"Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Panama
Episode Number: 3/16 (171)
Original Release: February 16, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 16.98[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 6.3/16 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Breakdown"
Next: "Starvation and Lunacy"

Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners is the third episode of Survivor: Panama.


Night 6

The Casaya tribe returns to camp after voting out Melinda Hyder, welcoming their new member Bruce Kanegai. Bobby Mason recaps the events of Tribal Council. Bruce asked where the water source is. When asked if he is good with fire, Bruce says that they do not need fire to boil water. Bruce states in a confessional that the tribe was good-hearted, but needs all of his skills and knowledge. Bruce explains that he is going to filter water out of T-shirts. In a confessional, Bruce believes that he can read multiple people. Shane Powers describes Bruce as neurotic. But as much as Shane wants Bruce to be quiet, he has to let Bruce do his thing. Bruce impresses most of his tribe with his method of water filtering, but Courtney Marit remains skeptical.

Day 7

At La Mina, Ruth-Marie Milliman is smashing snails. She makes a confessional about the lack of food, aside from snails and crabs. Ruth-Marie and Sally Schumann eat what little they can, but Misty Giles does not want to. Nick Stanbury talks about the deteriorating condition of the tribe. Despite winning the fishing gear in the last Reward Challenge, the tribe has minimal knowledge on how to use them. Austin Carty wonders how Sally lost the spear. Unfortunately for La Mina, they mostly catch poisonous puffer fish. However, Terry Deitz manages to catch a small, but edible fish, exciting the tribe.

The tribes gather for the Reward Challenge. When asked by host Jeff Probst about looking better, Casaya said that they are, thanks to Bruce. The reward was water tins, tarps, comfort items, lanterns and fuel, and rope. The challenge was relatively even, resulting in a tie. However, La Mina won the challenge and sent Bruce to Exile Island to demoralize Casaya.

La Mina returns to camp, happy with the victory. Terry reviews what they won and is stoked. Later that night, La Mina improves their already good shelter. This was made easily because their shelter was designed for a tarp. This makes the storm that comes in much more tolerable, keeping everybody dry. The tribe thinks about Bruce and feel sorry for him. Terry talks about how exiling Bruce was a tough decision, but was needed to be down to weaken Casaya at the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

At Exile Island, Bruce is miserable due to the rain, which prevents him from looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Bruce talks about how he has spent more time on Exile Island than on any tribe.

Day 8

At Casaya, Danielle DiLorenzo asks if the water is boiled, which Courtney is just starting. Courtney reviews the events of yesterday and views exiling Bruce as the most evil thing the other tribe could do. Courtney tries to remove the water pot from the fire when Shane announces that he has a "thinking seat" and asks the others to not sit on it. Danielle asks why, to which Shane replies that he picked it and yells he will get another. Aras Baskauskas, in a confessional, states that the problems of the tribe was in the personalities. He finishes by saying he is in an alliance of "nut balls". As Courtney and Danielle try to get the water pot out of the fire, Shane walks over. Courtney asks for his advice, but Shane says that it was Courtney who got them there. Cirie Fields comments about how Courtney and Shane clash, yet they willingly aligned with each other and hate each other. Courtney and Shane start fighting. Courtney comments in a confessional that she believes that Shane chose her to take his angst out. Shane calls Courtney a lunatic, but is trapped with her due to swearing on his son's life.

At La Mina, Sally talks to Austin and Nick about making an alliance. Misty massages the younger men's shoulders. She talks in a confessional about how Sally is working on the younger men because of a natural boys club and how she is naturally flirty. Sally talks about how smart Misty is and that they make a good team. The younger women talk about how good they would be if they hit the merge. Austin talks about how he is the swing vote in a confessional. Sally states in a confessional that her goal is to show that Terry is a power player and is going to target them during the merge.  

The tribes converge for the Immunity Challenge and Bruce returns from Exile Island. Jeff retrieves the Immunity Idol and explains how the challenge works. In the first round, Cirie scores for Casaya. In the second round, Nick scores for La Mina, making it a tie. In the third round, Austin pulls Shane towards the La Mina mat to get ahead 2-1. In the fourth round, Aras uses a yoga trick to loosen Nick's grip from the bag and steal it. This ties the score, 2-2.  In the final round, Bobby grabs Ruth-Marie's bra straps and drags her to the Casaya mat, winning his tribe immunity.

La Mina returns to camp, disappointed in losing. The tribe agrees that Casaya won because they are heavier. Terry states that he wanted to bring the tribe to the merge intact, but that they have to do what they have to do. Dan Barry talks to the other men about voting out Ruth-Marie for being the physically weakest. However, Austin points out Misty's dismal challenge performance. Dan and Terry decide on Misty for her intelligence, in addition to her challenge performance. The younger women talk to Nick about voting out Ruth-Marie because she was weaker and less able to contribute than Dan. In a confessional, Misty states that Ruth-Marie has been struggling and it would be the most advantageous for herself and the tribe for Ruth-Marie to go. Austin and Nick talk about who to vote. Austin talks in a confessional about his position.

At Tribal Council, everyone but Ruth-Marie dips their torch in a fire. Jeff asks Terry, Dan, and Sally about how their Survivor experience is going so far. Jeff asks Austin about the food situation. Upon hearing Austin's answer that the tribe is not eating much, Jeff asks about the spear. Austin reveals that Sally lost it. Misty is asked if the tribe was in pretty good shape, which she confirms. He then asks her if the women are expected to step up and if La Mina is a team. Terry is asked if the tribe is unified, how they are going to vote someone out. Jeff points out that Ruth-Marie was the only former Casaya to be on La Mina. When it is time to vote, Misty votes against Ruth-Marie. Terry votes against Misty. Nick votes for the least strong person of the tribe. When the votes are tallied, Misty has enough to eliminate her from the game, with Ruth-Marie receiving the other two votes. Jeff asks Misty if she found the Hidden Immunity Idol on Exile Island, to which she confirms that she did not. Without the idol, Misty is voted out of the game.


Challenge: Cross Fire
Three tribe members launch balls into the air while the other four tribe members stand on a balance beam. Each launcher will launch two balls a round, one at a time, while the others try to catch it. The first tribe to five points wins reward.
Reward: A tarp, lantern, fuel, blankets, pillows, water cans, and rope.
Winner: La Mina (exiled Bruce Kanegai)

Challenge: Battle Dig
Each tribe races out to one of five circles, digs to find a bag buried underneath the sand, then get back to the finish mat with the bag. The first tribe to get three bags wins immunity.
Winner: Casaya

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
La Mina
S12 misty t
Misty (5 votes)
S12 austin tS12 dan t
S12 nick tS12 ruthmarie tS12 terry t
Austin, Dan, Nick, Ruth-Marie, Terry
S12 ruthmarie t
Ruth-Marie (2 votes)
S12 misty tS12 sally t
Misty, Sally
S12 misty bw
Misty Giles

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Misty) Only in the game of Survivor would I make this vote. Our talks on faith have inspired me so much. You have an unlimited potential. Lord bless you, sweetie.


(voting for Misty) Misty, you're a smart girl, strong, and intelligent. I wish it didn't have to be this way. Someone has to go tonight, and the alliance picked you. Take care of yourself; see you later.


(voting for Misty) This is with an extremely heavy heart, but I'm voting my alliance.


(voting for Misty) Misty, you definitely have the right stuff, and I hope to be at the launch when your dream comes true and you head off to the moon. I'm really gonna miss you. This is a tough vote tonight.


(voting for Ruth-Marie) This is just team play; that's all.


(voting for Misty) Misty, I'm voting for you tonight. It was a very hard decision, but it's just a matter of the tribe and the strength of the tribe. I think also that you're probably the least strong member of the tribe. I'm very sorry, but it was an amazing engagement with you, an amazing five days with you.


(voting for Ruth-Marie) My vote tonight is for Ruth-Marie. You're an amazing woman. This is all about going with the tribe. I've learned a lot from you. I hope your kids know how great you are.


Final Words

Well tonight was definitely a shock to me. I didn't expect it so soon, that's for sure. I was excited and I thought we had a great thing going. So obvious I was outplayed and outstrategized. I had a good time out here. I met some great, great people. And I wish my tribe the all the luck. I hope they go all the way.

Misty Giles

Still in the Running

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 aras t
La Mina
S12 austin t
S12 bobby t
S12 bruce t
S12 cirie t
S12 courtney t
La Mina
S12 dan t
S12 danielle t
La Mina
S12 nick t
La Mina
S12 ruthmarie t
La Mina
S12 sally t
S12 shane t
La Mina
S12 terry t


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