Throughout the course of the Survivor series, advantages have been available to contestants to potentially help themselves be in a more favorable position in the game. Usually, obtainable through Reward Challenges, Survivor Auctions, Exile Island, or Ghost Island, these advantages may help increase the longevity of a player, but do not guarantee it. Players may opt to use an advantage as they see fit, either deliberately invoking its powers, or use it as a bargaining chip to form alliances.

Immunity Advantage

The earliest advantage to appear on Survivor, it gives a player an edge at the following Immunity Challenge.

Medallion of Power

Main article: Medallion of Power

A variant of an immunity advantage, the Medallion of Power was briefly used during the pre-tribe switch portion of Survivor: Nicaragua.

Hidden Immunity Idol

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The most common advantage available, the Hidden Immunity Idol nullifies any votes cast against its owner at Tribal Council, eliminating the player with the next highest number of votes instead.

Extra Vote

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Players who possess this advantage has the ability to vote twice at any Tribal Council until Day 36.

Vote Steal

Juror Removal

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On Day 38 of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, the final three survivors competed in a Reward Challenge in which the winner may eliminate one member of the jury, losing that member's right to participate at the Final Tribal Council.

Legacy Advantage

Main article: Legacy Advantage

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Idol Nullifier