Bula Bula
Tribe Profile
Namesake: "Hello Hello" in Fijian
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 22
Tribes Merged: Moto
Lowest Placing Member: Michelle Yi (10/19)
Highest Placing Member: Earl Cole (Winner)

S14 Bula Flag

Tribe Sigil

Bula Bula has no sigil.


Bula bula buff

Bula Bula was the merged tribe of Moto and Ravu on Survivor: Fiji.

Comprised of six original members of Moto, and four original members of Ravu, the tribe was characterized by the divide between two conflicting alliances: The Four Horsemen (remnants of the post-swap, all-male Ravu) and the "Syndicate Alliance", which was entirely comprised of the members of the post-swap Moto.


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Tribe History

On Day 22, The Moto and Ravu tribes paddled to Exile Island, uncertain of what to expect next. At the tower overlooking the island, the group discovered purple Buffs, along with notice of a merge. The group would return to the old Moto camp. Hoping that the luxuries of the old Moto camp would remain, the ten remaining survivors were dismayed, as the camp was reduced back to how the camp was like on Day 1, with absolutely nothing and had no trace of the old amenities.

The group chose "Bula Bula" as the new name, and the younger women of the tribe, Stacy Kimball and Michelle Yi, painted the flag. During this time, Stacy stated her belief that the men of the tribe would attempt to pick each other off before turning on the women.

In actuality, the tribe was largely split between two groups: the majority alliance at Moto (Michelle, Yau-Man Chan, Earl Cole, Boo Bernis, and Cassandra Franklin) versus the members of the "Four Horsemen" from Ravu (Alex Angarita, Dreamz Herd, Mookie Lee, and Edgardo Rivera). In the latter group, tensions rose when Mookie revealed to Dreamz that their alliance was in possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol from the Ravu camp.

A twist at the first post-merge Immunity Challenge threw all alliances off-balance when the castaways were assigned five-person teams, and subjected them to the first post-merger tribal challenge. While the winning team would win immunity (and a reward waiting back at camp), the losing team would be sent to Tribal Council immediately, without time to discuss strategy. The green team, comprised of Alex, Dreamz, Michelle, Mookie, and Stacy lost the challenge, and were sent immediately to Tribal Council. Outnumbered, Michelle and Stacy found themselves at the mercy of the Horsemen. But knowing that Michelle had close ties with Earl (for being tribemates from the start), they sent her home, giving the Horsemen the upper hand. The first individual Reward Challenge tested the tribe's opinions of one another and netted a landslide victory for Cassandra, who failed to fumble a single question. As the winner of a night on a luxury boat, she chose Dreamz, Yau-Man, and Boo to accompany her on the trip. During this time, she solidified her alliance with Boo and Dreamz. This led to the latter revealing the whereabouts of one of the Hidden Immunity Idols: in the pocket of Mookie, who had been sent to Exile Island following the Reward Challenge.

The next Immunity Challenge, an endurance competition, was won by Yau-Man. This led to a stand-off between the "Four Horsemen," who planned on voting for Earl, and the alliance of Boo, Earl, Cassandra, and Yau-Man, who were going to vote for Alex. Due to their mistrust of Dreamz, the group eventually tried to recruit Stacy to their cause, but the latter declined. Also cautious of Dreamz's double-dealings, the "Four Horsemen" discerned that the vote would be going to Alex, and had Mookie slip him the Hidden Immunity Idol. Dreamz saw the incident, and acted as double-agent by approaching Earl's alliance and tattled to them that Alex now had the idol. Before walking away, Dreamz agreed to join Earl's alliance in eliminating Mookie.

When Dreamz walked off from the conversation (knowing that he and Earl's alliance will vote for Mookie), the group further discussed which between Alex and Mookie should go home. Stacy suggested a simple alternative: merely vote for Edgardo instead, thereby completely defusing any power gained by playing the idol.

That night, at Tribal Council, Alex played the Hidden Immunity Idol as planned, but for naught as he did not receive any votes. Instead, an unsuspecting Edgardo, who did not bring any of his belongings, was eliminated from the game in a blindside 5-3-1 vote.

Stung by the surprise vote, Alex and Mookie retaliated by rummaging through Yau-Man's possessions and finding the second Hidden Immunity Idol (the one from the Moto camp). The pair attempted to blackmail the computer engineer into revealing his advantage; however, their tactic miserably backfired when Yau-Man revealed their treacherous nature and search of his things and turned the scorn against the two other men.

The next Immunity Challenge was won by Stacy, meaning both remaining outsider members of the "Four Horsemen" were at risk at Tribal Council. However, spurred by Boo's fears that one of the two men had found the rehidden Ravu Hidden Immunity Idol, the majority alliance agreed to split their vote in order to dilute the idol's power—three voted for Alex and three voted for Mookie. At Tribal Council, though, Alex surprised everyone by voting his remaining ally, tipping the vote to a 4-3-1 majority and sending Mookie to the jury. Left alone, Alex struggled to gain footing in the tribe and turn the rest of the group against Boo. His efforts were in vain, as Alex was unanimously voted out at the next Tribal Council (and Boo was immune).

Only the members of the six-person alliance remained, and it became every man for himself. On Day 34, the tribe competed in a Reward Challenge for a Ford F-350 truck. In spite of Dreamz's desire to win the car, the challenge ended up going to Yau-Man, who struck a precarious deal: in exchange for the truck, Dreamz promised to give the Immunity Necklace to Yau-Man should he win it at the Immunity Challenge with only four remaining players. Dreamz accepted the deal, and Yau-Man gifted him with the truck. In addition, Yau-Man sent himself to Exile Island, where he received the final clue to the newly re-hidden Ravu Immunity Idol. He gave this clue to Earl, who located the second idol with relative ease.

The next intended target was Boo, but the vote quickly shifted to Stacy when Boo won the next Immunity Challenge. Dreamz, however, wanted to blindside Yau-Man by voting him out before the final four deal, so that he would be relieved from any guilt that comes with reneging the deal. The cheerleading coach was successful in convincing Boo, Cassandra, and Stacy to vote against Yau-Man. But the clever Yau-Man played the Hidden Immunity Idol, negating all four votes with his name on. Stacy was eliminated with only two votes against her.

Any attempts at an encore performance of Yau-Man's elimination were quickly squashed when he won the final five Immunity Challenge, and Boo was quietly eliminated. At the same Tribal Council, Earl played the Immunity Idol without incident.

On Day 38, the four remaining Bula Bula tribe members were shocked to learn that the next Immunity Challenge would be their last. The challenge concluded with a interesting finish, with Dreamz winning immunity. That afternoon, Dreamz told Cassandra and Earl to vote for Yau-Man, as he would surely get more Jury votes. It proved grim foreshadowing for the former Hidden Immunity Idol holder: Dreamz reneged on his deal to give Yau-Man the necklace, and the latter was voted out 3-1.

At the Final Tribal Council, Dreamz came under heavy fire for his questionable ethical strategic choices, being universally panned by the jury for betraying the Four Horsemen alliance, but received the most harsh criticism for his controversial truck deal with Yau-Man. Cassandra, on the other hand, was not spared from the jury's wrath either, being lambasted for her seeming unpreparedness for the game and overall pretentious demeanor during the entire course of the game. Earl was also chastised for voting Yau-Man out, though he rebutted that his closest ally would win if had brought him to the final three.

In the end, Earl Cole's strategic brilliance (yet hurting the least number of people) earned him the title of Sole Survivor, garnering all nine jury votes.