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Aguila tribe
Tribe Profile
Season: Survivor: Panama (South Africa)
Namesake: Spanish word for "eagle"
Tribe Type: Starting tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Rana
Tribe Status: Merged with Rana on Day 17
Challenge Wins: 9
Lowest Placing Member: Sam Allerton (13/14)
Highest Placing Member: Vanessa Marawa (Winner)

Aguila flag


Aguila has no insignia.


Buff unavailable.

Aguila is one of two competing tribes on Survivor: Panama (South Africa).

Its color was blue.


Original Members

Sa1 brigitte tSa1 jude tSa1 mzi t
Sa1 nico tSa1 sam tSa1 sanele tSa1 vanessa t
  • Brigitte Willers, a sports model from Johannesburg;
  • Jude Wilken, a hostage negotiator from Kempton Park;
  • Mzi Tyhokolo, an energy advisor from Jhannesburg;
  • Nico Hinis, a restaurateur from Johannesburg;
  • Sam Allerton, an sculptor from Cape Town;
  • Sanele Gumede, a brand manager from Johannesburg;
  • Vanessa Marawa, an estate agent from Durban.

Post-Day 13 Tribe

Sa1 brigitte tSa1 danielle t
Sa1 mzi tSa1 nico tSa1 vanessa t
  • Brigitte Willers;
  • Danielle Vukic, a photographic producer from Cape Town;
  • Mzi Tyhokolo;
  • Nico Hinis;
  • Vanessa Marawa.

Tribe History

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