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"Create a Little Chaos"
S25e4The struggling Matsing loses their fourth challenge in a row.
Episode Information
Season: Philippines
Episode Number: 4/14 (347)
Original Release: October 10, 2012
Viewership (in millions): 9.82[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.8/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "This Isn't a 'We' Game"
Next: "Got My Swag Back"

Create a Little Chaos is the fourth episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Night 8

Matsing returns from their 3rd straight Tribal Council. Russell, Malcolm, and Denise all share in some conversation. Russell tries to lift their spirits by saying they were held back by a smoker, a lunatic, and a beauty queen, and that this will be the biggest comeback story in Survivor. Russell's words were not well received by his tribemates.

Day 9

At Kalabaw, Jeff, Carter, and Jonathan decide to take the canoe out and look for food. They end up making an alliance. Dana and Dawson suspect that the guys are talking about them and the girls end up forming their own alliance. At Tandang, a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol fell out of R.C.'s bag, which angers Abi-Maria because they were supposed to be a team, and now the conflict between Abi-Maria and R.C. is at an all-time high. Pete reveals he planted the clue in R.C.'s bag to stir up trouble and to further alienate RC from Pete's preferred alliance consisting of Artis, Lisa, and Abi-Maria. Lisa and RC talk about how Abi-Maria is acting irrational, getting upset over nothing, and Lisa wants to stay out of the tribe drama but will eventually have to pick a side.

Day 10

At the challenge, Kalabaw and Tandang sat out all their female members. Matsing got off to their best start in this season, with Tandang following and Kalabaw off to the slowest start. Tandang would finish in first place, and in a very close finish, Jeff smashed the last pot so Kalabaw could finish in 2nd place, forcing Matsing to go to their 4th Tribal Council. Frustrated that his tribe lost again, Russell smashes the rice pot used in the challenge and tells Jeff Probst he wanted to be made of "excellence". Denise and Malcolm, having been allies and good friends since the beginning, seemed to have an implicit understanding. Russell had a pretty good feeling that he would be voted off but he did everything left he could do: He told Malcolm to vote off Denise, he told Denise to vote off Malcolm, and he kept looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Russell was frustrated because of what the clue said and he felt like he passed the idol several times (and he did). At Tribal Council, there was a lot of talk about how difficult this vote would be with only 3 players, as it could potential be anyone and there's not much you can do in that kind of situation. Jeff also had Matsing talk about reasons to keep and to vote off Denise, Malcolm, and Russell. The votes were read: Russell-Malcolm-Russell. Russell's torch was snuffed and he would leave, and the remnants of Matsing, Denise and Malcolm, headed back to their camp.



Challenge: Swing Break
Tribe members would transport clay pots using a yoke. They would then carry the yoke to a muddy course and bamboo obstacles and set the two pots on pedestals. The player would then go back to the starting mat, crawling under the bamboo obstacle. Once all pots have been set, one tribe member must swing a wrecking ball, attempting to smash the pots. First two players to smash all their pots would win the challenge for their respective tribes.
Reward: Tribal immunity for the first two tribes to finish; plus steaks, vegetables, and spices for first place, and vegetables and spices for second place.
Additional Stipulation: Both winning tribes may trade their reward items for a tarp.
Winners (according to finish): Tandang and Kalabaw

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Swing Break
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
1st Tandang S25 artis tS25 michael tS25 pete t
Artis, Michael, & Pete
S25 abimaria tS25 lisa tS25 rc t
Abi-Maria, Lisa, & R.C.
2nd Kalabaw S25 carter tS25 jeff tS25 jonathan t
Carter, Jeff, & Jonathan
S25 dana tS25 dawson tS25 katie t
Dana, Dawson, & Katie
3rd Matsing S25 denise tS25 malcolm tS25 russell t
Denise, Malcolm, & Russell
Role Breakdown
Runners #1 S25 carter t S25 malcolm t S25 michael t
Runners #2 S25 jonathan t S25 russell t S25 artis t
Runners #3 S25 jeff t S25 denise t S25 pete t
Smashers S25 jeff t S25 malcolm t S25 artis t

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S25 russell t
Russell (2 votes)
S25 denise tS25 malcolm t
Denise & Malcolm
S25 malcolm t
Malcolm (1 vote)
S25 russell t
S25 russell bw
Russell Swan

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Malcolm) I'm only making this vote because you're just gonna be too big a threat going forward, but you are a great kid.


(voting for Russell) Sorry, brother.


Final Words

Right now, it's just utter shock. I was just completely blindsided. It's been a rough ten days, weather-wise, dealing with my tribe, which was definitely dysfunctional in so many different ways. And so, this is just the straw that breaks the camel's back. And it's obvious me and Survivor don't get along, so I think I'm done with this.

Russell Swan

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw
S25 roxanne bw
S25 angie bw
S25 russell bw
S25 abimaria t
S25 artis t
S25 carter t
S25 dana t
S25 dawson t
S25 denise t
S25 jeff t
S25 jonathan t
S25 katie t
S25 lisa t
S25 malcolm t
S25 michael t
S25 pete t
S25 rc t


  • This marks the first time since "The Great White Shark Hunter" that a starting tribe dwindled down to two members.
    • Coincidentally, both of these tribes, Ulong and Matsing, were blue tribes.
  • ​This is the first episode since "It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl" where a tribe goes to Tribal Council for the fourth consecutive time.
  • Russell's vote for Malcolm at this episode's Tribal Council made Denise the last Matsing tribe member with no votes against them.
  • Russell's vote for Malcolm marks the first time he did not vote for the person voted out.
  • With Russell's elimination, he became the first Survivor contestant to play more than once and not make the merge/jury in any his seasons.
  • This episode ties the record for highest percentage of people immune; 80 percent of the people remaining were either on Kalabaw, or Tandang. The other episode with 80% immune was Neanderthal Man, where Stephenie and Bobby Jon faced off in the infamous fire challenge.

Behind the Scenes


Episode Title

  • The episode title comes from a line spoken by Pete Yurkowski in one of his confessionals, referring to his strategy to cause chaos on the Tandang tribe.


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