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Crash Course
CRASH-RIZapatera passes through a brick wall in Redemption Island.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring physical challenge
Appearances: Nicaragua
Redemption Island

Crash Course is a recurring physical challenge of Survivor. The challenge debuted in Survivor: Nicaragua and reappeared in the following season, Survivor: Redemption Island.


Castaways must race through a series of obstacles, including hay stacks, brick walls, net crawls, etc. Along the way are several checkpoints where keys or balls would need to be collected.  The first tribe/team to finish the course wins.


In Survivor: Nicaragua, the Libertad tribe competed for reward, where the teams were randomly drawn – coincidentally, they ended up as men vs. women. The all-male team consisting of Benry Henry, Dan Lembo, Fabio Birza, Marty Piombo, and Sash Lenahan won in a close race, winning reward.

In Survivor: Redemption Island, the tribes raced to collect balls to shoot in a hoop at the end of the course. Ometepe won their third Immunity Challenge in a row, sending Zapatera to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Running the Camp"
Team Reward S21 benry tS21 dan t
S21 fabio tS21 marty tS21 sash t
Benry, Dan, Fabio, Marty, & Sash
Redemption Island
"It Don't Take a Smart One"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S22 andrea tS22 ashley tS22 grant t
S22 natalie tS22 phillip tS22 rob t



  • In Survivor: Nicaragua, the final 11 (six men and five women) were randomly split up into two teams of 5 (with one person, Chase Rice, sitting out) and the rival teams were men vs. women). The odds of that exact configuration occurring randomly are 1 in 231, or roughly 0.4%.
  • Each team that won this challenge had the eventual winner, second runner-up, and 5th place finisher. 
  • This challenge has only taken place in seasons filmed in Nicaragua.


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