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  • Nico997

    dan foley

    March 4, 2015 by Nico997
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  • GabrielJohn

    First things First, I do Apologize for the Lack of Survivor Logos. I have been either way too busy or (Extremely) Sick to do anything. Right now, all I ask for is your Forgiveness.

    Getting off that now, just to Let Everyone know, the First 9 Logos in this Batch are not in Alphabetical Order. They are the Last of the Requests. Anyways...

    For January 26th, 2015, here is "Survivor: Mongolia," "Survivor: South Africa," "Survivor: Sri Lanka," and "Survivor: Tonga."

    For February 2nd, 2015, here is "Survivor: Elwood," "Survivor Maine: Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty," "Survivor: Tuvalu, and "Survivor: Venezuela."

    For February 9th, 2015, here is "Survivor: Zimbabwe," "Survivor: Botswana," "Survivor: Chang Tang", and "Survivor: Easter Island."

    For Februa…

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  • Cirieandrudy

    WA thing

    March 1, 2015 by Cirieandrudy












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  • Survivorpanda

    my opinions on the cast

    February 26, 2015 by Survivorpanda

    so-queen, should've gone further. i thought she was gonna be like brenda. (for the record, i love brenda not only because she is popular but i liked her in nicaragua so ha)


    carolyn-great at first but annoying at the first tc



    tyler-idk good i guess



    lindsey-deja vu



    rodney-using that tattoo for that makes you look liike a selfish little boy




    vince-so awkward


    will-one of my favorites


    and the who? thing just means they got no time

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  • TylerWebkinzFan

    Hello everyone, and today I think the majority of us watched the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart. I think it's off to a great start, so yeah here are some power ranks heading into the next and what you guys think what might happen.

    1. Carolyn - I think she's in a really good position now, and I think she'll do well heading into next week.
    2. Max - He's off to a very good start. He was one of the two people not even targeted. Let's hope he gets far.
    3. Shirin - I think she's in a nice alliance and a good power position that will possibly carry her far.
    4. Tyler - A bit on the outs, and for now just seems like a swing vote or a wild card.
    5. Joaquin - Since So went, he's out of allies and unless they win more challenges, he's out of luck.

    1. Lindsey - I think she's i…

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  • FistoftheBeastKing

    What do you think the placements/finishings of each contestant in Survivor: Worlds Apart is going to be?

    18. So Kim

    17. ????

    16. ????

    15. ????

    14. ????

    13. ????

    12. ????

    11. ????

    10. ????

    9. ????

    8. ????

    7. ????

    6. ????

    5. ????

    4. ????

    3. ????

    2. ????

    1. ????

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Only 1 Day!

    February 24, 2015 by Ozzymayhem4

    1 Day left I am super excited to see what happens. :D

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  • Cellery108

    In celebration of Survivor's 30th Season, I was hoping to relieve some of the best survivor voting confessionals. Funny, strange, witty or stupid, they are beloved and worth conversing over.

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Only 5 Days!!!!

    February 19, 2015 by Ozzymayhem4

    I am super excited because in 5 more days until the new survivor is out YAY! who excited.

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  • CirieFields

    This is just my opinion, based off of likability and gameplay.

    Ethan (Africa)

    Vecepia (Marquesas)

    Tom (Palau)

    Danni (Guatemala)

    Aras (Panama)

    Yul (Cook Islands)

    Earl (Fiji)

    Todd (China)

    Bob (Gabon)

    Sophie (South Pacific)

    Kim (One World)

    Tony (Cagayan) (Under one condition: if he were to return he would have to speak llama during his time in the game)

    Natalie (San Juan del Sur)

    This list is subject to change, and might be added on to as seasons progress or I rewatch seasons and decide I'd like to see their respective winner again.

    Feel free to comment with your own list!

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