Tribe Profile
Namesake: Isla Bayoneta, Pearl Islands
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Casaya
La Mina
Tribe Status: Dissolved on Day 4
Challenge Wins: 1
Lowest Placing Member: Misty Giles (14/16)
Highest Placing Member: Danielle DiLorenzo (Runner-Up)

S12 Bayoneta Flag 02

Tribe Sigil

Bayoneta has no sigil.



Bayoneta (known informally as the Younger Women) was a tribe from Survivor: Panama.

The tribe only lasted only one cycle of competition until Viveros and Bayoneta were no more and all of the remaining castaways were shuffled into Casaya and La Mina. Their tribe color is blue.


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Tribe History

The Bayoneta tribe had an inauspicious start to the game, quickly losing the first Reward Challenge when Danielle DiLorenzo came in last to rival castaways Austin Carty, Terry Deitz, and Ruth-Marie Milliman (from the Viveros, La Mina, and Casaya tribes, respectively). This meant that one of the four "younger women" would be the first person in the game to be sent to Exile Island, and consequently have a shot at discovering the Hidden Immunity Idol. This dubious honor would end up going to Misty Giles, who was selected by the group after rock-paper-scissors.

While Misty unsuccessfully searched for the idol, the remaining women back at camp were equally unsuccessful in their bids to find a place for the shelter, much to the annoyance of Sally Schumann. Courtney Marit, however, was more distracted by a dead sea turtle, which she believed symbolized life and motherhood.

In spite of their seeming scatteredness, the women rallied and came in first at the inaugural Immunity Challenge, earning them an exemption from Tribal Council. The group used this time to interrogate Misty on whether she'd found the Hidden Immunity Idol, and largely came to the conclusion that she had not.

On Day 4, the four tribes were dissolved into two when a Schoolyard Pick resulted in reassigned teams. Courtney and Danielle became members of the new Casaya, while Misty and Sally joined the new La Mina.



  • Bayoneta is currently one of only seven tribes to never lose an Immunity Challenge, along with Koror, Viveros, Puka PukaMotoTandang, and Tavua.
  • Each of the four original tribes in Survivor: Panama had a representative in the final four. Danielle DiLorenzo, who came in second, was the Bayoneta representative.
  • Along with Viveros, Bayoneta became the first tribe to never visit Tribal Council.
  • Along with Viveros, Bayoneta is the second shortest existing tribe in the history of the series, with four days. The tribe which holds the record is the Outcasts tribe, with only two days in existence.
  • Bayoneta is the last all-female tribe to be immune from the first Tribal Council.
  • Bayoneta is the only tribe in Survivor history to never, at any point, have any male tribe members.