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"Actions vs. Accusations"
Coyopa immunity
Coyopa tells John not to fight back at Hunahpu's tirade against him.
Episode Information
Season: San Juan del Sur
Episode Number: 3/14 (402)
Original Release: October 8, 2014
Viewership (in millions): 9.59[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.5/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: Method to This Madness
Next: We're a Hot Mess

Actions vs. Accusations is the third episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Previously On... Survivor: Nine pairs of Loved Ones were forced to compete against each other and Exile Island was back in play. At the last Reward Challenge, Julie beat her boyfriend, John Rocker, and sent Val's husband, Jeremy, to join him at Exile Island. At Exile, John promised Jeremy he looked after his wife. At the Immunity Challenge, Coyopa continued their losing streak. Back at camp, John found the Immunity Idol and he kept his promise to Jeremy to save Val. But Val was lying to John, she didn't have an Idol. And Josh got suspicious. And at Tribal Council he switched his vote from Baylor to Val. Sixteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff Probst

Day 6

Coyopa returned from Tribal Council after voting out Val Collins. Baylor Wilson was concerned by the votes cast against her, and felt as though she could no longer rely on her ally Josh Canfield to protect her in the game. Meanwhile, John Rocker was frustrated that Val chose not to play her Hidden Immunity Idol (not realizing she'd been lying), though Dale Wentworth suggested she'd been bluffing. Josh later explained to John that he'd switched his vote to Val to force a tie when he realized that Val and Jaclyn Schultz were voting for Baylor. Although he told John that he was still in for the men's alliance, in confessionals he reiterated his concern that John was untrustworthy.

I think I'm officially woken up from thinking I'm safe in this game. It's now a Baylor-fight-for-herself game, not Baylor-rely-on-Josh-to-talk-to-anybody game. 'Cause I was pretty close to being completely blindsided tonight. At this point, I don't trust anybody necessarily, but I'm still open to playing the game with just about anybody.

Baylor Wilson

When Jeremy sees that Val got voted, he's probably going to be pissed, but I told her to play an Idol – they were coming after her – and she just didn't do it. I mean, I don't know what else to do, y'know? I divulged inside information that if my alliance of five found out, they'd probably be pretty pissed off at me.

John Rocker

Right before Tribal Council, I realized that Jaclyn and Val were voting for Baylor and that was not the plan. I think John had something to do with that 'cause he'd been walking around with Val before Tribal Council and they've never spent any time together. John's credibility has gone way down for me just in this last day, but what we'll probably end up doing is still, like, a strong boy alliance and, unless something crazy changes, Jaclyn and Baylor are probably next on the chopping block.

Josh Canfield

Day 7

The Hunahpu tribe awoke determined to improve their shelter before bad weather arrived. The charge was led by Drew Christy, but as the rest of the tribe set to work weaving palm fronds, Drew gave up on the task, deeming it too hard and taking a nap in the shelter whilst everyone else worked. This irritated Missy Payne, Keith Nale, and Natalie Anderson, the latter of whom woke Drew up and confronted him about his laziness. Later, Natalie shared her frustrations with Jeremy Collins, who was disappointed that he might have to go against his strategic inclinations and get rid of Drew earlier than he'd hoped.

I'm really trying to warn my tribe and say, "Hey, y'know, we need to find something to cover up the roof of the shelter." Literally looks like swiss cheese. That's not gonna be good whenever these tropical storms start coming through.

Drew Christy

We've redesigned the roof and we started weaving the palm fronds. We had lessons and we got everyone on, even the boys. Except for Drew. He tried for a minute and then it got too frustrating. He had to lay down and take a nap.

Missy Payne

Drew's a big sleeper. If my son was acting like Drew, you probably don't wanna know. I probably can't say it on camera 'cause I'd get in one of the little aww... Y'know, but we still spank, we still whoop, whatever you want to call it in the South.

Keith Nale

I don't understand how you come out here and you're with total strangers and you don't feel the need to just pull your own weight. Drew is just a waste of space.

Natalie Anderson

Drew's just all over the place. I was planning on taking him along 'cause he's a moron, but I'm not going to be able to. If he's physically falling apart right now, I think by, like, Day 20, he'll be like, "Listen, I want to go home. I wanna go. I'm all done, Jeremy. Take my million dollars – you can have it!"

Jeremy Collins

At the Hero Arena, Hunahpu got their first look at the new Coyopa minus Val. Jeremy expressed his disappointment and when pressed by Jeff Probst, turned to Baylor and Jaclyn and told them that they were next on the block against an alliance of men. John commented that he felt bad and publicly apologised to Jeremy, saying that he'd tried to save Val, but couldn't sway his alliance. The Coyopa tribe were shocked by John's admission that he'd been working both sides.

All of us guys are like, "What!?" I suspected that he was possibly working with Val, but he totally admitted to it in the middle of the Arena!

Josh Canfield

Jeff then revealed the Reward Challenge: Sunset Grill. Each competitor would balance on a suspended plank and use a long paddle to transfer wooden squares from one end of the plank to the other. If the square dropped, they would have to return to the start to get another. The first person to transfer six squares to the end platform would win Reward for their tribe in the form of either comfort (tarp, hammock, mattress, pillows, and blankets) or the fishing gear traded by Hunahpu at the last Hero Duel. Julie McGee and Jaclyn squared off in rock-paper-scissors to determine who got to choose the competitors, and Jaclyn won. Wes Nale volunteered to compete, theorising that his father Keith would not do well in the challenge.

Early on, Wes gained a slight lead, but Keith was close on his tail and made up ground to even them up by the first square. Keith gained a slight lead through his third square with Wes close behind. Wes regained the lead collecting his fourth square, and though Keith kept the game close with a narrow save. On their fifth squares, the wind picked up and Wes managed to save his square whilst Keith dropped his. This made the difference and Wes comfortably placed his sixth tile to win Reward for Coyopa, and simultaneously sending Keith back to Exile Island.

Keith was emotional, telling the group that he was proud of his son. Wes, also growing teary, commented that he never saw his father this emotional – the last time being when his great-grandfather (Keith's grandfather) had passed away. Keith comforted Wes before he chose Josh to accompany his father to Exile Island, hoping that the two men would "click." Keith and Josh left the Arena for Exile and Coyopa unanimously chose to take the fishing gear for their Reward. As they left the Arena, John turned to Jeremy to say, "I did everything I could, brother," although Jeremy doubted that John had tried to help Val.

"I did everything I could." No you didn't! 'Cause if you did, she would still be here! I'm out to get him now. Point blank.

Jeremy Collins

Back at the Hunahpu beach, the tribe comforted Jeremy, although Julie disappeared into the jungle alone and in tears. Natalie, Jon Misch and Jeremy questioned why she was so upset. Angry that John had not fulfilled his promise, Jeremy told the whole tribe what he knew about John's controversial past, inclusing his "racist and homosexual" remarks and his rough reputation as a pitcher. Natalie continued to deride Julie's emotional response, saying that she shouldn't be crying as her loved one was still in the game.

I was mad when I didn't see Val because John Rocker told me and shook my hand and said he'll take care of her. He turned his back on his agreement with me, so even though he's not from my tribe, I need him out.

Jeremy Collins

Well, I don't feel sorry for Julie at all. Julie's just covering his ass and trying to cover her's. Knowing that Big John made some racist comments and homophobic comments, I just want the other tribe to just grow a pair of balls and stand up against him.

Natalie Anderson

Off on her own, Julie was distraught and worried that Jeremy's anger against John could hurt both his and her games. Missy followed Julie and offered her sympathies, assuring Julie that she needed to concentrate on her own game. Nevertheless, Julie was surprised by the emotional complexities of the Blood vs. Water twist.

I feel really alone by what happened. If everybody believes Jeremy in that my boyfriend John is running the show, then my boyfriend John made me an open target.

Julie McGee

I never thought in my wildest dreams that Blood vs. Water would be this difficult. I know it's a game, but knowing that my boyfriend kind of put me in this situation makes it hard.

Julie McGee

Exile Island is full of rocks, it's barren and it sucks. I'm probably actually going to sleep on rocks tonight, but at least we get the clue to the Immunity Idol.

Josh Canfield

Probably wasn't thinking the first time that me and Val come out here. She got the clue, I got a blank piece of paper. I'm thinking this time, by gosh, I'm going to get something.

Keith Nale

There haven't been but a few people here but... been Jeremy here besides me on my crew. So I need to get back, find the Idol and Jeremy in the only one kind of standing in my way.

Keith Nale

I think people would be shocked to how well Keith and I get along. You know, a Louisiana hick and a gay guy from New York. You know, it's not the two people you would ever think they would be just chillin' out and having a good time.

Josh Canfield

Me and Josh are probably as far as apart as night and day, you know, black and white. He seems like a good ol' boy, he's just not my good ol' boy.

Keith Nale

I think is so cool to be able to hang out with people from a different walk of life that you wouldn't get to normally do because how else do we change? How else do we grow?

Josh Canfield

Josh is on one side of the fire, I'm on the other side of the fire and then there won't be no spooning going on up here tonight either so. I just don't see many Joshes in Louisiana (laughs).

Keith Nale

We won. We actually mixed in a win today and we got fishing gear. I try and provide for the tribe. Hope they appreciating that and hopefully that puts me in good standing with the rest of my tribemates.

John Rocker

I give all the props to John for catching fish. It feels good eating real protein. I feel like we have the upper hand in the next challenge.

Wes Nale

Right now the guys seem to be teaming up and uh, throwing the girls under the bus so I have been thinking about what I can say to push the younger guys in the direction of voting John out.

Baylor Wilson

Baylor is at the bottom of the tribe and she knows it so she's trying to crawl her way up anyway she can but we have a pretty strong group of guys so we're still planning to get these girls out one by one.

Alec Christy

Day 8

It is scary that John loses his patience, he loses his temper. I think John is playing haphazardly and he is doing things that are not going to be helpful for the tribe right now and that's a problem.

Josh Canfield

The challenge stunk and I might be in trouble because of the guy-girl ratio. The fact that I started off with a vote and the second Tribal had votes, I feel like I'm gonna have votes tonight. They should vote John tonight. Natalie is a fighter and she's a trash talker but for John to be a professional athlete and act like that, I didn't respect his responses whatsoever. I felt like they were seriously harsh and mean and scary.

Baylor Wilson

I didn't think I would skate this entire game without somebody hearing about the past things I said. Natalie called me a homophobe today. Really? My closest ally and closest friend on this tribe is a gay man. Actions vs. accusations, don't really, don't really gelling. I made a few comments back which I regret. I shouldn't have blabbed my mouth so stinkin' much. Who knows how's it gonna go tonight? I may be the one the girls are targeting but I've come up with a pretty decent little strategy that I think is going to work.

John Rocker

I told them I want to blindside Dale, trying to get rid of the old guy, the dead wood, you know, so they are not going to be looking at me but I'm gonna vote for Baylor if I think I can get to Josh, Alec, Dale and Wes.

John Rocker

I was kind of shocked because I didn't know he has a Hidden Immunity Idol. You want the people that are going to be the most honest with you and the most trusting with you when we're getting so far down in numbers and John has shown some sketchiness and done some things that I don't agree with as far as his mouth with the other tribe, getting on with Val, and doing all this other stuff. Also has an Idol. He's not going to use that Idol for me. He's going to use that Idol for himself. Sometimes you make allies and you don't know really who they are yet and you get to know them and get to know them and you're like "ohh, I don't think I want to be an ally with this person because they stand for so many things that I'm against" and in John's case, if I don't have to use him then I don't want to.

Josh Canfield

Obviously I'm celebrating. All the votes that I know of, except for Dale, are going towards John. I just really hope that Josh is telling me the truth and Wes is not just lying to my face. It's freaky and scary 'cause you never know when, when you could just be being completely played.

Baylor Wilson

We're talking about maybe getting rid of John while we can but physically John is an asset so, is that smart right now? Maybe not.

Alec Christy

I guess I might as well bring the Immunity Idol with me. I think I've done a pretty good job laying groundwork. I think I've manipulated the right pieces that need to be manipulated but uh, the tide might turn against me. Who knows? I know it would be nice to have a get out of jail free card.

John Rocker

Tonight's decision at Tribal is actually pretty huge because if we decide to vote out John we're finally breaking that five guy alliance and we're losing the big guy on our team but if John doesn't go home, it's Baylor. Baylor was my first ally in this game and I know she's with me 100%. John is such a wild card. I don't know. Is there an easy vote tonight? No, but I have to go with my gut and how I think I will be able to continue farthest in this game and I have no idea if I'm making the right decision tonight.

Josh Canfield


Reward (Hero Duel)

Challenge: Sunset Grill
One person from each tribe will race across a very wobbly beam while using a paddle to transfer wooden squares from one end to the other. If at any point they drop a piece, they have to go back to the start and grab another from the stack. The first person to get six squares from one end to the other wins reward.
Reward: Option to choose between comfort items or fishing gear. ( Coyopa chose fishing gear).
Winner: Coyopa (Wes Nale chose Josh Canfield to accompany Keith Nale to Exile Island).

Reward Challenge (Hero Duel): Sunset Grill
Result Tribe Representative Spectators
Won Coyopa S29 wes t
S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 dale tS29 jaclyn tS29 john tS29 josh t
Alec, Baylor, Dale, Jaclyn, John, & Josh
Lost Hunahpu S29 keith t
S29 drew tS29 jeremy tS29 jon tS29 julie tS29 kelley tS29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Drew, Jeremy, Jon, Julie, Kelley, Missy, Natalie, & Reed


Challenge: Game of Throw-Ins
Each tribe will divide into pairs and be tethered together. One pair from each tribe will race through an obstacle course to retrieve their tribe colored ball. They will then attempt to shoot it into a basket. If they miss, the ball will bounce away from the shooters, forcing them to chase after the ball. The first tribe to score three points wins immunity.
Winner: Hunahpu

Immunity Challenge: Game of Throw-Ins
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
Won Hunahpu S29 drew tS29 jeremy tS29 jon tS29 julie tS29 kelley tS29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Drew, Jeremy, Jon, Julie, Kelley, Missy, Natalie, & Reed
S29 keith t
Lost Coyopa S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 jaclyn tS29 john tS29 josh tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Jaclyn, John, Josh, & Wes
S29 dale t
Round Winner Loser Score
1 S29 jon tS29 natalie t S29 baylor tS29 josh t 1-0
2 S29 alec tS29 wes t S29 julie tS29 missy t 1-1
3 S29 jaclyn tS29 john t S29 drew tS29 reed t 2-1
4 S29 jeremy tS29 kelley t S29 baylor tS29 josh t 2-2
5 S29 jon tS29 natalie t S29 alec tS29 wes t 3-2

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S29 john t
John (5 votes)
S29 alec tS29 baylor t
S29 jaclyn tS29 josh tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Jaclyn, Josh, & Wes
S29 baylor t
Baylor (2 votes)
S29 dale tS29 john t
Dale & John
S29 john bw
John Rocker

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Baylor) I think this makes the third [Tribal] Council in a row but maybe now I'll finally feel comfortable about my alliance being stabilized.

John Rocker

(voting for John) You are negative.

Baylor Wilson

Final Words

You know, I guess the best laid plans don't always work out, and I made some good alliances. I thought they were pretty solid. Thought I had everything kind of figured out. You know, sort of playing both sides of the fence and here I am, the one guy I didn't want to be, the guy with an idol in his pocket. I enjoyed myself and I was happy to have the opportunity, but I guess this will be a souvenir for the mill.

John Rocker

Still In the Running

S29 alec t
S29 baylor t
S29 dale t
S29 jaclyn t
S29 john bw
S29 josh t
S29 nadiya bw
S29 val bw
S29 wes t
S29 drew t
S29 jeremy t
S29 jon t
S29 julie t
S29 keith t
S29 kelley t
S29 missy t
S29 natalie t
S29 reed t


Behind the Scenes


  • The name of the Immunity Challenge is a reference to the popular TV show Game of Thrones.

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