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    October 19, 2016 by SHIP IT HARD

    Howdy y'all I'm new here and I have an idea I would like to bring to this wikia, OUR OWN VERSION OF SURVIVOR. How this would work is me the host will post challenges (like trivia) of random stuff and tribes will be made. I will also blog post the contestants/Wikia users who want to play who are up for elimination and people will vote. There are more details that could be added but this is general say yes I would like to compete in the comments if you wanna play

  • FluffyYoshi

    Found this on Booksamillion. They are attempting to sell our articles for cash. Nice move, Wikia. This is not new either, these books came out in 2012...

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  • Yoshiboy333

    Yes! It's finally here! The merge! Can't wait til next week!

    Merged Tribe (black, unfortunately)


    1. Brooke

    Brooke pretty much knows almost everything of what happened to Vavau before the merge, so she may be able to take out a Vavau.


    2. Flick

    I think Brooke and her are pretty good, so she probably won't be going home.

    3. JL

    Refer to above.

    4. El

    Refer to above.


    5. Kylie

    Kylie may be a target, but there are bigger targets to go for.

    6. Lee

    Lee is a bit further down, and that's because he is a major physical threat, but if he wins the Immunity Challenge, then he's safe. For a while.

    7. Sam 

    Refer to above.

    Bad spot

    8. Matt

    Matt might be more jealous next episode, but there are more targets, like...

    9. Conner

    Conner is from Vavau, so he has a tar…

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  • Yoshiboy333

    Unfortunately, tonight was a non-elimination episode. Nonetheless, I'm still doing my power rankings.

    1. Saanapu

    Saanapu gained Sue, making the numbers 10-4. Will Sue have any impact on the tribe?

    1. Lee (-)

    Nothing to add here. The only downfall for him is if he gets evacuated, which would be bad for him and Saanapu. Strong players do get evacuated, but I think that will happen later in the game.

    2. Sam (-)

    Refer to above.

    3. El (+1)

    I feel El is invisible most of the time, but if she can stay that way, she'll be safe.

    4. JL (+1)

    I feel I don't know enough about JL, but I guess I can find out later in the game if she stays quiet.

    5. Flick (+3)

    Refer to above.

    6. Nick (-)

    Nick is the puzzle king, so I think his tribe may keep him if they don't see him a…

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  • Yoshiboy333

    Once again, the underdog tribe Vavau lost, and Phoebe sent gay Craig home. 14 are left. Who will be going home tomorrow?

    1. Saanapu

    These guys are the A-team. Seems like this could be one of the best tribes we've ever seen in the entirety of Survivor.

    1. Lee (+1)

    Lee seems to be very popular amongst the ladies, so I think he's going to stay here longer, especially since he's  a really physical player.

    2. Sam (-1)

    Sam is in a good position too, but Lee seems to be more liked than Sam from what I can see from last episode. 

    3. Brooke (-)

    Brooke could either flip to Lee and El, two former Aganoa members, or stay with her original Saanapu alliance. Certainly, her original alliance has more numbers, but Matt seems to really annoy her. She could lure Ni…

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  • Yoshiboy333

    In case you didn't know, I am a Year 7 student in Victoria, Australia. I am here to discuss my power rankings with you guys.

    1. Saanapu

    This tribe has got the strongest players eg. Sam , Lee. If there isn't a tribe swap or merge in the next few days, it looks like we won't be seeing Saanapu at Tribal Council.

    1. Sam

    Between Lee and Sam, I would pick Sam as the strongest physical player. He singled-handedly carried 24kg at the last reward challenge. As I can see, he is likable, so I don't expect to see him gone next time.

    2. Lee 

    A strong physical player. It's not like his tribe are going to pick off the strongest players, especially using an idol, which happened to Rohan a few days ago. As well as Sam, if a tribe swap or merge comes, he may have…

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  • JamesJ742
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  • IAmNothing712


    July 12, 2016 by IAmNothing712


    I am a 64 year old woman from Slovakia who hates Survivor. Bye.


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  • Avery FireFlame

    Out of the several themes Survivor has stapled on its number of returning player seasons, Heroes vs. Villains is one of my favorites. Below is a list of 40 contestants, (20 men and 20 women), that I believe have the best chance of being cast if there was another Heroes vs. Villains season. The line-up is a mixture of my own personal opinion, along with my instinct on who CBS would be more likely to want back.

    NOTE: This is not a cast of 20 players. This is a pool of 40 contestants I think would be most eligible/suited for a Heroes vs. Villains 2.

    • A majority of the pool of contestants below are post-season 20 players. However, there are a few missed oppurtunities from earlier seasons sprinkled in.
    • Any contestant who appeared in the original He…

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  • Blaine7275

    Welcome to the Kaôh Rōng edition of the Survivor Fantasy League! Whether you fell flat on your face last time and want some redemption or it's your first time playing and want to be part of something fun, you've come to the right place!

    If you want to find out more about the game, follow this link. You'll find all the rules there, and you've got until the premiere episode next week to enter the league! If you also haven't signed up yet, you've got until the first episode premieres to do so.

    This page here is about the Bonus Questions! In addition to the points you get because of your chosen castaways doing various things on the show, you can also earn points by correctly answering the Bonus Questions. Each week, I'll post a list of Questions for…

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