were played in teams. The two teams (yellow and blue) were going back and forth in the trap retrieval phase. After the four legs of the fish trap retrieval, the Yellow Team got the lead. Artis found the Blue Team's key first, but Penner and Jeff Kent completed the yellow banner puzzle first winning reward. The winning Yellow Team consisting of Denise, Jeff, Jonathan, Lisa, and Malcolm wins the reward. The reward was a river cruise through the jungle and a feast. At the reward, Jonathan and company talked about how they should play this game with the good people or "heroes", which meant getting rid of Pete's alliance (consisting of Pete, Abi, and Artis). At the Immunity Challenge, the three advancing members are Pete, Jeff K., and Jonathan Penner. In the final round, Jonathan completes his puzzle first and wins immunity. At camp, Lisa told Pete about Malcolm having Matsing's idol. After some discussion at Tribal Council, Malcolm revealed his idol and Abi-Maria also revealed her idol (Tandang's) to the tribe. It was revealed that Jeff Kent received the most votes while Pete and Abi received the other five. Jeff Kent becomes the second jury member by a vote of 5-4-1.

Episode 9-10

In the Little Miss Perfect (Episode 9), the Reward Challenge was competed in teams. The Reward Challenge was for a trip to a local village where the winning castaways would bring school supplies and other goodies. The village would in turn provide a feast for the winners. The red team that consists of Jonathan Penner, Denise, Carter, and Malcolm won the reward. The losing team, yellow, consists of Michael Skupin, Lisa, Pete, and Artis. Abi-Maria sat out of the challenge due to her not being picked in the Schoolyard Pick. The Immunity Challenge was easily won by Michael Skupin. Back at camp, Jonathan Penner talked to Lisa on why she was staying loyal and trying to please her former tribemates. The Kalabaw alliance appreciated Lisa playing the game in the previous Tribal Council (not necessarily liking what she did) while the core Tandang alliance hadn't "graced" her about the move. Skupin was also mentioned of possibly flipping. At Tribal Council, the conversation was about the craziness from the previous Tribal Council and how comfortable the Tandang alliance are in the game. There was no idols played in this episode. Artis becomes the third jury member by a votes of 5-4 receiving votes from the four Kalabaw alliance (Penner, Carter, Malcolm, and Denise) and also received Michael's vote as well.

In Whiners Are Wieners (Episode 10), the castaways came to the Reward Challenge. The winning team of Malcolm, Carter, Pete, and Abi-Maria defeated Denise, Penner, Skupin, and Lisa. The four went to a local spa. After the four enjoyed the reward, Abi seemed to be overjoyed and repeatedly summarizes her experiences on the reward. At the Immunity Challenge, Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, Michael, and Carter moved on to the second round. Michael, Carter, and Denise moved on to the final round. Carter edged out Michael Skupin for individual immunity. At the Tribal Council, the castaways discuss the outsidedness and unlikability of Abi-Maria. Abi proved once again why she is not liked when she interrupts Denise several times, then Abi-Maria begins to be emotional. After tallying the votes and Probst coming back to read the votes, Abi-Maria decided to use her Hidden Immunity Idol for herself. The plan worked with splitting the votes sending Pete to Ponderosa by a vote of 3-2-0 (3 votes against Abi negated by her idol). After Probst sends the remaining castaways back to camp, Abi forgets to grab her torch. She realizes after starting to walk out and then goes back to get it. Pete becomes the fourth jury member.

Episodes 11-12

In Hell Hath Frozen Over (Episode 11), Abi decides to listen for once and hears Jonathan apologize for the "cruelty" that was handed down at the last Tribal Council, though Denise was the one who was the one talking during the emotional breakdown.  The Survivor Auction was held, where everyone bought food by winning bids except for Abi. Abi, however, used all her auction money to buy an advantage in the game, which she needs, as she is in the outs.  At the Immunity Challenge, Abi reveals her concealed advantage.  She also states that there is also another advantage, but can be kept private. She rips it up in "little pieces so no one can tell what it is". The announced advantage is that she will advance to the last round automatically. Penner and Carter advanced to the final round, but the advantage proved very useful to Abi, as she won immunity, almost narrowly losing to Carter. With the core-six alliance plan shattered, the smaller alliance of Lisa/Michael and Denise/Malcolm plot to take out Jonathan. Lisa tells Jonathan that the plan of voting him off and how the four came together, and Lisa warned Jonathan him that she will not flip against her alliance this time. Jonathan goes over to Carter and Abi to say that they will vote for Denise. Jonathan only needs Michael or somehow Lisa to flip to send Denise packing. However, at the Tribal Council, the Core Four decide to stick together and sends Penner to Ponderosa with a vote of 4-3. Jonathan Penner becomes the fifth jury member.

In Shot into Smithereens (Episode 12), the castaways arrived at the Reward Challenge. Probst tells the castaways that they are competing the challenge with loved ones. Malcolm wins the challenge with help from his brother, Miles. His brother is allowed to stay the afternoon and night with Malcolm. Malcolm is granted the ability to allow one castaway's loved one to join them in the overnight stay. He chooses Lisa and her brother Justice.  He pleads to allow one more and chooses Michael Skupin and his son, also named Michael. At the campsite, Lisa and Skupin and their respective loved ones bond while Malcolm (and his brother Miles), Denise, Carter, and Abi are sitting at the shelter few yards away. It seems that Lisa's brother was able to "pull Lisa back to reality" and Lisa starts to propose that they blindside Malcolm.  At the Immunity Challenge, Carter, Skupin, and Malcolm are the castaways in the lead. Abi fall to last easily.  Malcolm wins immunity, destroying Lisa's plan.  Back at camp, Carter and Abi are the names tossed around. There is no mention of trying to blindside Denise. At the Tribal Council, Abi is not interrupting anyone and they all discuss the pros and cons of Abi and Carter. At the reading of the votes, Carter is voted off 5-1, becoming the sixth jury member and last original Kalabaw to leave the game.

Episode 13

In Gouge My Eyes Out (Episode 13), Abi knowing that she is most likely the next one to be voted off due to the Final Four alliance, she tries to presuade Lisa on flipping and voting off Denise. At the Reward Challenge, Michael and Malcolm are the leaders at the competition. Michael wins the challenge.  He decides to invite Malcolm and Lisa to join the chopper excursion. At the reward, Michael, Lisa, and Malcolm enjoy the chopper and boat ride. They also enjoy the pizza and soft drinks. The locals also spot a whale and the locals take the three snorkeling and the castaways are allowed to touch the whale. After the snorkeling session, Malcolm tells Lisa and Skupin that all of them do not have a chance against Denise in the finals. They agree to a final three deal. 

Back at camp, Denise and Abi are trying to get along and have a pleasant time with each other, but it is apparent they are not enjoing it. Both confirmed how being together is awful. At the Immunity Challenge, Denise is very close at winning, but fails due to her puzzle being wrong. This gives Malcolm time to get back into the challenge.  Malcolm figures out the puzzle fast and is able to win the final five Immunity Challenge. Lisa discusses the pros and cons of keeping Abi (potential easy jury competitor vs. bad at challenges) and Denise (potential impossible to win against vs. good in challenge/able to contend against Malcolm).  At the Tribal Council, the castaways talk about the pros and cons of Abi and Denise. Abi continues her rudeness by interrupting Skupin and calling him a idiot. This Tribal Council is the last time to use a Hidden Immunity Idol, but Malcolm keeps the idol in his possession. At the vote, Abi is voted off 4-1 and became the seventh member of the jury.

Episode 14 & The Reunion

In the season finale Million Dollar Question (Episode 14), the final four alliance of Denise, Malcolm, Michael, and Lisa have made it to the final four. With a new jury/final few combination, there was some "audience" uncertainty on how the final episode would be organized. However, Probst ended the uncertainty at the Reward Challenge where he reveals that the reward is an advantage in the "final" Immunity Challenge. Probst also states that winning the Immunity Challenge would be guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Final Tribal Council to face the 8-person jury. Denise and Malcolm are the frontrunners of the final Reward Challenge, with Malcolm pulling it out. Malcolm receives a consealed tube to be revealed at the Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Denise approaches Malcolm about a possible Final Three, but is skeptical on giving her any information, due to his and Lisa/Skupin's deal. Denise then goes to Lisa and Skupin and offer a final three deal. With both Matsing members wanting to go to the final three with both remaining Tandangs, Lisa and Skupin talk about their options. Both disagree on which person they should want to win immunity and who they should send to the jury. Lisa wants Denise in the final three, whereas Skupin wants Malcolm in the final three.

The castaways received Tree Mail about instructions to go to the Rites of Passage, and the final four then went to the Final Immunity Challenge. The Immunity Challenge is an endurance challenge where the castaways must balance a ball on a wooden tube with an additional extension piece to the wooden piece at periodic interval rounds. Malcolm with the advantage can reset his ball once. The castaways made it through the first round. Malcolm dropped in the second round and the castaways reset. However, Malcolm is the first person to make an official drop. Denise also drops in the second round. Skupin and Lisa advanced to the third round and fourth rounds. In the fourth round, Michael Skupin won the Final Immunity Challenge. 

At Tribal Council, they discuss the relationship between the individual members of each sub-alliances (Matsing and Tandang). Malcolm was voted off by a vote of 3-1 and became the eigth/final jury member.  On Day 39, the final three hiked to a cliff and talk about their adventure and enjoy the final three meal when they returned back to camp. Then they burned down the tribal shelter and headed to the Final Tribal Council. 

At the Final Tribal Council, Denise, Lisa, and Michael Skupin face a very animated jury. Denise was criticized for being able to appease so many people and floating. Lisa was critizied for being a floater and Penner revealed that she was a teen star. Michael was critized for stating that his head was on the chopping block, but never had a negative vote cast against him.

At the Survivor: Philippines Reunion Show, Denise Stapley was announced as the winner by a vote of 6-1-1, only losing Carter's vote to Michael Skupin and R.C.'s vote to Lisa.



  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe where more than half of its members never attended Tribal Council.
  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe to be comprised of 11 members.
  • Although not revealed in the actual episode, Denise Stapley, as revealed in her Facebook fan page, stated that the tribe resided at the abandoned Matsing tribe camp when they merged.
  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe that Michael Skupin has been a part of in his two seasons.
  • Dangrayne is a reference to the constant rainy weather of the Philippines.
    • Jonathan Penner wanted to name the tribe F***ingrayne, but the producers wouldn't allow it, so it was named Dangrayne.
  • Dangrayne is Jonathan Penner's seventh tribe.


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