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Courtney Marit
S12 Courtney Marit
Contestant Profile
Born: May 24, 1974 (1974-05-24) (age 42)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Fire Dancer
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Tribe(s): Bayoneta
► Casaya
Finish: 6/16
Alliance(s): Casaya Alliance
Challenge Wins: 8
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 30

Courtney Marit is a contestant from Survivor: Panama.

She is remembered for being constantly attacked, annoying her tribemates, and having a critical conflict with Shane Powers.


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Courtney Marit was born in Washington, D.C. An avid gymnast, she reached elite level, was nationally ranked and eventually received a gymnastics scholarship from the University of Georgia, where she was part of the 1993 NCAA Championship team.

Marit is currently a performance artist, working with others to collaborate and create theatrical shows that include music, fire, trapeze, stilts and a myriad of circus arts. She is founder of Revolve Productions, a company that has brought together musicians, disc jockeys, designers and performers dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind events. She also teaches fire dancing with the intention of celebrating this ancient art form as a tool of self-expression, meditation and fun. Additionally, she is working on her first screenplay and focusing on creating film and documentaries that promote world unity.

Having traveled to over 30 countries around the globe, Marit previously worked as a deckhand/cook and helped deliver luxury yachts across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. She also worked as a massage therapist, ski instructor, snow maker, farmer, elder caregiver, trailblazer, biking/hiking guide and importer.

Marit's many adventures include climbing mountain peaks in the Cordilla Blanca of Peru, skiing the mountains of Alaska, running a marathon in Honolulu, performing throughout Europe, living in caves in India, surfing in Costa Rica, hitchhiking through Mexico and walking the deserts of Chile. Marit wants to have the experience of a lifetime and lives for adventure and knowledge. Learning about other countries and cultures is her passion. She enjoys celebrating life and the world she lives in.

Marit describes herself as free spirited, creative, fun, sensitive and compassionate. She enjoys being part of an artistic community that integrates music, creation, dance and travel.

Marit is currently single and living in Los Angeles. Her birth date is May 24, 1974.[1]


Courtney Marit, being 31 at the time, was placed on the Bayoneta tribe, which consisted of "Younger Women". The tribe had a bad start when Danielle DiLorenzo failed to find an amulet in the first Reward Challenge, costing them flint and leaving them with the unfortunate task of leaving someone to stay on Exile Island. After a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, it was that Misty Giles was chosen to stay behind. The women had problems at camp too, when they couldn't find a place to build a shelter, much to the annoyance of Sally Schumann. Courtney in particular, was distracted by dead sea turtle, which she believed to symbolize fertility and motherhood. Despite all of the problems, the women rallied together to come in first at the immunity keeping them safe from tribal.

On Day 4, Bayoneta was dissolved and the four tribes became two. Courtney was selected by Shane Powers to be on the new Casaya tribe and she chose Aras Baskauskas to on the tribe. Courtney aligned herself with Danielle, Shane and Aras. Casaya lost the first two challenges, sent the new tribe to Tribal Council. Adding to this, Shane suffering from nicotine withdrawal, had rampant mood swings and even asked be lifted from his word and be voted out. Aras managed to calm him down and they continued to vote out Melinda Hyder as planned. Bruce Kanegai would replace Melinda, and he proved to be a powerful asset to the tribe. He built a water filtration station, which Courtney would question. Casaya would go on a winning streak, winning immunity twice, along with an outhouse, toiletries, large fish, rice, and beans. During this time, Courtney would often get in petty fights with Shane. Also she befriended and aligned with Cirie Fields. Courtney was also annoyed by Bobby Mason for wanting to use the outhouse Casaya won as a bathroom as opposed to a storage place for firewood, and Bruce Kanegai would be annoyed with her for messing with his "Zen Garden". The La Mina tribe manage to win the Immunity Challenge, sending Casaya back to Tribal Council. The women of the tribe felt that Bobby was causing too much problems at camp despite winning the last Reward Challenge. The vote was erratic but the women got their way and Bobby was voted out 3-2-1-1. Casaya would win the next challenge, which was for immunity and a trip to a local Panamanian village. During the trip, the group bonded and felt unified for the first time.

On Day 16, the men of the La Mina tribe arrived at the Casaya camp and Sally arrived from Exile for the merge. The former Casaya members held strong, despite the efforts of the former La Mina members to get one of them to flip. The first target, Terry Deitz went on a immunity streak, forcing them to eliminate Nick StanburyAustin Carty, and Sally. At the final seven Reward Challenge, Courtney was shocked and hurt when she was deemed many negative things like being the most annoying castaway left in the game. Courtney lost the challenge and was sent back to camp with Shane and Bruce, while Cirie, Aras, and Danielle went on reward and Terry went to Exile Island. Later at night, Bruce suffered from severe stomach pains and called the medical team. The medics diagnosed his condition as severe constipation and Bruce had to be evacuated. Courtney and Shane were saddened by Bruce's departure and was left with the task of telling the others on how Bruce left.

At the final six Reward Challenge, Courtney, along with Danielle and Terry won a trip to eat a barbecue and the right to win a car. Terry would win the car. Terry started trying to align himself with Courtney. Shane would do the same, with him stating that anyone can win against her. At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to her and Terry. Despite the support of her tribe mates, Courtney endurance ran out and Terry wins his fourth consecutive Immunity Challenge. Courtney ultimately chose to side with Terry, and thought that Cirie and Danielle were on her side. However, she was blindsided at Tribal Council in a 3-2-1 vote. Although shocked, she took her elimination well. Courtney correctly summarized that Cirie and Danielle deemed her too much of a threat to go to the Final Two.

At Final Tribal Council, as a juror, Courtney cast her vote for Aras to win.

Voting History

Courtney's Voting History
Episode Courtney's
Voted Against
1 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
2 Melinda -
3 Casaya Tribe Immune
4 Casaya Tribe Immune
5 Bobby Bruce
6 Casaya Tribe Immune
8 Nick -
9 Austin -
10 Sally -
11 No Tribal Council
12 Aras Aras, Cirie,
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Courtney attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Courtney is the oldest member from the original Bayoneta tribe.
  • Courtney's luxury item was her fire dancing poi.
  • She holds the record for being most recurring answer in the Touchy Subjects challenge, with 4.


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