Tribe Profile
Namesake: Rupert Boneham's pet snake
Tribe Type: Merged tribe
Day Formed: Day 21
Tribes Merged: Drake
Lowest Placing Member: Andrew Savage (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: Sandra Diaz-Twine (Winner)


Tribe Emblem

Balboa has no emblem.



Balboa was the merged tribe of Drake and Morgan​ from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Their tribe color is black.


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S7 darrah tS7 jon tS7 lillian tS7 rupert t
S7 ryano tS7 sandra tS7 tijuana t

Tribe History

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Episode 8-9

In "What the...? (Part 2)", the wrap-up of the controversial twist of The Outcasts was concluding. Shawn and Osten left the game in the previous episode. The first six castaways to be eliminated came into the Tribal Council area to vote two of themselves back in the game. Burton and Lillian were the two that received the most votes and returned to the game.

Burton and Lillian returned to their respective tribes for the night. The merge took place the morning after.  Burton and Lillian would be granted one-time immunity at their next Tribal Council. Burton won the Immunity Challenge and was instructed that he could give it to someone. Burton gave the immunity sword sash (this season's Immunity Necklace) to Rupert. Andrew was voted off by a vote of 6-4.

In "Shocking! Simply Shocking!", Rupert wins the Reward Challenge but gives the reward to Burton. Lillian was invited to partake in the reward. Rupert also wins the Immunity Challenge. Ryan O. was voted off by a vote of 8-1 and became the first jury member.

Episode 10-11

In "Swimming with Sharks", Burton and Lillian win the Reward Challenge, but Burton decides to give the reward to Jon. Lillian keeps her reward. Burton wins the Immunity Challenge. Rupert was voted off by a vote of 5-2-1 and became the second jury member.

In "The Great Lie", the Reward Challenge was the loved ones reward. In one of the memorable moments of Survivor, Jon's friend told Jon that his grandmother had died. Jon wins the reward. In a confessional, Jon revealed that this was a lie and that his grandmother was indeed alive. Burton was initially announced as the winner of the immunity, but Probst realized that Burton misspelled the word 'liaison'. Darrah would later win immunity. Tijuana was voted off by a vote of 5-2 and became the third jury member.

Episode 12-13

In "Would You Be My Brutus Today?", the team of Darrah, Jon, and Lillian won the Reward Challenge. Darrah won her second Immunity Challenge. Christa was voted off by a vote of 4-2 and became the fourth jury member.

In "Mutiny", Burton won the Reward Challenge and invited Jon to partake in the reward. Darrah won her third Immunity Challenge. Burton was voted off by a vote of 3-2 and became the fifth jury member.

Season Finale

In the season finale "Flames and Endurance", the final four Immunity Challenge was held at the Tribal Council area. The final four competed for immunity, but the incomplete form of the jury also competed in the Immunity Challenge. The jury wins the Immunity Challenge, which makes no one in the final four immune from the vote. Darrah was voted off by a vote of 3-1 and became the sixth jury member. Lillian wins the final three Immunity Challenge and voted off Jon, making him the final jury member. She selected Sandra to join her in the Final Two.

Lillian and Sandra faced the jury. Lillian faced criticism for her betrayals while she was a Boy Scout Leader, and Sandra was criticized for her devious gameplay.

At the Survivor: Pearl Islands Reunion Show, Sandra was announced the winner by the vote of 6-1, only losing Tijuana's vote.



  • Balboa was the first Survivor tribe to use black as a color. It has been used for 11 other tribes since.
  • The merged tribe of the second season of the Bulgarian version, named Survivor BG: Pearl Islands, was also named Balboa. But unlike the U.S. version, its color was red.
  • Balboa currently holds the record for most blindsides in a merged tribe with 6.
  • Balboa was named after Rupert Boneham's pet snake that he found near camp, who died midway through the game.
    • Balboa was also a name of a Spanish explorer, Vasco Núñez de Balboa.
    • Balboa is also the name of the currency in Panama.