A Numbers Game is a recurring challenge of Survivor.


Castaways must race across a balance beam while untying bags of numbered tiles. When they have all their bags, they will arrange the numbers in lines from 1 to 100. The first person to finish wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Redemption Island where the final five faced off right after Andrea Boehlke returned to the game. Ashley Underwood won in a very tight race, narrowly defeating both Andrea and Rob Mariano.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Blood vs. Water as the fifth Redemption Island Duel. Laura Morett cruised to first place, while second place was narrowly taken by John Cody over Brad Culpepper, leading to Brad's elimination.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Redemption Island
"Seems Like a No Brainer"
Individual Immunity S22 ashley t
Ashley Underwood
Blood vs. Water
"One-Man Wrecking Ball"
Duel S27 lauram t
Laura Morett
S27 john t
John Cody