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Bone to Pick
One World - Bone to PickThe final six compete in the challenge in One World.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring balancing challenge
Appearances: Redemption Island
One World

Bone to Pick is a recurring challenge requiring a delicate touch that debuted in Survivor: Redemption Island. It has been reused in Survivor: One World.


The castaways must have one hand tied behind their back, and have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. The first castaway to finish their fish skeleton puzzle wins.


This challenge first appeared in Survivor: Redemption Island as the final five combined Reward and Immunity Challenge. Ashley won immunity and a reward of a three-course meal delivered to camp. She chose Natalie to share her reward.

The challenge re-appeared in Survivor: One World as the final six Immunity Challenge. After a very close challenge, Alicia eventually triumphed to win immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Redemption Island
"Too Close for Comfort"
Individual Reward/Immunity S22 ashley t
Ashley Underwood
One World
"It's Human Nature"
Individual Immunity S24 alicia t
Alicia Rosa



  • Both times this challenge was used, it was for individual immunity.
  • Only females have won this challenge.
    • Both of the winners were on a black tribe and their names started with the letter "A."
    • Both winners made it to the finale of their respective seasons but did not reach the Final Tribal Council.
  • This challenge has only been used in the penultimate episode of the season.


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