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Índia Soares
Nl4 índia
Contestant Profile
Born: (Age 35)
Hometown: Barreiras, BA
Occupation: Fighter
Survivor Career
No Limite 4
Tribe(s): Taiba
Finish: 7/23
Challenge Wins: 13
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 52

Ana "Índia" Maria Gomes Soares is a contestant from No Limite 4.


Name (Age): Ana Maria Gomes Soares (30)
Tribe Designation: Taiba
Current Residence: Barreiras, BA
Occupation: Fighter

What is living on the edge for you?
Pass the barriers and hardships of day-to-day without letting any of it get to you. Go over your fears and anxieties and continue straight ahead.
What feature from yours can hinder your stay in the game?
My personality. They either love me or hate me, there is no middle ground.
What would make you give up the dispute?
Me? Give Up? Nothing.
Anything goes in the struggle for survival?
It's just adaptation. We are human, we adapt. If it is to survive, then it does.
Strength or strategy?
Strategy and strength (physical, of will, to will).
What is your asset to get to the final round?
Living one day at a time and try to remain calm.
Why do you deserve to win the show?
Who decides this is not me. Everyone here has a merit. My part is to do everything to make it happen. I want more than anything to be able to have my daughter with me.

No Limite 4

Voting History

Índia's Voting History
Episode Índia's
Voted Against
1 Taiba Tribe Immune
2 Ronaldo Sandi
3 No Tribal Council
No Tribal Council
Taiba Tribe Immune
No Tribal Council
4 Taiba Tribe Immune
5 No Tribal Council
6 Taiba Tribe Immune
7 Isabel -
8 Taiba Tribe Immune
9 Rafão -
10 Taritza -
11 Felipe -
12 Luciana -
13 Luciana -
14 Sandi Sandi
15 Luciana Jéssica, Gabriela,
Luciana, Osmar
Voted Off, Day 52
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post-No Limite

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