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Tribe Profile
Namesake: The Angkor Wat temple.
Tribe Type: Expansion Tribe
Day Formed: Day 7
Rival Tribe(s): Bayon
Ta Keo
Tribe Status: Dissolved on Day 14
Challenge Wins: 3
Lowest Placing Member: Peih-Gee Law (18/20)
Highest Placing Member: Tasha Fox (Co-Runner-Up)

Angkor flag


Angkor buff

Angkor (អង្គរ) is a tribe from Survivor: Cambodia.

After an unusual tribe switch, the tribe was sent to live in hardship having been assigned to a beach with relatively less resources as the Bayon and Ta Keo camps. This debilitated them physically, but they kept their spirits up as best as they could when walking into challenges. Their tribe color is yellow.


S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 jeff t
S31 peihgee tS31 tasha tS31 woo t

Tribe History

On Day 7, the Bayon and Ta Keo tribes were informed by Jeff Probst about a very early tribe switch; but were surprised to learn that unlike previous swaps, a new tribe will be introduced. A luck of a draw sent Andrew and Tasha from the original Bayon and Abi-Maria, Jeff, Peih-Gee, and Woo from the original Ta Keo to the new Angkor tribe, much to their dismay as they would have to build a new camp from scratch. Arriving at their beach, Angkor realized they were at a disadvantage: only having a fishing gear, a flint, cookware and a machete, while the beach was barren of essentials, as opposed to their old tribes which had the luxury of having the items and food rations from the Day 1 marooning.

Being the only tribe where the original Ta Keo had more numbers than the original Bayon, Abi-Maria, Jeff, Peih-Gee, and Woo initially promised to stick together; but Abi-Maria, who had harbored resentment toward Peih-Gee, kept her reservations. Tasha and Andrew seized the opportunity to persuade Abi-Maria and Jeff, who had been Abi-Maria's ally from the beginning, though Jeff thought their scrambling as irrelevant.

Immediately after losing the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, Jeff was caught by Tasha mouthing words to his former tribemate Kelly Wiglesworth, prompting Jeff to out her and Andrew for making deals with him to potentially make them look bad to those aligned with them at the old Bayon. Woo, who was never part of of these arrangements, was left confused. Back at camp, the ex-Ta Keo members found themselves unable to stay together as an alliance, giving Tasha and Andrew the opportunity to gather enough votes to oust Jeff. Abi-Maria was on board with them, which infuriated Peih-Gee, and the two plotted against each other. At Tribal Council, the disunified Ta Keo members conceded to Tasha and Andrew, telling them the vote was for them to control. In the end, Tasha and Andrew fulfilled Abi-Maria's wish, and with Jeff's vote, Peih-Gee was voted out, 4-2.

Back at camp, Abi-Maria became upset upon seeing Tasha consoling Woo for feeling left out, being the only one who voted for Peih-Gee. Tasha argued she did not cast a vote against Abi-Maria. Savage noted Abi having "deep-rooted insecurities."

The next day, Tree Mail informed the tribe of a food reward, encouraging them to do better at the next challenge. At the challenge, where only one would compete for each tribe, Andrew represented Angkor. A visibly exhausted Andrew finished first, leaving his tribemates emotional, lamenting their lack of resources. Enjoying their feast, the Angkor tribe felt optimistic for an immunity win.

During the Immunity Challenge on Day 11, the wear and tear of living in a relatively forlorn beach continued to take a toll on Angkor. Jeff tired to carry too many of their puzzle pieces, resulting in the tribe suffering their second loss, sending them back to Tribal Council. Abi-Maria, Tasha and Andrew were torn between Jeff, who had incurred a toe injury at the challenge on top of his overall physical weakness, and Woo, whom Abi-Maria distrusted after voting her twice. At Tribal Council, both Jeff and Woo impassionately plead their case, but it was Jeff's second chance that came to an end in a 4-1 vote.

The next day, the debilitated tribe hoped for a miracle. They came in second in the Reward Challenge and were awarded rope and tarp for their camp. At the Immunity Challenge, the tribe's luck picked up when Stephen Fishbach accidentally scored a point on their behalf. They went on to win the Immunity Challenge, and were finally granted a reprieve from Tribal Council.

On Day 14, the Angkor tribe was dissolved, giving way for yet another tribe shuffle, spreading the fourteen remaining survivors in the new Bayon and Ta Keo tribes.




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