"Chief's Choice"
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Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring physical challenge
Appearances: Samoa
Ghost Island
Chief's Choice (also known as Open) is a recurring challenge that debuted in Survivor: Samoa and has since re-appeared in Survivor: Ghost Island.


This challenge is used in conjunction with the Tribe Leader twist. The Tribe Leaders must pick members of their tribe whom they feel best match given descriptions for different legs of the challenge. The first tribe to solve their puzzle wins.

In Ghost Island, an additional twist saw the Tribe Leaders have the option of forfeiting during the puzzle-solving portion in exchange for getting to keep their fishing kit, though the opposing tribe would then get 20 eggs and flint in addition to the reward.


The challenge debuted in Samoa where Chiefs Russell Swan of Galu and Mick Trimming of Foa Foa were tasked to select the best swimmer, strongest, most agile, and smartest for their tribe. Russell S. picked John Fincher as the best swimmer, Erik Cardona as the strongest, Yasmin Giles as the most agile, and Shambo Waters as the smartest for Galu, while Mick chose Jaison Robinson as the best swimmer, Russell Hantz as the strongest, Marisa Calihan as the most agile, and Liz Kim as the smartest for Foa Foa. Foa Foa took an early lead during the swimming portion after Jaison outswam John. Although Shambo nearly caught up during the puzzle, Liz managed to solve it first, winning Foa Foa reward.

In Ghost Island, Tribe Leaders Brendan Shapiro of Malolo and Chris Noble of Naviti were made to choose members of their tribe to do the physical and puzzle portions of the challenge. Brendan chose Michael Yerger for the physical portion and Laurel Johnson for the puzzle for Malolo, while Chris chose Sebastian Noel for the physical portion and Desiree Afuye for the puzzle for Naviti. In addition, the Tribe Leaders were given the option of forfeiting during the puzzle portion in exchange for getting to keep their fishing kit, though the opposing tribe would then get 20 eggs and flint along with the reward. Although Naviti were first to the puzzle portion, Chris decided to forfeit as the sand timer was about to run out, giving the reward to Malolo.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Puppet Master"
Tribal Reward S19 ashley tS19 ben tS19 betsy t
S19 jaison tS19 liz tS19 marisa tS19 mick t
S19 mike tS19 natalie tS19 russellh t
Foa Foa
Ghost Island
"Can You Reverse the Curse?"
Tribal Reward S36 brendan tS36 donathan tS36 gonzalez t
S36 jacob tS36 james tS36 jenna tS36 laurel t
S36 libby tS36 michael tS36 stephanie t



  • In both its appearances, this challenge was used as the opening Reward Challenge of a twenty-person season.