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  • Clay Thompson

    I’m a new member on the Wiki, and I figured I would add my own two cents on this season’s cast. Naturally everything I say will be wrong, but it’s still interesting to speculate.


    I have no idea how this tribe will structure itself. It seems probable that Dan will be on the outs, but after that it’s a bit of a toss-up. My guess is Mike, Rodney, and Sierra will work together to oust Dan for being a weak link, followed by either Lindsey or Kelly for not fitting in.


    I like Dan a lot, but his age and self-professed weakness at running may lead to an early boot. If he does manage to make it to the merge he could do very well, but it seems like a long shot against him.


    Kelly seems to be a strong competitor, but her career as a state …

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  • Nico997


    January 26, 2015 by Nico997

    Will Sims is a cast member of survivor worlds apart and this a video i have recently saw and it is pretty fun i hope you like it.

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  • RoosterInMyRari

    Carolyn Rivera: Can't get a good read from her, she looks like she'll be my least favorite of the token hags in each tribe.

    'Joaquin Souberbielle: 'I like this guy, and he looks to be intelligent, but I feel that intelligence will go underused since he's a recruit and the stereotypical "I'm unique haha no one before played like I will" isn't helping him

    Max Dawson: This guy is pretty funny on Twitter, has a presumably large knowledge and understanding of the game, but I believe he'll be arrogant to a fault

    Shirin Oskooi: I love her, modest, compares herself to Sandra and Rob C., is inspired by Larry David and RuPaul, she's going to be a lovable and wise character.

    So Kim: Overhyped in my opinion, she has a large following, however she compares …

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
    Original Tribe Shuffled Tribe Merged Tribe
    Lindsey Cascaddan
    24, College Park, FL

    Nina Poersch
    51, Palmdale, CA

    Kelly Remington
    44, Grand Island, NY

    Carolyn Rivera
    52, Tampa, FL

    Tyler Fredrickson
    33, Los Angeles, CA

    Vince Sly
    32, Santa Monica, CA

    Shirin Oskooi
    31, San Francisco, CA

    Dan Foley
    47, Gorham, ME

    Will Sims II
    41, Sherman Oaks, CA

    Joaquin Souberbielle
    27, Valley Stream, NY

    Joe Anglim
    25, Scottsdale, AZ

    Rodney Lavoie Jr.
    24, Boston, MA

    Max Dawson
    37, Topanga, CA

    Sierra Dawn Thomas
    27, Roy, Utah

    Jenn Brown
    22, Long Beach, CA

    Mike Holloway
    38, North Richland Hills, TX

    So Kim
    31, Long Beach, CA Read more >
  • Huyopa2001

    Survivor: Worlds Apart

    January 22, 2015 by Huyopa2001

    Hi Guys! 

    Well, as everyone knows, the castaways of Worlds Apart have been released and I wanted to know your opinions about the cast. I personally like:

    Joe- he seems nice, interesting and would be an interesting strategist to watch. I think he might go far in the game maybe make the top 6? 

    Jenn- she was funny and nice in her pre-game interview and I think she will be great. Jenn would be an early jury member like 1-3.

    Joaquin- the preview showed him and i thought he would be manipulated and arrogant. If he survives episodes 1 and 2, then he could go far or early.

    Tyler- I would love to see his game evolve and see if he is a "mastermind". He's either going to win or get blindsided by his closest ally.

    Shirin- seems like the friendly mother who…

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  • Copper5

    You know the drill by now.

    • Carolyn Rivera - On her own, I don't think Carolyn has a prayer. In her video, she talks a lot about her family and how she hates the cold, which makes me think that she's a potential quitter. If she can push past this though and align with a majority (as I suspect she will) she could go far as a number until she's picked off or taken to the end as a goat. Predicted Placement: 15th - 3rd
    • Dan Foley - I REALLY like Dan. He looks like a down to earth guy and a super-fan of the show, which is always refreshing to see. Unfortunately he's on a tribe with four people in their twenties, so he may be an early target simply for being older and heavier. When it comes to Dan, I'm hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. P…

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  • GabrielJohn

    Custom Logo Set 4

    January 19, 2015 by GabrielJohn

    Continuing on with the Requests, here is "Survivor: Canary Islands", "Survivor: Falkland Islands", "Survivor: Honduras", and "Survivor: Marina Islands."

    For anyone wondering, the next 4 Logos will be for Mongolia, South Africa (?), Sri Lanka, and Tonga.

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    My Logos That Suck

    January 15, 2015 by JD4MASTER

    Here are some logos that suck that I have decided to make. I will make more as it is very fun! :D

    If I do a place that you have already done, I am sorry. I just want to share logos created by me! :)

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  • GabrielJohn

    Custom Logo Set 3

    January 12, 2015 by GabrielJohn

    First and Foremost, if I upset anyone because I don't have their Request done yet, then I Sincerely Apologize. What happens is that when I get a Request (or Requests), I add it to my List and then puts it in Alphabetical Order. That means Requests like Tuvalu & Zimbabwe is at the Bottom of my List. I Apologize for this and I will get them done ASAP.

    Nevertheless, here is "Survivor: Bora Bora", "Survivor: Europe", "Survivor: Ireland", and "Survivor: Madagascar." I hope you like them.

    For anyone who wants the Link to the next 4 Logos, here you are:

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  • Calebpiglet29

    My Custom Logo

    January 9, 2015 by Calebpiglet29

    Everybody else seems to be doing it, so here's my try at it:

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