"Banana Etiquette"
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Version: United States
Season: Heroes vs. Villains
Episode Number: 6/15 (296)
Original Release: March 18, 2010
Viewership (in millions): 11.15[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.4/11 Summary: Link
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Banana Etiquette is the sixth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Night 14

The Heroes return to camp from the Tribal Council where Tom Westman was voted out. Colby Donaldson is clearly distraught at the result of the vote, and is now without an alliance left standing in the game. Candice Woodcock regrets the decision her tribe made in sending Tom home instead of James Clement, and Candice's flippant behavior upon returning to camp annoys some of her fellow tribemates.

Everyone's annoyed with Candice. In reality nobody trusts her, she was gunning for James. I'm so sick of Candice right now so Candice has to go.

Amanda Kimmel

In the early morning hours over at the Villains camp, Russell Hantz wakes up and has a talk with Rob Mariano. Russell tries to deceive Rob by saying that he isn't gunning for him. Rob on the other hand attempts to make Russell even more paranoid by threatening to eliminate him for his behavior in regards to the Hidden Immunity Idol that everyone suspects he has found. Both men end the conversation by threatening the other to watch their back.

Russell's going to find out soon enough that he's out of his league. I just did everything I could to make him as more paranoid as I could because he runs around like a crazy man. He's not playing with the amateurs anymore, he's playing with the big boys now.

Rob Mariano

Day 15

Both tribes arrive at the challenge, where the Villains are clearly stunned that James was not voted out because of his injury. The two tribes soon learn that they will not be competing against each other for tribal reward or immunity, but that both tribes will go to Tribal Council instead and members of both tribes will compete for individual immunity. The Heroes run the challenge first, and the Villains are impressed by James's strong effort and performance despite his injury, however, Candice is the one who wins immunity for the Heroes by narrowly beating out J.T. Thomas.

Candice was the only thing stopping Colby from going home next. When she won immunity he had to have been thinking 'you know what, that just done me in.'

J.T. Thomas

When it's the Villains turn to run through the challenge, Rob wins individual immunity for the Villains. Rob then faces off with Candice for tribal reward in a more difficult section of the original challenge. Rob is able to win for the Villains tribe, giving the Villains the right to have Tribal Council first and then listen in on the Heroes Tribal Council while enjoying food.

I went into the Immunity Challenge thinking I had to win this one - and then Rob wins and I'm like what, nooo! Rob having the Immunity Necklace puts him in a big position of power.

Parvati Shallow

At the Villains camp Rob's alliance of himself, Courtney Yates, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Tyson Apostol, Coach Wade, and Jerri Manthey meet in the ocean after the challenge and quickly decide to vote for Parvati Shallow due to her perceived threat in the game. Rob's alliance agrees to make Russell feel like he will be voted out so that he wastes his Hidden Immunity Idol.

Russell sucks me this way, and Tyson and Boston Rob pull me this way, you know I'm totally the middle man in the smack dab center of two alliances but we all know the Dragonslayer is a man of his word and if he says he's going in this direction then come hell or high water I'm going that way. I'm voting for Parvati.

Coach Wade

To spook Russell, Rob meets with Russell and lies, saying that if Russell doesn't already have the idol, to go find it because otherwise he will be sent home. Rob's intimidation only fuels Russell's fire to eliminate someone from Rob's alliance.

Boston Rob tells me it's better to play with me then against me. Oh really? I believe imma get him to eat those words.

Russell Hantz

Russell talks with Parvati and Danielle DiLorenzo, telling them that he knows Rob is trying to get him to play the idol but vote for Parvati. Russell tells his alliance that they will target Tyson, since Rob is immune from the vote and Tyson is Rob's right hand man in the game.

At the Heroes camp, Colby is upset with his poor performance at the challenge, sadly remarking that even James with his injured leg was able to beat him. Colby tells the tribe that he expects to be voted out and essentially surrenders to the mercy of the tribe. Colby and James have a brief talk in the shelter about Colby's will to continue in the game, and ability to perform. James says he wanted to see Colby perform much better in the challenges than the results have shown so far, and that if Colby is ready to leave, he would like to stay despite his injury.

Colby doesn't want to be here. There's no way that's the Colby of old, one of the baddest competitors ever. He has not done anything, it's almost brought me to tears, it's like my Superman sucks. All his muscles are gone and it's very disappointing to see a grown man give it up like that.

James Clement

Despite Colby's surrender, James's injury is still a major issue for the tribe and must be considered. Amanda Kimmel, J.T., Rupert, and Candice talk in the jungle about the possibility of voting James out because of the knee injury and also for his perceived lack of 'banana etiquette' around camp.

James just has to prove that he's okay. They're also mad about that James takes a lot of bananas because he's a big guy, he's hungry, obviously, but you're out here with no food so it's a big deal to people.


Who do we keep? James who is fighting to stay in the game, or Colby who is ready to walk out? I don't want to see James go, James is 100% an ally on my side. Colby is not. James is a fighter. Colby is not. James is POWER. Colby is not.

Rupert Boneham

James attempts to prove that his knee is no longer an issue by having a foot race with J.T. Rupert starts the race and James loses, even after J.T. starts to run backwards. James claims that even though J.T. beat him that his knee is holding up fine and that he'll be fine. James then jokes to J.T. and Rupert about improving his banana etiquette by going over the top with asking people if they want bananas.

James is not the kind of person who's gonna say 'you know what, I can't go anymore.' You'll never know until the man's in a stretcher that he was hurt. We have to see the big picture here and look outside of our friendships to find the winning combination.


Back at the Villains tribe, Boston Rob realizes they will need to split the votes to prevent Russell from playing his Hidden Immunity Idol on Parvati, allowing the three in Russell's alliance to take out someone from Rob's alliance.

I was just thinking to myself you know, Tyson's one of my allies and if it were me who didn't win immunity they would be coming after me the way they are coming after him. And I was just thinking a way that Russell doesn't get the better of us if he does have the idol. Basically I threw out an insurance policy if you will. There's no way they can backdoor us with the idol and we'll all be safe.

Rob Mariano

Rob's alliance agrees to have Rob, Sandra, and Tyson vote for Russell and have Courtney, Coach, and Jerri vote for Parvati, and send Parvati home on the re-vote.

Sometime later, Russell pulls Tyson aside and decides to lie and say that he is going to vote for Parvati in order to save himself from being eliminated. Tyson agrees that Russell should go ahead and do that to save himself. Russell's talk plants a seed in Tyson's mind about potentially flipping his vote to Parvati to just get rid of her right away and to have some power over Russell once she's gone.

When Russell came and told me he wanted to vote out Parvati, I thought it was actually an excellent opportunity for me to flop my vote to Parvati, I want her out. I hope there's not a re-vote but I just want to get it over with and get some hotdog in my mouth.

Tyson Apostol

As Tribal Council approaches, Russell faces a dilemma over whether to play the idol to save himself, or to give it to Parvati in hopes she will receive more votes.

The smartest thing for them to do is make it a three way tie. That forces the idol, and then they can play however they wanna play on the second vote. That would be a genius move, but I don't know if they're that smart. I don't know if it would be the right thing giving Parvati the idol. It's just - it's a really tough decision here, way worse than last time, it's really bad.


At the Villains Tribal Council, the members of Rob's alliance focus attention on Russell to get him to admit having the Hidden Immunity Idol, but Russell doesn't reveal anything and denies he even has the idol, but no one believes him. As they go to vote, Tyson decides to change his vote to Parvati. However when the time comes to read the votes, Russell pulls a double cross on Tyson by standing up and handing the idol over to Parvati instead of playing it on himself. A surprised Parvati plays the idol and negates 4 votes against her - the original 3 votes that Rob's alliance planned against her, and Tyson's, who switched over. Having ruined the split vote with his own deciding vote, Tyson essentially sends himself home after the alliance of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle vote for him. Tyson is eliminated in a 3-2-0 vote to the shock of everyone on the tribe, including Russell's own alliance members.

When the Heroes visit Tribal Council next, the Villains have the opportunity to watch in and eat food thanks to Rob winning the reward section at the individual Immunity Challenge. Both James and Colby are mentioned as being in trouble due to the former's injury and the latter for being on the bottom of the Heroes tribe and for performing poorly in challenges. Colby's poor challenge performance compared to his past seasons is talked about in depth, and Colby remarks that the only thing worse than seeing his challenge ability degrade is to be the one living it. The Heroes also talk about James and the 'banana etiquette' problem at camp, much to the amusement of the Villains who get to listen in on the bizarre argument. The Heroes explain the etiquette is that you are supposed to ask everyone around you if they want a banana if you go get up to get one. James thinks the rule is ridiculous and that anyone who is hungry should go get up and get their own banana, but he says that he has been working on improving his banana etiquette for the sake of the tribe. Before the Heroes go to vote, the Villains have to leave. In the end, the Heroes decide that James's injury is too big of a burden to bear and vote him out in a unanimous 5-1 decision.


Individual Immunity/Tribal Reward Challenge: Rope-a-Dope
Each survivor will be connected to a long rope that is threaded through an obstacle course they need to climb over and crawl under. The first hero and the first villain to reach his or her finish post wins individual immunity. The two winners will then compete for tribal reward, where they will have to go through a more difficult obstacle course.
Reward: A feast of hotdogs and softdrinks while watching the other tribe's Tribal Council.
Winners: Candice Cody and Rob Mariano (Rob won the tribal reward half of the challenge, winning the Villains the hotdog feast)

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 6:
S20 parvati t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S20 coach tS20 courtney tS20 jerri tS20 tyson t
Coach, Courtney, Jerri, Tyson
(votes not counted)
S20 tyson t
Tyson (3 votes)
S20 danielle tS20 parvati tS20 russell t
Danielle, Parvati, Russell
S20 russell t
Russell (2 votes)
S20 rob tS20 sandra t
Rob, Sandra
S20 tyson bw
Tyson Apostol

Voting Confessionals

Russell did not say anything when he voted.

(votes for Tyson) Sorry, Tyson, nothing against you, you're just too much of a threat.

Danielle DiLorenzo

(votes for Parvati) It was a tough decision between you and Russell, but I'm not making a mistake by sending you home too early.

Tyson Apostol

(votes for Tyson) I love you like a pirate loves buried treasure, good luck.

Parvati Shallow

(votes for Russell) Russell, although I know you're not going home, this is to scare you. You need to get in the ocean and wash your ass and just like I'm annoying to you, you are annoying to me, I can't stand you, and I can't wait for you to go home next week, I'll be waiting for you, adios.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

(votes for Russell) Welcome to the big leagues. You might have one more inning if you're lucky.

Rob Mariano

(votes for Parvati) Sorry, really.

Courtney Yates

(votes for Parvati) There is no perceived alliance, there is an actual alliance that you admitted today to me that you could help me be a part of on the other side; if you had come to me earlier on, I would have considered it, but in the state of desperation on the day before about making this vote, didn't really fly with me.

Jerri Manthey

(votes for Parvati) You're just so damn charming, and that's what makes you dangerous. That, and your friends on the other side. Night night.

Coach Wade

Final Words

Oh man, I have nobody to blame but myself. I was the victim of my own stupidity. Russell probably gained a little bit of respect and a little bit of power by his risky move today. Giving the idol to Parvati was kind of a shocker and it ended up being my demise. I wish I would've stuck to the split vote. I would've come out victorious and Russell would've gone home. Watcha gonna do?... I'm still pretty awesome.

Tyson Apostol


Tribal Council 7:
S20 james t
James (5 votes)
S20 amanda tS20 candice t
S20 colby tS20 jt tS20 rupert t
Amanda, Candice, Colby, J.T., Rupert
S20 colby t
Colby (1 vote)
S20 james t
S20 james bw
James Clement

Voting Confessionals

James did not say anything when he voted.

(votes for James) Man, I said we'd be in the final four. Sorry, at least I could tell you what was going on.

Rupert Boneham

(votes for James) Babe, I really didn't wanna do this, but I love you so much and I'm sorry.

Amanda Kimmel

(votes for James) James, this is the right vote tonight. I hope your knee gets better. Good luck.

Candice Woodcock

(votes for James) Obviously, if it wasn't for the knee, I'd be going home tonight, so real tough break for you, man. Best of luck.

Colby Donaldson

(votes for James) The knee is just too big of a problem, buddy. Sorry you gotta go.

J.T. Thomas

Final Words

I had banana etiquette, just a little bit too much. Now hopefully they can finally pacify Colby into actually being a teammate and actually having the team together and hopefully they'll do better. But it's a game, it was fun, I just happen to have bad luck on this thing with injuries. And they got me a little bit earlier than they should have.

James Clement

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 tyson bw
S20 james bw
S20 amanda t
S20 candice t
S20 coach t
S20 colby t
S20 courtney t
S20 danielle t
S20 jerri t
S20 jt t
S20 parvati t
S20 rob t
S20 rupert t
S20 russell t
S20 sandra t


  • This episode was voted the 8th best Survivor episode of all time in the "Top 25 Greatest Episodes of all time" poll by Survivor Oz in 2015.
  • Candice Woodcock winning individual immunity makes her the first woman to win the Immunity Necklace before the merge. Both Ami Cusack and Sugar Kiper was given immunity from the winner of the challenge in their respective seasons.
  • With Candice winning individual immunity, this marks the only time this season where a Hero wins individual immunity.
  • This was the first time there was an attempt to cause a three-way tied vote involving Russell Hantz. The second time was in "Keep Hope Alive", two seasons later, where it was successful.
  • This challenge is the same challenge used in "Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy" and "The Biggest Fraud in the Game".
  • Tyson switching his vote and being voted out because of it was nominated as one of the five dumbest moves of Survivor in a poll Jeff Probst took during this season.
  • Tyson's failure to win this challenge and to make it to the merge (as a result of being voted out) makes Heroes vs. Villains the only season where Tyson competes in but doesn't win individual immunity at some point.
  • This is the first and only time that Tyson has not be affiliated with more than one tribe and the only time he is eliminated pre-merge.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tyson has a secret scene on Day 15 where he gets a spear fishing lesson from Rob Mariano. Tyson kills several smaller fish but doesn't bring any of them back to camp. In a confessional, Tyson revels at the thought of him killing all the small fish that day just for the sake of killing and not for food.
  • James jokes around with his tribe by going over the top with banana etiquette. James privately feels the whole problem with banana etiquette is silly, and that anybody who is hungry and wants a banana should go get one themselves, but he plays on for the sake of the tribe.