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  • Ckarimalis

    Tribe Color Statistics

    December 19, 2014 by Ckarimalis

    This blog post is a collection of statistics as far as tribe colors

    Tribe Statistics
    Color # of starting tribes # of people to start on this tribe # of people from this tribe to make merge merge percentage Finalists Winners
    14 114 65 57%

    1 8 6 75% none none
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  • Ozzymayhem4


    December 19, 2014 by Ozzymayhem4

    Im so happy with the results of the winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water 2 which is Natalie and the next season, season 30 looks good having people split by backround.

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  • InanimateInsanityNickel

    Season Finale of Survivor is next week, and there are 5 people left, meaning that there is a possibility of a double Elimination, Missy seems to do ok, but according to the sneak peak, Jacalyn seem pretty angry about Jon's elimination, and she was seen yelling at Natalie about "This is real life". What could happen, could Missy be evacuated, could Jacalyn be voted out by Baylor and Natalie? Tell me what you think in the comments.


    Coincidently Enough her sister placed last, and she placed first 😳

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  • Drewdonner5

    Why are all of the challenges in this season so similar. I love the show but the challenges are getting really boring. Is anyone else having the same frustration?   

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  • Nico997

    Jaclyn So dumb

    December 10, 2014 by Nico997

    In the sneak peek from next episode she ask Natalie if alec vote for himself.

    Does she now the rules? i hope she does not win

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  • Laladreams

    So guys, I decided to start an ULTIMATE SURVIVOR competition, involving all the castaways from Borneo to San Juan Del Sur. You'll have to vote for your favorites and the most voted will move on. One round per day, this should be interesting. The match-ups will be randomly decided, and here is the first one

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  • Survivorpanda

    NO! NO NO

    December 3, 2014 by Survivorpanda

    I am bored so I am watching kid jeopardy here is the clue:

    season 28 of this reality show took it to Cagayan in the Philippines- the trebek has spoken




    especially some kids on jeopardy

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    ... but not permanently, I'm only visiting. Just would like to comment on how proud I am of the progress this wiki has made since I joined. With the likes of Ian, Brendan, Zion, Copper, Sinjoh and countless others, this wiki looks set to grow even more!

    I've lost interest in Survivor and Wiki editing altogether thus my retirement from editing/admining here, but it's great to see many passionate fans of Survivor from around the world continuing to contribute! You contributors make this wiki what it actually is.

    I may have left Survivor Wiki, but Survivor Wiki will never leave my heart. ♥

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  • Survivorpanda

    This is simple, just vote your favorite until 1 is left.

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  • Jayhawker010

    Five seasons have passed in Entertaining Reality's Survivor series, and four winners have been crowned. 

    As the much anticipated All-Stars season approaches for the seventh run coming in Summer 2015, we have one more group of newbies to prove themselves and one more winner to crown. This season will venture to the island of Bermuda where two tribes of eight will battle it out, along with a fan favorite twist: Exile Island, but with a special addition that has never been seen before...

    39 Days, 16 people, 1 survivor.


    This season is set to start THIS WEEKEND, and it will last through to mid-January, with short breaks for holidays. Right now we have 14/16 players casted, and need the final spots filled before we start. If you are interested in…

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