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"A Snake in the Grass"
S31 press images ep5 0004The tribes competing for immunity.
Episode Information
Season: Cambodia
Episode Number: 5/14 (432)
Original Release: October 21, 2015
Viewership (in millions): 9.10[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.1/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "What's the Beef?"
Next: "Bunking with the Devil"

A Snake in the Grass is the fifth episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Night 11

Day 12

Day 13



Challenge: In the Barrel
Three members of each tribe will be tied together. The fourth will be inside a barrel. They will roll the barrel to a series of flagpoles. At each flagpole, the person in the barrel must unspool a rope to collect a bag of balls and get back in the barrel. Once each tribe has collected all three bags of balls they will then race to roll those balls and attempt to land them in a series of targets. The first two tribes to land balls in all 6 targets will win reward.
Reward: Rope and tarp (also comfort items with refreshments waiting at camp for first place).
Winners (in order of finish): Ta Keo and Angkor

Reward Challenge: In the Barrel
Finish Tribe In Barrel Competitors Sit-Outs
1st Ta Keo S31 kelley t
S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 keith t
Ciera, Joe, & Keith
S31 kass tS31 terry t
Kass & Terry
2nd Angkor S31 woo t
S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 tasha t
Abi-Maria, Andrew, & Tasha
3rd Bayon S31 monica t
S31 jeremy tS31 kimmi tS31 spencer t
Jeremy, Kimmi, & Spencer
S31 kelly tS31 stephen t
Kelly & Stephen


Challenge: Air Raid
Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win immunity.
Winners (in order of finish): Angkor and Ta Keo

Immunity Challenge: Air Raid
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
1st Angkor S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 tasha tS31 woo t
Abi-Maria, Andrew, Tasha, & Woo
2nd Ta Keo S31 joe tS31 kass tS31 keith tS31 terry t
Joe, Kass, Keith, & Terry
S31 ciera tS31 kelley t
Ciera & Kelley
3rd Bayon S31 kelly tS31 kimmi tS31 spencer tS31 stephen t
Kelly, Kimmi, Spencer, & Stephen
S31 jeremy tS31 monica t
Jeremy & Monica

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
S31 monica t
Monica (3 votes)
S31 jeremy tS31 kimmi tS31 stephen t
Jeremy, Kimmi, & Stephen
S31 kelly t
Kelly (2 votes)
S31 monica tS31 spencer t
Monica & Spencer
S31 spencer t
Spencer (1 vote)
S31 kelly t
S31 monica bw
Monica Padilla

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Kelly) I really hate putting your name down, because I think you'd do amazing if we'd let you go any further.


(voting for Spencer) Sorry, Spence, you're a good guy but I gotta go with the numbers on this one.


(voting for Kelly) You invented the phrase, "I didn't come here to make friends," and yet, you got more than I do on the other side. I hope I did my job of convincing this tribe that that is the case.


Final Words

I'm a little shocked, but I'm okay. I really wanted to stay in this game a lot longer. I didn't expect myself going out this early. You never know what to expect. I guess you can say I was officially blindsided. I feel like my second chance was a bit of a disappointment. I don't know what I could've possibly done differently. It's tough, but you know what? It's a game and you just pick yourself up after you get voted out.

Monica Padilla

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw
S31 shirin bw
S31 peihgee bw
S31 jeff bw
S31 monica bw
S31 abimaria t
S31 andrew t
Ta Keo
S31 ciera t
S31 jeremy t
Ta Keo
S31 joe t
Ta Keo
S31 kass t
Ta Keo
S31 keith t
Ta Keo
S31 kelley t
S31 kelly t
S31 kimmi t
S31 spencer t
S31 stephen t
S31 tasha t
Ta Keo
S31 terry t
S31 woo t


  • At the Reward Challenge, both of Bayon and Ta Keo's sit-outs finished in the same position during their first attempt at Survivor. Both of Bayon's sit-outs finished as the runner-up on their original seasons, while both of Ta Keo's sit-outs finished in 3rd place (voted out Day 38) on their original seasons.
  • This is the first episode this season in which neither Abi-Maria Gomes nor Woo Hwang attended Tribal Council.
    • As of this episode, all remaining castaways have won tribal immunity.
  • This is the first episode of the season in which no castaway ended up receiving four votes at Tribal Council.
  • This is the first episode of any season in which Kelly Wiglesworth has received votes at Tribal Council.
  • This is the first time that Kimmi Kappenberg attended a Tribal Council that didn't end in a unanimous vote.
  • Kelly and Spencer voted for each other, but neither were voted out.
    • For the second time in Survivor history, all minority voters received at least one vote but no majority voters received at least one vote. This had previously occurred in "Don't Say Anything About My Mom".

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