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Aiga tribe
Tribe Profile
Namesake: Coined by Brett to mean
"extended family" in Samoan.
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 19
Tribes Merged: Foa Foa
Lowest Placing Member: Erik Cardona (12/20)
Highest Placing Member: Natalie White (Winner)

S19 Aiga Flag


Aiga has no insignia.


S19 aigabuff

Aiga was the merged tribe of Foa Foa and Galu from Survivor: Samoa. Their tribe color is blue.


S19 brett tS19 dave tS19 erik tS19 jaison t
S19 john tS19 kelly tS19 laura tS19 mick t
S19 monica tS19 natalie tS19 russellh tS19 shambo t

Tribe History

Episode 8-10

In All Hell Breaks Loose (Episode 8), the two tribes of Galu and Foa Foa merged to make the new tribe called Aiga. Galu had the advantage of eight members to four. The division did not deter Foa Foa finding cracks in the 8-person group and working around the disadvantage.

John and Laura both win the Immunity Challenge. Foa Foa convinced most of the Galu Alliance to eliminate Erik. Erik becomes the first jury member by a 10-2 vote. Russell Hantz played his idol, though there was no votes against him.

In Tastes Like Chicken (Episode 9), Russell Hantz found the Hidden Immunity Idol in its new location. The team of Dave, John, Kelly, Monica, and Shambo won reward. Laura wins immunity. The Galu alliance decided to go for a Foa Foa member and targeted Russell Hantz. However, Russell Hantz played his idol and negated all Galu's seven votes and sent Kelly to Ponderosa by a vote of 4-0 [7] and she became the second jury member.

In The Day of Reckoning (Episode 10), the team of Brett, Dave, Laura, Natalie, and Russell Hantz won reward. Mick wins the Immunity Challenge. The alignment now stands at 6-4 Galu with the advantage. However, with Shambo shifting to the Foa Foa side, the votes came to a tie at 5-5 between Laura and Natalie. John, who was from the Galu alliance, decided to switch his vote because he didn't want to be eliminated by a tiebreaker to his former ally Laura. Laura becomes the third jury member.

The First 27 Days (Samoa) - Samoa Recap aired 11/26/2009

Foa Foa in Control, Episode 12-13

In Off with Their Heads! (Episode 12), the Survivor Auction took place. With the Foa Foa alliance in total control of the game, they start systematically eliminating their foes. Jaison wins the Immunity Challenge. John was voted off 7-1-1, becoming the fourth jury member.

In Damage Control (Episode 13), Jaison wins the first Immunity Challenge of the episode. Dave becomes the fifth jury member by a vote of 7-1. Brett wins the second Immunity Challenge of the episode. Monica becomes the sixth jury member by a vote of 5-2.

Episode 14-15

In Two Brains Are Better than One (Episode 14), Jaison, Shambo, and Russell Hantz win the Reward Challenge. Brett, the last remaining Galu member (minus the Foa Foa-aligned Shambo), wins the Immunity Challenge. The Foa Foa Four had to eliminate their ally Shambo to protect their core four. Shambo was eliminated by a vote of 5-1.

In the season finale This Game Ain't Over (Episode 15), Brett wins the Immunity Challenge and guarantees his spot in the Final Four. The Foa Foa Four must now eliminate one of their original members. Jaison is voted off by a vote of 4-1, becoming the eighth jury member.

At the Final Immunity Challenge, Brett loses the challenge to Russell Hantz. This loss pretty much cements the Final Three as Russell Hantz, Natalie, and Mick. Brett, since he is the last Galu member and jury threat, is voted off by a vote of 3-1, becoming the final jury member.

At the Survivor: Samoa Reunion Show, Natalie is announced as the winner by a vote of 7-2-0 with Russell Hantz and Mick placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively, with Natalie losing the votes of Shambo and John.



  • Aiga was the first merged tribe to have twelve members, a practice that would later be implemented in future seasons.
  • This tribe is currently tied with Enil Edam and Forza for the second most blindsides in a merged tribe with 5.
    • Balboa currently holds the record with 6 blindsides.
    • However, this tribe has a different ratio since there were 9 post-merge Tribal Councils (excluding the Final Tribal Council) While there were 8 post-merge Tribal Councils for both Balboa and Enil Edam.
  • Aiga is similar to both Libertad and Enil Edam (the respective merged tribes of Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Caramoan) in that it was composed of an 8-4 ratio of the original tribes.
    • Of the three, Aiga is the only tribe where the winner came from the four-member minority.
  • Natalie is the only female from this tribe to come from Foa Foa.
  • With only four letters in its name, Aiga is tied with Dabu for the least amount of letters on a merged tribe.


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