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    So, last season, Survivor: Cagayan, was full of blindsides. Almost every elimination was a blindside:

    David, Garrett, Cliff, Alexis, Sarah, LJ, Jefra, Trish, Kass

    9/18 of the eliminations were blindsides......could it be for this season?

    Survivor: San Juan del Sur already has a lot of blindsides, especially the ones in the merge. Those blindsides are fun!

    What are your opinions are this? Do you think this could be another big blindside season? LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS IN THE COMMENTS! :D

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    Fun Survivor Trivia!

    November 18, 2014 by Ozzymayhem4

    Survivor Trivia


    1. Who won Survivor: Africa 2. Which season had tribes divided by certain skills 3. Which season had 20 castaways first 4. When was exile island first introduced 5. Which season had Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade return 6. Who got voted out with 2 hidden immunity idols 7. Who was the first female evacuation 8. Which season had an Aspiring Actress 9. Name the females on the Mogo Mogo tribe 10. Who was the first person to quit


    1. Which season had a spiritual tribal stone 2. What was the second season to have 3 tribes 3. What was the first season filmed in panama 4. What is the most used location 5. Who visited Exile Island the most 6. Who has won the most challenges 7. Who has the most votes against them 8. Who won Survivo…

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    Jeff is cruel sometimes

    November 15, 2014 by Ghostkaiba297

    Ever notice how many cheap shots he takes?

    For instance, voting people out before the game even begins? They don't even get the chance to play the game. Imagine how they must feel. That's worse than being the first voted out or being airlifted out due to injury because at least then you get to play the game for a bit.

    I distinctly remember one time when there was a loved ones challenge and the winner got to choose two people to go with them along with their loved ones... then Jeff said he/she (can't remember which) could give the reward to everyone else, thus sacrificing the reward not only for himself/herself, but for the two people who this person most likely likes the most. I can't remember the season but I'll never get over that.

    And in t…

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    A random name94

    i'm fairly new to Survivor as I've only really watched 3 seasons so far (first Blood vs. Water, Brian vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, and finally the current season (so seasons 27, 28, and 29)) ... i like this show because it's something that can pass the time easily or relax watching after a long day ... i've really enjoyed seasons 27 and 28, but not really the current season (even though i still watch it every week) i'm more for the puzzles they have to do then the drama that happens at camp, but sometimes i enjoy it ... the part i don't really like is the strategy , in the current season i would much rather have had missy and baylor gone than kelly and her dad, to me the person that is the worst at challenges and / or the worst around camp (and w…

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    Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
    Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
    Nadiya Anderson
    28, Edgewater, NJ
    Natalie's twin sister

    Val Collins
    35, Foxboro, MA
    Jeremy's wife

    John Rocker
    39, Atlanta, GA
    Julie's boyfriend

    Drew Christy
    25, Winter Park, FL
    Alec's brother

    Kelley Wentworth
    28, Seattle, WA
    Dale's daughter

    Dale Wentworth
    55, Ephrata, WA
    Kelley's father

    Julie McGee
    34, Atlanta, GA
    John's girlfriend


    Jeremy Collins
    36, Foxboro, MA
    Val's husband

    Alec Christy
    22, Winter Park, FL
    Drew's brother

    Natalie Anderson
    28, Edgewater, NJ
    Nadiya's twin sister

    Baylor Wilson
    20, Nashville, TN
    Missy's daughter

    Missy Payne
    47, Dallas, TX
    Baylor's mother

    Wes Nale
    23, Shreveport, LA
    Keith's son

    Keith Nale
    53, Shreveport, LA
    Wes's father

    Reed Kelly
    31, New York City, …

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    Admin Zion here! If you have noticed that many of the tribe names in different pages have highlights in them like this: , , , , that is because there would be a new aesthetic addition to the wiki:

    The tribehl template! This template is to be used to highlight word/words with the a tribe color. That way you could have a color background for your text even without using a table. You could now mix different words in a cell in a table if more than one tribe is concerned (just like the elimination of Russell Swan in or Colton Cumbie in in which both tribes visited Tribal Council).

    There are 5 versions of the tribehl template:

    1. tribehl -

    So that is the new feature of the Wiki and I hope it could help you have a better experience browsing!

    - Admin Zi…

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    opinions on this?

    November 7, 2014 by Survivorpanda

    tbh I just took some of my favorite people in survivor and put them into a season...this isn't supposed to be an all-stars or anything.....I still need to make tribes and stuff...

    Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
    Original Tribe
    Aaron Reisberger
    39, Venice, CA

    Brady Finta
    43, Huntington Beach, CA

    Brenda Lowe
    32, Miami, FL

    Chris Daugherty
    44, South Vienna, OH

    Cirie Fields
    44, Jersey City, NJ
    , &

    Colby Donaldson
    40, Christoval, TX
    , &

    Corinne Kaplan
    35, Los Angeles, CA

    Courtney Yates
    33, New York City, NY

    Francesca Hogi
    38, Brooklyn, NY

    James Clement
    32, Lafayette, LA
    , , &

    Michelle Yi
    30, Cincinnati, OH

    NaOnka Mixon
    31, Los Angeles, CA

    Parvati Shallow
    32, Los Angeles, CA
    , &

    Richard Hatch
    53, Newport, RI

    Rob Cesternino
    36, Wantagh, NY

    Tasha Fox
    38, St. L…

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    Contestant Original Tribe Absorbed Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
    Richard Hatch Mogo Mogo

    Rob Cesternino Chapera

    Lex Van Den Berghe Mogo Mogo

    Jenna Morasca Mogo Mogo

    Susan Hawk Chapera Chapera
    Ethan Zohn Saboga Saboga
    Amber Brkich Chapera Chapera
    Tom Buchanan Chapera Chapera
    Jenna Lewis Saboga Saboga Chapera
    Shii Ann Hwang Mogo Mogo Chapera Chapera Chaboga Mogo

    Alicia Calaway Chapera Chapera Saboga Chaboga Mogo

    Tina Wesson Saboga Saboga Chapera Chaboga Mogo

    Rob Mariano Chapera Chapera Saboga Chaboga Mogo

    Rupert Boneham Saboga Saboga Saboga Chaboga Mogo

    Jerri Manthey Saboga Saboga Saboga Chaboga Mogo

    Colby Donaldson Mogo Mogo Saboga Chapera…

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    November 6, 2014 by Survivorpanda

    I AM SO TIRED OF ALL THESE QUITTERS. That's 3 seasons in a row!! ;-;

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