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Carnauba tribe
Tribe Profile
Season No Limite 4
Namesake A palm tree native to northeastern Brazil.
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 29
Tribes Merged Manibu
Lowest Placing Member Rafael Matos (13/23)
Highest Placing Member Luciana de Araújo (Sole Survivor)

Carnaúba is the merged tribe of Manibu and Taiba from No Limite 4.


Nl4 alexandre tNl4 felipe tNl4 gabriela t
Nl4 gilson tNl4 índia2 tNl4 jéssica t
Nl4 luciana2 tNl4 marcelo2 tNl4 guimarães2 t
Nl4 osmar tNl4 rafão tNl4 sandi tNl4 taritza t

Tribe History

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  • This is the longest tribe on No Limite.
  • This is the only merged tribe on No Limite to not have its name as a portmanteau of the starting tribes.


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