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"Damage Control"
Episode Information
Season: Samoa
Episode Number: 13/15 (269)
Original Release: December 10, 2009
Viewership (in millions): 13.25[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 4.2/12 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Off with Their Heads!"
Next: "Two Brains Are Better than One"

Damage Control is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Night 30

Aiga returns from Tribal Council. Russell tells Shambo that John was gunning for her to calm her down. Russell makes a confessional about him lying about his personal life and doing anything to win the game. Shambo bought the lie, but tells Russell that Dave needs to be the next to go.

Day 31

No footage of Day 31 was shown

Day 32

Jaison asked Brett and Monica if he can join. They didn't mind as Monica pointed out that they were trying to handle getting voted out. The three dicussed who would get jury votes and they agree on Mick and Russell potential getting votes. Brett said he believed that Russell was the biggest threat for his agressive game. Jaison claimed that his game was to let Russell be the pit while he be nice in the background but Jaison is questioning his game. Jaison made a confessional about how at this point in the game one should think about jury management and his endgame argument was to convince the jury that the strategic thinking was a group consensus among the Foa Foa Four and not just Russell. Jaison reveals to the young Galu members that Russell makes millions, shocking them in the process. Brett makes a confessional about Foa Foa having cracks in the alliance.

When the castaways arrived at the challenge, Jeff revealed the challenge was for individual immunity. Russell was happy with the reveal. In the first round Shambo, Russell, Jaison, and Dave defeated Natalie, Brett, Monica and Mick respectively to advance to the next round. In the second round, Shambo and Jaison defeated Russell and Dave respectively to advance to the next round. In the final round, Shambo had two gutterballs while Jaison knocked down a few pins, winning him immunity. Shambo was estatic that Dave failed to win immunity.

When they returned to Camp, Dave was justiabifily worried about being voted out. Dave tells Monica to let Russell hear everything and stay calm. Russell told Natalie and Mick to vote out Dave and they would be in the top four. Mick makes a confessional about the reason for Dave's eventual elimination was to appease Shambo. Monica talked to Russell about the vote. Russell told her it was Dave. Monica then listed off reasons to vote out Shambo but said in a confessional that Russell wasn't a fool. Russell was interested in taking Dave to Day 39 because he believed that he would win easily. Russell tells Dave in private about how it's in his best interest to align with him. Russell tells Dave that he was arrange for Shambo to be voted out. Dave wasn't sure if it would happen but wouldn't be surprise because miracles had happened before. Mick tells Shambo that she was a target at tonight's Tribal Council. Shambo corrects him and stated that she been a target well before today. Shambo states in a confessional that she and Russell were going to have a talk if Dave wasn't voted out.

Day 33

At the Immunity Challenge, it ultimately came down to Mick and Brett. However, Brett scored first, giving him immunity.

Back at Camp, Monica was upset about not being able to land a bag.


Immunity (Day 31)

Challenge: Fauxconut Bowling
The castaways would compete in a bowling tournament. The castaways would be randomly matched against another castaway and given two rolls. The castaway who knocks down the most pins moves on to the next round. The remaining castaways would compete in another round and so forth until a winner is determined.
Winner: Jaison Robinson

Immunity Challenge: Fauxconut Bowling
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 5th
Castaway S19 jaison t
S19 shambo t
S19 dave tS19 russellh t
Dave & Russell H.
S19 brett tS19 mick tS19 monica tS19 natalie t
Brett, Mick, Monica, & Natalie
Round Breakdown
Round Winner Loser
Round 1 S19 shambo t S19 natalie t
S19 russellh t S19 brett t
S19 jaison t S19 monica t
S19 dave t S19 mick t
Round 2 S19 shambo t S19 russellh t
S19 jaison t S19 dave t
Round 3 S19 jaison t S19 shambo t

Immunity (Day 33)

Challenge: Walk On Water
The castaways would swim out into the ocean to retrieve one of three bags. They would then swim back and have to launch the bag up into a basket on top of a tower by jumping on a plank setup like a seesaw. The first castaways to get their three bags into the basket would win.
Winner: Brett Clouser

Immunity Challenge: Walk On Water
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway S19 brett t
S19 jaison tS19 mick tS19 monica tS19 natalie tS19 russellh tS19 shambo t
Jaison, Mick, Monica, Natalie, Russell H., & Shambo

Tribal Council

Day 31

Tribal Council 12:
S19 dave t
Dave (7 votes)
S19 brett tS19 jaison tS19 mick t
S19 monica tS19 natalie tS19 russellh tS19 shambo t
Brett, Jaison, Mick, Monica, Natalie, Russell H., & Shambo
S19 shambo t
Shambo (1 vote)
S19 dave t
S19 dave bw
Dave Ball

Voting Confessionals

Jaison did not say anything when he voted.

(voting against Dave) Hate to see you go man, it's nothing personal, just strategy.


(voting against Dave) Dave I'm voting for you, sorry, you're hilarious but this is the majority and you're a strategic threat, so good game.


(voting against Dave) You were running around threatening to get me out of the game, that was your biggest mistake in the game. Now I gotta get rid of you.

Russell H.

(voting against Shambo) Shambo, I'm voting for you because this is the name Russell gave me to keep my name off the block. I don't think it's going to work, but it feels pretty good.


(voting against Dave) See you later, Dave.


(voting against Dave) Danger Dave Ball, you're too good of a friend, too close of an ally, too much of a rock star. I'll be missing you.


(voting against Dave) I wish you, Brett and I could have come up with a better plan so that I would not have to write down your name tonight. Go get a full tummy tonight, Dave.


Final Words

Day 33

Tribal Council 13:
S19 monica t
Monica (5 votes)
S19 jaison tS19 mick t
S19 natalie tS19 russellh tS19 shambo t
Jaison, Mick, Natalie, Russell H., & Shambo
S19 russellh t
Russell H. (2 votes)
S19 brett tS19 monica t
Brett & Monica
S19 monica bw
Monica Padilla

Voting Confessionals

(voting against Russell H.) Big boy, best of luck.


(voting against Monica) Monica, happy early birthday but I'm voting for you because you created all kinds of drama today. Hats off to you for trying but yeah we can't have that again so sorry, happy early birthday again. Good game.


(voting against Monica) You can consider me a hypocrite if you want, I'd like to think I own up to mistakes and I said I shouldn't have said what I said, and honestly happy birthday but this has to be done.


(voting against Monica) Hopefully you get to have some cake for your birthday tomorrow.


(voting against Monica) If you tell me that you're not gonna write my name down for a million days if I put you on the jury, that's only going to make me want to vote you out even more. Stupid, stupid little girl, bad strategy. Happy birthday.

Russell H.

(voting against Russell H.) There was no way I was not going to go out kicking and screaming. If a miracle happens and I'm here tomorrow, so be it. If not, Russell, watch out because you have a huge target on your back, hope you make it as far as you think you can. Hang in there, Brett.


(voting against Monica) You're a little snake in the grass, nicely played but I think a little too late. Happy birthday.


Final Words

Still in the Running

S19 marisa bw
S19 mike bw
S19 betsy bw
S19 ben bw
S19 yasmin bw
S19 ashley bw
S19 russells bw
S19 liz bw
S19 erik bw
S19 kelly bw
S19 laura bw
S19 john bw
S19 dave bw
S19 monica bw
S19 brett t
S19 jaison t
S19 mick t
S19 natalie t
S19 russellh t
S19 shambo t


Behind the Scenes

Life at Ponderosa


  • There was an error in the labeling. Initially Day 32 was shown. After the first Immunity Challenge, the day was claimed to be Day 31.
  • Each pairing in the first Immunity Challenge consisted of a former Foa Foa member and a former Galu member.
  • With Dave Ball's elimination, this marks the first time that the original Foa Foa members outnumber the original Galu members.
  • With Dave and Monica Padilla's eliminations, Brett Clouser and Shambo Waters are the last male and female Galu members standing.
  • This is the first time that Russell Hantz receives votes that count.

Episode Title


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