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    Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Voting History
    Original Tribes Merged Tribe

    Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
    Vote: 5-3-2

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    I host a Survivor series in my hometown where teenagers compete for $100. This summer we filmed our second season, and it premiered today! Check it out!

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    Since the new contestant profile that was introduced in Survivor: Nicaragua, players are asked to compare themselves to a previous Survivor player. This article collectively shows the answers given by players since this new profile has been introduced.

    Contestants Statistics
    Contestant Who related themselves to this contestant
    Parvati Shallow

    Rob Mariano

    Stephenie LaGrossa

    Ozzy Lusth

    J.T. Thomas

    Russell Hantz

    Rupert Boneham

    Fabio Birza

    Colby Donaldson

    Sandra Diaz-Twine

    Malcolm Freberg

    Tom Westman

    James Clement

    Danni Boatwright

    Rudy Boesch

    Tyson Apostol

    Cirie Fields

    Brenda Lowe

    Jonathan Penner

    Andrea Boehlke

    Jenna Morasca

    Kim Spradlin

    Bob Crowley

    Amanda Kimmel

    Elisabeth Filarski

    Brandon Hantz

    Courtney Yates

    Ethan Zohn

    Natalie White

    Susan Hawk

    Tom Buchanan

    Rob Cesternino


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    Hey everyone! It's time once again for my (bound to be completely wrong) prediction blog! To do this blog, I'm going off CBS' "Meet the Cast" video as well as the Individual contestant videos. Enjoy and please leave a comment!

    • Alec Christy - Five seconds into his video, I could tell that Alec would be the season's "Stoner-Surfer." He's going to latch on to one person early (like Woo did with Tony and Carter did with Jeff Kent), and loyally follow them till the ends of the earth. Because of this, Alec should make the merge without much difficulty, but like the surfers before him, just fall short of the finish line. Predicted Placement: 7th - 2nd
    • Baylor Wilson - Baylor is one of the few women this season who I feel has the potential to do well.…

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    Jpeg's agian?

    August 27, 2014 by Ckarimalis

    I know this will probably be bumped out due to contestant enjoyment, but why are the mini face pictures back to jpeg format when last season they were png's and they looked so smooth? Can we change this season, and seasons onward to png photos on the main season page? 

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    Ever wanted a youtube channel with all the seasons of Survivor 1-12 on it?  

    If yes:

    If no: To bad for you. This is a really good channel.

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    Alright, in the history of Survivor, there have been many voting confessionals, but out of all of them, what do you think has been the greatest? In my opinion, it was Rob's "request" to Casey Kasem during the 7th episode of The Amazon. So I want to know, what was the greatest voting confessional in the history of Survivor. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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    Do you consider J'Tia a good or bad player? She lacked physically, weakening her tribe in the challenges, but despite all you could consider her as playing a good social game as she managed to get her tribe to keep her twice although she was just deadweight.

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    Well, the title of this certainly speaks for itself. Caleb Bankston, who was on Blood vs. Water, tragically left us yesterday due to a railroad accident where he worked. He was only 26. Our thoughts go out to his family and Colton. RIP

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    Caleb Bankston, Colton's fiancee, who competed in Survivor: Blood vs Water said goodbye to all of us when he passed away yesterday at the age of 26. He was apparently working on a train that unfortunately derailed. May Caleb's soul rest in peace. He was certainly one of the players that made Season 27 memorable. RIP CALEB!

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