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Survivor Gameplay
Description: A term describing a method of storytelling through the eyes of a player in the game of Survivor.
Appearances: Every season

A confessional is a directing tool used to tell the story of Survivor. In a confessional, one player narrates a situation, tells their perspective, or gives secret insight to their own gameplay that only the audience can see. Initially defined as the contestants' speeches when they cast their votes at Tribal Council, it has expanded over to their day-to-day journal of events in the game and final words following their elimination.

Confessionals feature a lower third (also known as a chyron) displayed on the screen that lists the contestant's name, a characteristic (such as hometown, occupation, original season or relative) and their tribe's name. The font color generally matches that of the tribe (i.e. blue for Matsing, red for Kalabaw).

Most Confessionals by Season




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