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Cube Crisis
220502Matthew and Kristina working on their puzzles in Redemption Island.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring Survivor challenge
Appearances: Thailand
Redemption Island

Cube Crisis is a recurring mental Survivor challenge.


The castaways would race to retrieve puzzle pieces and then assemble them into a cube. The first castaway to assemble the cube would win.


In Survivor: Thailand, when the castaways gathered for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst announced that the contestants with their loved ones would compete as a team. In the end, Ted Rogers, Jr. and his brother Aljuwan won, giving Ted immunity.

This challenge was later used as a Redemption Island duel in Survivor: Redemption Island, where Matthew Elrod defeated Kristina Kell and won his third duel, eliminating Kristina from the game.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
A Big Surprise... and Another
Individual Immunity
(Loved Ones Challenge)
S5 ted t
Ted Rogers, Jr.
Redemption Island
We Hate Our Tribe
Duel S22 matthew t
Matthew Elrod



  • Both winners' original tribe was orange.
  • Both winners were males.
  • The block-building element of the challenge was incorporated into the All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, and Cambodia versions of the Blind Leading the Blind challenge.
  • Both seasons this challenge was used, the two starting tribes were orange and purple.


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