Tribe Profile
Namesake: Coyopa, the Mayan God of Thunder
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Hunahpu
Tribe Status: Merged with Hunahpu on Day 16
Challenge Wins: 2
Lowest Placing Member: Nadiya Anderson (18/18)
Highest Placing Member: Jaclyn Schultz (Runner-Up)

Coyopa flag

Tribe Sigil

Coyopa buff

Coyopa is a tribe from Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Despite having former Major League Baseball player John Rocker and former The Amazing Race contestant Nadiya Anderson, the tribe suffered a losing streak both pre- and post-switch. Their tribe color is orange.[1]


Original Tribe

S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 dale t
S29 jaclyn tS29 john tS29 josh t
S29 nadiya tS29 val tS29 wes t

Post-Tribe Switch

S29 baylor tS29 dale tS29 jaclyn t
S29 jon tS29 keith tS29 kelley tS29 missy t
  • Baylor Wilson
  • Dale Wentworth
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch, a financial assistant from Waterford, Michigan.
  • Keith Nale, a fire captain from Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • Kelley Wentworth, a marketing manager from Seattle, Washington.
  • Missy Payne, an owner of a competitive cheerleading gym from Dallas, Texas.

Tribe History

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  • Post-Switch Coyopa is currently the only Blood vs. Water tribe to start with the most number of loved ones pairs possible in a tribe, with three pairs on a seven-person tribe.
  • Jaclyn Schultz stayed at the Coyopa camp (or at Exile Island) for the entire 39 days, since she made the finals while on Coyopa for the entire pre-merge and the tribes merged at the Coyopa camp.
  • Val and Dale, both from Coyopa, returned in Survivor: Cambodia, this time as Jeremy and Kelley's loved ones on the Loved Ones Challenge.


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