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Chicken Morris
S15 Chicken Morris
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 2, 1959 (1959-09-02) (age 56)
Hometown Marion, Virginia
Occupation Chicken Farmer


Tribe(s) Zhan Hu
Placement 16/16
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 3

Steve "Chicken" Morris is a contestant from Survivor: China.

Chicken is best remembered for his cry of "Damn!" after being eliminated.


Steve "Chicken" Morris was born in Marion, Virginia, and grew up on a commercial farm, where he has worked with poultry since he was 13 years old. He is a single parent who raised his three children, Tyychelle and twins Dee Ann and Jessica, on his own.

Morris currently manages the farm, where they produce all natural eggs and chickens along with grass-fed beef, pork and turkey. He also runs a store on the property. He previously worked as a bouncer, a fish culturist for the Fish & Game Department, a security officer and a logger. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and riding ATVs. He describes himself as outgoing and someone who lives on the edge. He enjoys country and bluegrass music. His favorite sport is baseball. He is a member of the Rich Valley Fair Association and the Abingdon Farmers Market Board.

Morris currently resides in Marion, Virginia. He had four dogs, Zek, Cluck, Poke and Eli. His birth date is September 2, 1959.

Survivor: China

Steve "Chicken" Morris was placed on the Zhan Hu tribe at the start of the season. When they reached their camp, Chicken began to give various suggestions on how to better the shelter. This irritated several of the others, so he decided to take a more "laid-back" attitude towards camp life. After Zhan Hu lost the first Immunity Challenge, Chicken wanted to vote out Ashley Massaro due to her illness that was not improving. However, Peih-Gee Law attempted to rally several of the other Zhan Hu members to eliminate Chicken for being hesitant to accept the position as leader. In the end, Peih-Gee succeeded and Chicken was the first person voted out in a 5-2-1 vote. After his elimination Chicken yelled Damn!, surprising many of his tribe mates.

Voting History

Chicken's Voting History
Episode Chicken's
Voted Against
1 Ashley Erik, Frosti, Jaime,
Peih-Gee, Sherea
Voted Off, Day 3


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  • Chicken got his nickname from his occupation, a chicken farmer.
  • Chicken is the first contestant with a nickname to be voted out first.
  • Chicken is the first contestant with a nickname to have that nickname accompany his episode introductory screenshot.
  • Chicken was the oldest contestant on Survivor: China.
  • Prior to Survivor: China, Chicken had never flown or traveled anywhere.
  • Survivor Columist Mario Lanza of the Funny 115 named Chicken's Outburst as the 8th funniest moment of Survivor seasons 12-20.


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