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Ep 3 solanaThe Solana tribe takes cover when a monsoon hits.
Episode Information
Season: Cagayan
Episode Number: 3/14 (388)
Original Release: March 05, 2014
Viewership (in millions): 9.58[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.4/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: Hot Girl with a Grudge (Part 2)
Next: Our Time to Shine

Cops-R-Us is the third episode of Survivor: Cagayan.


Previously On... Survivor: Eighteen new castaways were divided into three tribes: Brawn, Brains, and Beauty. At the Beauty tribe, LJ was suspicious of Morgan, while Morgan suspected she and Brice were up against an alliance of four: LJ and Jeremiah, and Alexis and Jefra. And they went to work on recruiting Jeremiah. Meanwhile, at the Brawn tribe, Tony hit the ground running finding an Idol and manipulating his tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, the Brain tribe continued to self-destruct blowing a huge lead and losing their second challenge in a row. Back at camp, things got worse. Garrett decided to hold an open vote but it backfired. At Tribal Council, the women decided strategy was more important than eating. They blindsided Garrett, leaving Spencer the odd-man out. Sixteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff Probst

Day 6

Luzon returned from Tribal Council after blindsiding Garrett Adelstein. Now on the bottom of his tribe, Spencer Bledsoe asked what would have happened if Garrett hadn't forced the "open forum." Tasha Fox told him it would have been J'Tia Taylor going home, but she changed her vote after Garrett revealed that she wasn't in his alliance. Tasha later approached J'Tia and Kass McQuillen about solidifying a female alliance, and planning to vote Spencer out next if they lost again, with Kass seeking assurance that Tasha wouldn't turn on her down the line.

Tribal Council was a trainwreck. Garrett was bad enough at the game that the girls were willing to choose someone who destroyed all of our food over him which is crazy. I'm definitely the odd man out right now. I'm gonna have to resort to all kinds of crazy, creative ideas just to have a shot at this thing.


I came into Tribal Council clearly thinking, y'know, it was me going. But it was a lot of luck, a lot of Kass. This tribe is pretty much a complete disaster, but it's entertaining! So we'll see what happens.


I'm still pissed about the rice. I'm still pissed at J'Tia. But I have no loyalties to Spencer and I'm gonna try to do my best to get Kass on board for an all-girl alliance.


I honestly didn't know who I'd vote for when I went in to Tribal, but then you think about Garrett. He's fun to look at, but you don't want to play with him and then I thought J'Tia's got a temper. But you can replace rice and now she's scared, so I think she'll be loyal to me.


At Aparri, Tony Vlachos awoke in the middle of the night and sat down by the fire. When Sarah Lacina joined him, he revealed to her that, true to her original instincts, he was a police officer of thirteen years. He asked how she knew, and she told him she could "just tell." The two agreed to a Finals alliance, dubbed "Cops-R-Us" by Tony, who then lied to Sarah about a conversation he'd overheard between Cliff Robinson and Lindsey Ogle, claiming they were targeting Sarah because she was "too smart." They agreed, "on my badge," to stick together.

I don't trust nobody here! They're against me and I'm by myself. Me, myself, my Idol and I. (chuckles) Now there's four of us. But I was sitting by the fire all by my lonesome and Sarah comes over and I said to myself – let me just give her something and see what happens. So I say, "Y'know what Sarah? Listen. I'm also a police officer. You were right when you told me."


You know how people say they have a gaydar? Well I have like a "cop-dar." Like, I could tell who cops are and Tony's a cop. And I knew it from Day 1. And he finally told me. I felt like I won the lottery. I was like, "Gosh! Dangit! I knew I was right!" Now that I know Tony's a cop, we got that blue blood going and cop blood runs thick. So he is loyal to cops and you better believe I'm gonna stick by his side. We're gonna be partners in crime.


I told Sarah of one conversation that took place between Cliff and Lindsey, but that was a lie. That was a total lie. I just told her I heard stuff, just so I could try to get her on my side. To me, it means nothing. Y'know, you could swear on your kids and your family and your dead grandmother. It doesn't matter to me. It's just words.


In the middle of the night, a storm blew in, bringing torrential rain and rough winds. As Trish Hegarty fought to keep the fire for Aparri alive, the tribe huddled under the shelter, hoping for sunlight in the morning.

The weather has been the most miserable experience I've ever encountered. It's either a monsoon or a hurricane. Everything is so wet. I mean, all we've got is this one little spark that I'm desperately trying to keep alive, but all the wood's wet. We're basically screwed. It's miserable. Absolutely miserable. This is tough. I'm making a joke about this, but this ain't funny.


Day 7

The following morning, the storm still raged with rain and high winds bearing down on the contestants. At Aparri, Tony and Sarah worked to fortify the shelter and the tribe tried to rehydrate drinking the water dripping through the roof. Although Woo Hwang looked for the bright side, the tribe huddled together under shelter, licking their wounds – particularly Lindsey, who complained that it was "the most ridiculous situation I've ever put myself through – and I just wish I hadn't." Sarah, however, was unsympathetic in light of Tony's lie the previous night and she pulled him aside to clarify the story. He lied that the original plan had been to vote out Trish, but despite Lindsey claiming she liked Sarah, Cliff had told her that they had to get rid of Sarah because of her smarts. They reconfirmed their "Cops-R-Us" alliance, with Sarah wholeheartedly trusting Tony, but Tony noting in a confessional that he didn't trust anyone.

The rain is gnarly, treacherous, freezing. It's pouring, it's terrible, but this is what Survivor's all about, baby! Hopefully it will die down here shortly. If not, it's gonna be a long night. Woo!

Woo Hwang

I haven't been dry for more than a couple hours on this Island. Non-stop rain. It's just really bad for morale, we're all miserable. I mean, this is what I envisioned hell to be like.


I'm sitting there and I'm looking over at Lindsey and I do not feel bad for her, because I was talking with Tony last night at the fire and he gave me some tidbits about Cliff and Lindsey having a conversation about me. So immediately, that just set me off.

Sarah Lacina

He knows I'll be loyal to him. I know he'll be loyal to me. We shook on it again today. It was the most sincere handshake you'll ever have in your life, so I trust him to a hundred-and-ten percent.

Sarah Lacina

No matter what you tell anybody, you can't trust them. I don't trust nobody here! Nobody here! None of them! And I'm sure they don't trust me.


Meanwhile, at Solana, Jefra Bland struggled to cope with the constant rain and despite some optimism from Alexis Maxwell, her spirits were not lifted. As LJ McKanas, Jeremiah Wood, and Brice Johnston worked to repair the shelter in the storm, Alexis, Jefra, and Morgan McLeod did not contribute to the efforts, frustrating LJ. However, he took advantage of the tribe's sedentariness and distraction to follow his hunch that Morgan had been looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol when the tribe had arrived at camp on Day 1. In the midst of the storm, he waded out to the rocky outcrop and after searching in the rock wall, found the Idol weighted to the seabed floor. He decided to keep it a secret, and headed back to camp.

I feel like I'm living in a Survivor nightmare today. It's awful. Last night, we had a horrible storm. Our clothes, they're completely drenched. It's hopeless to even get them dry today. Our fingers, as you can see (holds up palms to camera), are completely... I mean, we've been in soaking wet water for almost twenty-four hours now. We all stayed up all night long. We haven't had food, we haven't had anything to eat 'cause we can't make a fire. Reality's set in and it's really, really hard. It's like... (breaks down in tears)


Unfortunately, Jefra is doing a lot of complaining without a lot of doing. And I know what that means. Jeremiah and LJ: go on, repair the shelter. It takes a lot of hard work to get by when you're surviving and I guess the stereotype of beauty is starting to come into play. I mean, these girls don't do anything. I mean, they're on some other sort of planet.


I just gotta keep my mouth shut. This is one of those situations where I gotta keep my mouth shut 'cause, you know, I don't want to put any bullseyes on myself.


We're wet, we're soaked, we're not gonna get dry any time soon. And my mind's always running, so I figured that on the first day, when I voted off Morgan and we showed up to camp, she came from around the reef and rocks. The fact that she was there, for no reason, y'know, she must have got a clue and so I figured that, y'know what? Maybe I'll just take a peek. Maybe I'll see if I can find the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Who the hell looks for a Hidden Immunity Idol in the middle of a typhoon, but this guy? And that's why I found it! I've grown up on "hard work pays off" like "you reap what you sow." And now I hold a piece of this game that is priceless. I'm keeping this a secret. No one is ever gonna know that I have this thing until I play this thing.


Day 8

At Luzon, Kass and Spencer retrieved Tree Mail for the day's Immunity Challenge. Tasha read the mail to the tribe, which informed them that part of the challenge would involve a maze, as well as throwing buckets of water to one another, with the reward being a "drier shelter." J'Tia suggested the tribe cook up some rice, and the others agreed. However, Tasha encouraged the tribe to practice for the challenge instead, but Kass preferred "interior decorating" and Spencer claimed he needed to hydrate. This frustrated Tasha, who threatened Spencer, "You should really want to practice this. You should really want us to practice." Eventually, the tribe came around and practiced throwing sea water to each other using coconut bowls.

J'Tia dumped out 95% of our rice, but she's asking, "How much rice should we cook?" And I'm like, "Are you freaking kidding me right now?" It's ironic. It's a mess around here. We have an impending challenge Someone could possibly go home and my first inclination is "let's practice."


The focus is wrong, and I feel like they're looking at me like I'm crazy!


It's definitely weird being the only guy in the tribe. I have to be patient. I have to manage my emotions; not get too down and I have to just take my shot to get out of this tribe alive.


At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff welcomed Aparri and Solana, who got their first look at the new Luzon, minus Garrett. The tribes were shocked by the news – particularly Jeremiah. Jeff then revealed the challenge: Mazed and Confused. Four members of each tribe would compete, lining up on small platforms. The person closest to the oceans would scoop water into a bucket and then throw that bucket, containing the water, to the second person, who would pass it to the third. The third person would then toss the water to the last person in line who would then fill another bucket on the end of a teeter-totter. Once enough water had filled the bucket, a ball would be released. Two members of the tribe would then use the ball to solve a large, vertical rotating maze. The first two tribes to finish would win Immunity. In addition, the first tribe to finish would receive Reward in the form of comfort and shelter (including a tarp, blankets, pillows, a mosquito net and a hammock). The second tribe to finish would also receive Reward in the form of a tarp. To even the tribes, Lindsey and Tony sat out for Aparri, whilst Alexis and Jefra sat out for Solana.

Once again, Luzon got off to a slow start, struggling to efficiently pass the bucket and the water, despite their practice. With LJ collecting the water, and passing it to Jeremiah, Brice, and finally, Morgan, Solana pulled out to the early lead. Aparri, with Trish gathering water for Sarah, Woo, and Cliff, were close behind. With very little of the water collected by Spencer making its way through Tasha and J'Tia to Kass, Luzon fell further behind with bad communication and simple mistakes costing them time.

Solana was the first to release their ball, and Jeremiah and LJ set to work on the maze. Aparri was close behind, with Cliff and Woo taking on the maze. Aparri pulled into the lead on the maze as Luzon finally filled their bucket to release their ball. As Kass and Spencer started the maze, Cliff and Woo successfully completed the maze to win Immunity and the larger reward for Aparri. Kass and Spencer worked well together, making up a lot of ground on the maze as Jeremiah and LJ struggled. With Solana growing more frustrated, Luzon kept its cool and managed to win their first Immunity Challenge. The four celebrated wildly, jumping, hugging, and crying with joy and relief. Meanwhile, Solana was dejected as they faced their first Tribal Council. Aparri and Luzon received their Immunity Idols and their rewards, and the tribes headed back to camp.

Aparri reached their beach and eagerly unpacked their reward. As they set about fortifying their shelter, Tony again sought the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, hoping to keep the information solely in his possession. He found it in the hammock and successfully kept it a secret. Later, as Sarah tested the hammock, Lindsey jokingly hoped she'd "fall on her ass." Sure enough, the hammock slipped off the tree and Sarah fell to the ground, to the laughter of the tribe.

We killed the challenge again. We all know how to keep our composure when we're under pressure in a competition. We've got the tarp, we've got the comfort. I mean, yeah, it's insane. I feel like a brand new person. Like, bring on the rain!


When we brought back the comfort items from the Reward/Immunity Challenge, I said to myself: "There might be a potential clue in there or potential advantage of some sort." My brain is ticking while their's is not, I guess. I don't know what's going on with the rest of my tribemates, but the first thing I'm saying is, "I gotta get my hands on everything." So I took the hammock off to the side, just in case something fell off and I open it and a little piece of paper that looked like a clue fell out and dropped on the floor. I immediately put my foot right on top of it. I looked around – nobody's there. I bend down, pick it up, put it in my pocket. It didn't pertain to anything I needed. I already have the Idol, but I wanted to make sure that if there was anything in there, if there was a clue in there or if there was anything in there, an advantage of some sort – I wanted to get my hands on it. I didn't want nobody else to see it. And that's what I did.


Meanwhile, at Solana, nobody was laughing. LJ apologized for not getting the maze done, and as the group was gathered casually asked if anybody wanted to volunteer to be voted out in order to make it a simple afternoon. Sure enough, nobody volunteered, but a four-strong alliance of Alexis, Jefra, Jeremiah, and LJ planned to target Brice, due to his being a game threat down the line.

Out here, you have so many different elements just hitting you at once. We were just in the middle of a hurricane. We lost the challenge. We're so exhausted. And now we're going to Tribal. I think the energy in our beach is gonna turn really dark. It's gonna get super negative and suspicious.


Tonight we gotta finally go to Tribal. Y'know, it had to happen eventually. Jeremiah, myself, Alexis and Jefra are on the same page. Between Morgan and Brice, the one I gotta worry about is Brice. He seems like he's gonna be tough towards the end of the game and it's the better move to make a move on Brice now.


However, Brice believed Jeremiah to be on side with himself and Morgan, and planned to target Alexis. Brice pulled Jeremiah aside and asked him if LJ had said anything, to which he responded that Brice was indeed the target. Jeremiah agreed to vote with Brice against Alexis. Brice and Morgan planned to pull in Jefra as their fourth vote. When Morgan approached her later, Jefra asked why they didn't just take out LJ instead of Alexis. Morgan claimed they needed him for the challenges, and told Jefra that Jeremiah would talk to her and fill her in more. Jefra asked when Morgan had talked to Jeremiah, and she revealed that it had been a few days in the making.

I do worry that the tribe may come together and say Brice is really maybe not a physical threat, but Brice is definitely a social threat. So they may target me. But I trust in Jeremiah. I just wanna make sure we're on the same page to get a girl out tonight.


LJ thinks he has an alliance of Alexis, Jefra, Jeremiah and himself. But in reality, Jeremiah's with Brice and I. Tonight for the vote, we just gotta get Jefra in there with us to make that, y'know, four-two vote.


Morgan and Jeremiah and Brice have an alliance and are going to be voting for Alexis tonight. What is going on!? Is Jeremiah with me, Alexis and LJ or are you with Brice and Morgan?


People are throwing out strategies I've never heard of before. I mean, it's just absolutely nuts. I'm not excited about tonight because I think somebody's really gonna get blindsided.


Jefra then went to Jeremiah, asking him about his alleged alliance with Morgan and Brice. Jeremiah succinctly denied it, assuring her he was sticking with the four to vote for Brice. Alexis then approached them, proposing they split the vote on Morgan and Brice to guard against an Idol, confident that there was no danger in diluting their vote. They filled LJ in on the plan, and he agreed.

Jefra does not want to vote against Alexis. Brice and Morgan is voting Alexis. So I'm kinda... I mean, I'm stuck.


Maybe Brice or Morgan have a Hidden Immunity Idol. So what we're gonna do is split the votes. The two boys are gonna vote for Morgan, and the two girls are going to vote for Brice. If neither one presents an Idol, then a tie equals a revote and we'll all vote for Brice.


There's always a fear of the Idol being played. If I can get my majority to make a split vote, I'm gonna have a three-way tie and it's gonna put me absolutely in the middle. If I go with Brice and Morgan, I could get rid of Alexis. My main goal is to take over this tribe and I'm gonna have numbers tonight, is what I'm really hoping on.


Before the tribe departed for the evening, Brice again urged Jeremiah to vote for Alexis, but in a confessional, Jeremiah revealed he was still on the fence, cautious about hurting feelings and damaging his own trustworthiness.

I'm not worried tonight because I do trust in Jeremiah and Morgan. And I think Jefra feels way more comfortable with Jeremiah than LJ, so alliances are going to be exposed and people are going to be put in their place.


I got a big decision on my hands tonight. I could go with LJ, Alexis and Jefra or Brice and Morgan. Going into Tribal Council knowing that I have all the power is an amazing feeling, but I'm just this country guy. Y'know, I don't like hurting nobody's feelings and after I make this vote, somebody's feelings are gonna get hurt and somebody's probably gonna lose their trust in me. And that's probably gonna hurt me more than anything.


Solana arrived at Tribal Council and collected their torches. Jeff started the proceedings by asking Morgan about the "beauty" label. She said they all had "good-looking faces" and she liked being under that banner. Brice agreed, saying he considered himself beautiful and elaborated on a "butterfly effect" in his life: "I'm out of the caterpillar and be a beautiful butterfly... I feel like I'm at the butterfly stage of my life."

Asked about the first few days in the game, Jefra said the early days had been "one big party," until the storm arrived. She added that on top of the weather, their challenge loss had changed the dynamics of the tribe, commenting that she hadn't been aware of any strategy talk until that afternoon. Brice said he'd sensed the paranoia at camp, but countered that there were clear "formations" in the tribe, pointing to Jeremiah and LJ, and Alexis and Jefra as pairs forming a four-person team that excluded himself and Morgan. He added that he was concerned because some people hadn't talked any strategy with him, and accused Alexis of gunning for him.

When asked if he was voting for Alexis, Brice continued that he felt everybody needed to pitch in at camp. When his comment trailed off, Jeff asked, "Dot dot dot?". Brice pointedly responded with emphasis, "Dot dot dot "Hmm!". Alexis countered that it was feasible that Brice could use her work ethic as "ammo" to get her out.

On the topic of the Hidden Immunity Idol, Brice commented that it was "the talk of the town" that Morgan might have the Idol, given she'd arrived at camp first. Morgan said she was concerned by the suspicions that she had an Idol, but was confident about the vote: "I think I know where it's going if everything goes the way we planned it today." However, she did acknowledge that betrayals could happen.

Jeff turned to Jeremiah, asking him about how he thought the vote would play out. After a deep breath, he answered that he knew where it was going, and it was going to hurt somebody's feelings.

The vote was called, with Morgan casting the first vote for Alexis. Jefra and Alexis followed, with Alexis casting her vote for "Cousin Brice." Brice voted next, followed by LJ who cast his vote for Morgan. Jeremiah concluded the proceedings and Jeff tallied the votes.

Nobody chose to play a Hidden Immunity Idol, and Jeff read the votes. The first was for Alexis, followed by one vote each for Brice and Morgan to even the vote 1-1-1. The next vote was for Alexis, followed by another for Brice to bring the tally to 2-2-1, with one vote left. The last vote was for Morgan, forcing a three-way tie.

A revote commenced, with Alexis, Brice, and Morgan ineligible to vote. LJ, Jefra, and Jeremiah cast their votes, and once again Jeff tallied and read the result. The first two votes came up for Brice, eliminating him from the game. He collected his torch and took it to Jeff, becoming the third person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan. He left Tribal Council without a word, and Jeff sent Solana back to camp, asking them how quickly they'd recover from their loss.



Challenge: Mazed and Confused
One player retrieves water with a bucket and toss to other players until another bucket in a teeter-totter. Once that bucket is full, it will release a ball. Two players should put the ball in the center of a spinning vertical maze, and use two ropes to spin the maze until the ball is out of it. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward.
Reward: Comfort and shelter, in the form of a tarp, blankets, pillows, mosquito net, and hammock (1st place). Shelter, in the form of a tarp (2nd place).
Winners (in order of finish):  Aparri and Luzon

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Mazed and Confused
Finish Tribe Water Only Water & Maze Sit-Outs
1st Aparri S28 sarah cS28 trish c
Sarah & Trish
S28 cliff cS28 woo c
Cliff & Woo
S28 lindsey cS28 tony c
Lindsey & Tony
2nd Luzon S28 jtia cS28 tasha c
J'Tia & Tasha
S28 kass cS28 spencer c
Kass & Spencer
3rd Solana S28 brice cS28 morgan c
Brice & Morgan
S28 jeremiah cS28 lj c
Jeremiah & LJ
S28 alexis cS28 jefra c
Alexis & Jefra

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
First Vote (Tie) Revote
(Alexis, Brice, & Morgan ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
S28 brice c
Brice (2 votes)
S28 alexis cS28 jefra c
Alexis & Jefra
S28 brice c
Brice (3 votes)
S28 jefra cS28 jeremiah cS28 lj c
Jefra, Jeremiah, & LJ
S28 alexis c
Alexis (2 votes)
S28 brice cS28 morgan c
Brice & Morgan
S28 alexis c
Alexis (0 votes)
S28 morgan c
Morgan (2 votes)
S28 jeremiah cS28 lj c
Jeremiah & LJ
S28 morgan c
Morgan (0 votes)
S28 brice pb
Brice Johnston

Voting Confessionals

Morgan is shown writing down Alexis on the parchment. Alexis is shown writing down Brice on the parchment. LJ is shown writing down Morgan on the parchment.

Voting Confessionals (Revote)

Voting confessionals were not shown on the revote.

Final Words

I'm definitely am a little upset with Jeremiah. He definitely kinda betrayed my trust, but it's okay, I'm sure he doesn't really understand what happened or you know. I'm surprised he could even spell my name. But clearly they wanted the cutest most fashionable members out first, so I'm glad to take that title with bells and whistles on. I really hope Morgan does well instead of the rest of the people, I don't really remember their names.

Brice Johnston

Still in the Running

Aparri Luzon Solana
S28 cliff c
S28 lindsey c
S28 sarah c
S28 david pb
S28 garrett pb
S28 jtia c
S28 alexis c
S28 brice pb
S28 jefra c
S28 tony c
S28 trish c
S28 woo c
S28 kass c
S28 spencer c
S28 tasha c
S28 jeremiah c
S28 lj c
S28 morgan c


Deleted Scenes

  • A deleted scene posted on[2] revealed some further dynamics of the Solana tribe. On Day 7, after the rain had subsided, Jefra Bland alleviated boredom by recruiting the tribe into a game of cornhole. The tribe invited Brice Johnston to play with them, but Brice was preoccupied by camp chores and in confessionals, showed his frustration with his tribe's work ethic and his disdain for the "down on the farm" pastime. Eventually, but reluctantly, Brice joined in the game.
  • Deleted confessionals from each castaway were posted on[3]
    • What Draws Me to Cliff: Woo Hwang talked about his friendship with Cliff Robinson, saying that he had a natural bond with athletes due to a similar work ethic and mindset, but also noted his excitement at being on a tribe with a superstar who he had watched play basketball as a kid.
    • None of Us Got Sleep: On Day 7, after 24 hours - and counting - of rain, Alexis Maxwell discussed the difficulties of weathering the storm, including a lack of sleep and strong winds damaging the shelter. However, she emphasized that it was only Day 7 and she "still [had] some fight."
    • This Weather Beats You Up: Tony Vlachos noted that the weather was more difficult to deal with than the people, and detailed his many efforts to maintain and protect the tribe's fire throughout the storm.
    • Just Keep On Pushing: Jefra Bland talked about the difficulty of riding out the rough storms on Days 7 and 8. She noted that whilst her spirits had sunk during the weather, she'd picked herself up and was determined to keep going.
    • We're Trying Our Best: As he worked on boiling water, Jeremiah Wood talked about Solana's plans after the storm, namely getting a chance to finally cook some rice and get themselves fed and rehydrated.
    • You Just Have to Keep Fighting: Cliff discussed Aparri's challenge performance, pointing to their poise and drive, even after a rocky start throwing the water in the buckets.
    • The Size of the Fight in the Dog: Kass McQuillen talked about the "morale booster" of Luzon finally winning Immunity, pointing to her teamwork with Spencer Bledsoe on the maze. She added, "It's not about the size of the dog. It's about the size of the fight in the dog."
    • I'm Really Glad the Brains Won: Sarah Lacina attributed the tribe's challenge success to their calm, but competitive, determination. She also noted her happiness that Luzon had won a challenge because it meant that Aparri was the only complete tribe remaining and her intent for the Aparri tribe to stick together until the Final Six.
    • A Stellar Performance: Woo talked about the learning curve of the challenge with both the water-throwing and the maze puzzle, particularly noting his good communication with Cliff.
    • It Made Everyone's Day: Cliff discussed the Aparri tribe's excitement after winning the comfort and shelter reward at the challenge. He added that the tribe had had difficulty sleeping through the long, wet and restless nights and were hoping to finally get rest.


  • This episode marked the first time a three-way tie occurred with six castaways. This is also the first time where the tie happened between two females and one male.
  • This episode is the fourth time a three-way tie has happened, following in “Keep Hope Alive”, “There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay”, and “Come Over to the Dark Side”.
  • The season was filmed mid-July 2013, the time when Typhoon Soulik (known in the Philippines as "Typhoon Isang,") was close to Cagayan, which explains the strong rain and winds that raged throughout the first half of the episode.
  • The combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, Mazed and Confused, was named after the Led Zeppelin song "Dazed and Confused".[4]
  • This episode marked the first time that the first three castaways voted out of a season were male.
  • All three Hidden Immunity Idols have been found at this point, with LJ McKanas being the third male to find an idol this season.
  • The music featured in the scene where Luzon practices for the challenge was an excerpt of "The Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss II.
  • This episode marks the only time Luzon won a challenge.
  • This is the only episode of the season where there was a tied vote at Tribal Council.

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