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Angie Layton
S25 Angie Layton
Contestant Profile
Born: October 8, 1991 (1991-10-08) (age 25)
Hometown: Provo, Utah
Occupation: Student
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Tribe(s): Matsing
Finish: 16/18
Alliance(s): Matsing Alliance
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 8

Angelia Nichole "Angie" Layton is a contestant from Survivor: Philippines.

Though socially adept enough to forge an early bond with Malcolm Freberg and survive a heated Tribal Council confrontation with Roxanne Morris, Angie was generally poor in challenges and this resulted in her eventual elimination from the luckless Matsing tribe.


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Personal Claim to Fame: I'm Miss Utah Teen USA 2010 and 3rd runner-up Miss Teen USA 2010.
Inspiration in Life: My family. I'm the youngest of five older brothers and one sister. They taught me how to be tough and have thick skin, and to be proud of who you are no matter what.
Hobbies: All sports, working out, scrapbooking and hanging with my peeps.
Pet Peeves: Lazy people and slow drivers.
3 Words to Describe You: Competitive, confident and happy.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? The only thing I would bring is my camera so I could take pictures and scrapbook my journey.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Fabio - because people underestimated him for a "dumb blonde" and he used that to his advantage. At the end, he surprised everyone. I am the same way!
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I want to win to prove to everyone that I can do it.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: Because I am mentally strong, and I have what it takes to survive the elements and challenges. I'm also loyal and easy to get along with.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I know I can manipulate my way to the top! But, most importantly I am extremely competitive and am driven to succeed. I'm not afraid of anything.[1]

Survivor: Philippines

That we could... have cookies?

–Angie, to Jeff at Tribal Council.

Angie Layton was placed on the Matsing tribe along with returning player Russell Swan. She began the game forming what she thought was a solid alliance with Zane Knight (he was actually making alliances with everyone on the tribe). During their first Immunity Challenge, Russell forced his leadership upon the tribe and made Angie do a puzzle portion of the challenge despite Angie's constant clamors about not being good at puzzles, which contributed to Matsing's loss in that challenge. When Russell gathered everyone in hopes of a proper pep talk, Angie's "ally" Zane, threw himself under the bus and told everyone to vote him out as part of his strategy (which involved making the tribe convince him to stay and willingly vote out Russell in order to keep Zane) this strategic move backfired and sent Angie's only "ally" home.

Angie began to get close with Malcolm as they cuddled together in order to keep warm during the rains nights, worrying tribemate Roxanne Morris. When Matsing lost their second challenge in a row, Denise Stapley became the swing vote in the battle between Angie (with Malcolm) and Roxanne (with Russell). At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asked her what she would change about camp, she answered "Cookies", with surprised reactions from Jeff Probst and her tribemates. Despite her tribemates' confused response to her answer, Angie was spared, as Roxanne was sent home instead.

After another loss on Day 8, Angie and Russell were in hot water for doing poorly during the Immunity Challenge, which involved intense swimming. At Tribal Council, Angie accused Russell of mistreating her, saying she "felt small." Malcolm and Denise decided to keep their tribe strong and voted Angie out 3-1.

Voting History

Angie's Voting History
Episode Angie's
Voted Against
1 Zane -
2 Roxanne Roxanne
3 Russell Denise, Malcolm,
Voted Off, Day 8


Angie miss utah

Angie as Miss Utah 2014.

  • In 2013, Layton shot a commercial for Reebok[2] and became a spokesmodel for
  • The same year, Angie was crowned Miss Utah USA 2014.[3]
  • Angie competed on Miss USA 2014 representing the state of Utah, but didn't make it to the top 20.
  • In 2014, Angie appeared in the video game The Haunted Horseman playing a character named Cynthia Graves.[4]
  • Angie had her son Ledger James on February 3, 2017.[5]


  • Angie was the youngest contestant on Philippines.


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