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HHH Episode 10 Discussion Thread

My notes/reactions from these two episodes.

1.Especially for someone like me who's upper and middle parts of my season rankings are very tight and close together, a solid episode or two is enough for a season to shoot up a few places in my rankings. Not only did we lose the season's final of 3-4 duds in JP in the first vote, I felt like everyone had a role to play in both episodes, everyone was jockeying for position and considering multiple options, and this redeem some of the slower parts of the season.

2.I was right about final 9 being the spot for the flip. Sometimes the previews when they are as dramatic as this one, it ends up being a bluff, but this time the flip really did happen. And it wasn't just a move for the sake of making a move, it really did help Lauren, Devon, Ben, and Ashley's position in the game. Of course that could change next episode though. A small pagonging of 2-3 episodes is definitely more forgiveable than a 5-6 episode one, especially when it's brought to a halt in such fasion.

3.We've had 4 idols played this season (Joe at F15, Joe at F12, Mike at F10, and Ryan at F8) which is a nice deviation from last season where a lot of idols were held until the deadline and ended up really screwing someone over (Cirie). Alan was entertaining for a few episodes but he was a small price to pay if we are going to have a 25% idol effectiveness rate. It's nice to see idols work but not all the time.

4.I think it was a smart move for Lauren, Ben, Devon, and Ashley to move on from the alliance earlier than 7. You want to leave the alliance before the alliance leaves you. Who knows what could've been for LJ and Jefra had they been the ones to use Jeremiah, Tasha, and Spencer against the Brawn remnants at final 9. Voting out JP over Ryan and Chrissy however was not the best move strategically. They knew Ryan had the idol and knew Ryan wasn't going to play it, and although JP has come close to winning a few immunity challenges, he still went 0 for 4. However from an audience perspective I'm glad they took out JP before Ryan and Chrissy so we could see both Ryan and Chrissy squirm together.

5.Lauren handled the reward selection dilemma as best as possible. She is taking advantage of how no one is noticing her gameplan to set up the movement that could potentially get her to the end and win. Part of it could be that when you get to choose 3 or more players, it's less suspicious especially when you pick a diverse group. Who is going to expect Lauren to have Devon, Ashley, and Ben all in her end game? Good move.

6.Devon's idea of making Ben an extra Mike vote to seem like he was betrayed was a tricky but rewarding move. That prevents Joe and Mike from knowing everything and gives Ryan and Chrissy hope that they can recruit Ben, Joe, and Mike to flip the script at the next vote. Most importantly, and probably the only justification for voting JP over Ryan, Ben can warn Devon, Ashley, and Lauren about Ryan's intentions with the idol. That paid dividends as Ryan wasted his idol.

7.The decision to vote out Joe over Ben was the right move IMO. If they voted out Ben, that left Lauren, Devon, and Ashley vulnerable to a Ryan/Chrissy/Mike/Joe counter attack and best case scenario Lauren has to waste her extra vote on a 4-4 deadlock and possibly a rock draw.

8.I've been back and forth on Ryan/Chrissy and Joe/Mike sometimes I liked both pairs sometimes they annoyed me. But I do want to give props to Joe and Mike because they've been much better sports when they were on the bottom than Ryan and Chrissy were.

9.Overall, props to Ben, Devon, Ashley, and Lauren for a solid two episode outing. I can't really tell who from that 4 could end up being the winner, not to discount Mike, Ryan, or Chrissy from mounting a comeback (though jury vote wise I do see them struggling to amass 5 jury votes). I would be worried if I were them though because I could see Devon, Ashley, and Lauren pulling in Mike to blindside Ben (if Ben doesn't play his idol) or Ben could decide to vote with Ryan, Chrissy, and Mike against Devon, Ashley, and Lauren. If Ben does choose to side with the misfits, he might have to win out because there's not a good chance Ryan, Mike, or Chrissy want to take Ben to the end.

Hopefully you enjoyed these episode as much as I did and I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are.

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This season was looking like it was going to have an awful ending, but now there is still hope! JP's blindside was great, and overall it was the best episode so far

Finally, this season is heating up. There were so many different groups in the last tribal if you think about it: (I'll analyze each group)

At the bottom was Chrissy and Ryan who still thought Ben was on their side. Even though they were both immune for this tribal they were still COMPLETELY in the dark. These two being on the bottom is just so great and frankly I can see these two as potential goats at FTC. They really haven't done much when you think about it and Ryan's gameplay has gone from good but annoying to abysmal and laughable (he SUCKED in that challenge).

Next was the Coconuts, Mike and Joe. They trusted this new group of 4 wholeheartedly and I'm not sure if you can blame them since they were pretty much grabbing for straws. Not sure there is much hope for Mike but I like him and hope he can weasel his way to the finale.

Next was just Ben, I feel like he has to be separated because I think the only way this episode could be better is if the other three blindsided him. Ironically they would've been sticking to the fake plan they made with the Coconuts. I just wish they knew he had an idol because then that would've been a sweet blindside and they could've used Mike and Joe for one more vote.

Finally, Lauren, Ashley, and Devon has placed themselves in a VERY good position. All three have a chance to win in my opinion and they have the numbers. This could be our final three. Again though I wish they would've taken out Ben because that vote would've been legendary for how they were pulling the wool over so many people's eyes.

My final three prediction is the three women left: Ashley, Lauren, and Chrissy. And I think Lauren will win. I just can see them taking Devon out right at the end. This might be a long shot prediction but whatever.


I made a ranking prediction at the F15, so i decided i would make another:

7th-Ben: Ben is honestly just a huge threat, physically, strategically, and he has the whole marine-doing-it-for-family thing. Devon, Lauren and Ashley are already planning on pulling in Mike, so not much hope for Ben.

6th-Ryan: He's wasted an idol, and lost one of his two allies by squealing about it. Tbh, he's just not a good player. The only way I see him making it to F5 is if the majority sees Chrissy as a bigger physical threat.

5th-Mike: Mike has a lot of healer friends on the jury and since Devon, Lauren and Ashley would still be in the majority, it just makes sense to get rid of him.

4th-Chrissy: *sigh* My favorite Jersey Girl unfortunately seems to be screwed. While it's possible that Chrissy gets voted out earlier, Ryan seems like more of a threat to Devon, so Chrissy seems like the odd one out in the F4


3rd/2nd-Devon/Ashley: This season is shaping up to be like Cambodia: One above average player brings two goats to the end and gets every vote. While it is possible that JP may vote for Ashley, they seemed to grow more distant as time wore on, so I wouldn't count on it.

Winner-Lauren: It's funny how in my first prediction, I guessed she would be 15th, and now I expect her too win. She has just proven herself to be a powerhouse. She won individual immunity, individual reward, and almost dragged her team to victory on a team reward. She has found an advantage, is leading an alliance that effectively brought them to the end, and shows impressive strategic prowess. I just don't see her losing if she makes it too the end. And to think that she could have been 16th if Ali, Devon and Ryan sided with Patrick. So glad she's here.

It was a pretty good episode, compared to the previous ones....I was kinda sad watching the majority turn on Chrissy especially, i dont care much for Ryan and JP is just a non-entity......However, watching Chrissy win immunity when she needed it the most was just pure gold, I was screaming at my TV during the challenge, cause i was this is her challenge to win and it was awesome, it takes me back to when i would watch my fave players like PeihGee,Tasha, Abi, Parvati, Ciera,Kass & Wentworth all win their own immunity necklaces when they needed it the most while being low with morale and being in the bottom, thats just what Survivor is all about !!

You go Chrissy !

It was the perfect time for Joe to go. Glad he is gone; he would've gone down as the worst Sole Survivor if he won. Now that he is gone, I'd be fine with any one of them winning; I would love to see Ben, Ashley, or Chrissy win. I like Ryan, but I don't think he will win, and plus I like Chrissy a bit better.


I don't view Devon or Ashley as a goat, but in Ashley's case I said the same thing about Hannah and she ended up getting 0 votes. It's been tough for women to get respect in certain juries but I could see them awarding Ashley or Lauren a win. That being said, I think if Chrissy can survive the next vote or two she will likely be taken to the final 3 because she's the easiest person left to beat. Devon or Lauren both look like strong contenders to win. Ben as well but he's this season's Dave that everyone knows he'll win and he'll have to win the last few challenges to get to the final 3.

Well, I guess this double episode has made this season one of the best of all time. And this episode was one of the most entertaining of all time.

1. I was waiting for so many years for someone to do what Devon proposed. Way to go, Devon. And Ben. It is hilarious to see Ryan and Chrissy being fooled by a a doofus like Devon.

2. Coconuts - another hilarious moment. And it was even more hilarious when it got on Chrissy's nerves. Priceless!

3. JP actually said a few words at tribal council. He can talk!

4. I love it how Mike thinks he is in control of the game. Thank you, Doctor Mike, for being on the show! Definitely most fun player to watch this season.

5. Chrissy is such a sore loser. And I hate it how Jeff is so in love with her. It is a shame that players like Chrissy and Ryan excite Jeff... But Jeff is also kind of like them. His commentary during the first challenge of the episode was so ridiculous. I really don't know what was lamer, Ryan's prom metaphor, or Jeff's "this challenge is like this game bla-bla-bla..." Oh, shut up already!

6. I would be also mad at Ashley, but she actually said something funny about Dr. Mike, so she gets a pass. But you don't vote out Ben before you get rid of Chrissy and Mike!!!

7. Thank you, Joe, you were a blast to have!

8. Joe's unintentional humour moment of the week: "The tables have been turned. I want to eat and get a massage!" Well, good luck with eating and having a massage with the tables upside down.

9. Another great moment of unintentional humour - Lauren (talking strategy): "OK, so this is what we have to do..." Devon: "Ooh, pickles!"

10. I could never imagine that JP being voted out would be so hilarious!

And the player of the week is: Devon! And the Oscar goes to Ben)


Okay, so at first, I was kinda upset after the episode because I was SO pissed that they got rid of JP over Ryan. It was so stupid for them to vote JP off over Ryan (well, maybe not Devon since he can still salvage that relationship to an extent), considering they knew Ryan had AN IDOL. But no, they keep him around which guarantees him to not only survive that vote, but the next one too! I was actually really happy to see Chrissy win immunity just because it PROVED what a terrible decision it was. Not to mention that Ryan being blindsided with an idol would've just been <3.

With that being said, now that I've taken some time to process it, these episodes were really amazing and definitely the best since the Alan boot. I mean there was a great combination of strategy and character moments that made for a phenomenal pair of episodes. The thing I love most is that my two favourites (Devon and Lauren) are ACTUALLY the ones running the show! Like, when does that ever happen? Can't wait to see one of them win. <3

Some highlights:

  • The editors honestly did a really good job editing these episodes - I love how they put some many subtle hints at Ryan/Chrissy's and Joe's respective downfalls. Like how Ryan was saying "I think we're in the best position because WE are thinking ahead about who we're taking out once we get to 7," meanwhile those on reward are plotting his downfall. Then with Joe, we hear him talking about how happy he is to see Ben on the bottom, gloating about how he's finally in power and has such a strong alliance only to get blindsided BY Ben at the very next Tribal. Chrissy's passive-aggressive "what a strong alliance" at the end was just the cherry on top.
  • Devon is so funny without even trying to be. Like, I love how when Lauren lays out her plan on what to do at the next vote, in his confessional Devon says something like "wow, I didn't realise Lauren was that smart...... she's almost as smart as me." LMAO
  • Lauren completely shutting down Chrissy was so hilarious. Like, Chrissy and Ryan had literally JUST discussed the previous few days that wanted Ben out at 7, and Lauren out at 6, but suddenly Chrissy just strolls up to Lauren and says "you know, I actually wanna take you to the Final 3." So glad Lauren saw right through her BS.

Here's my prediction as to what happens next:

7th: Ben (Ashley/Lauren/Devon finally decide to take their shot at him while he's least suspecting it, teaming up with one of the people on the bottom to do so.)

6th: Ryan (Lauren uses her extra vote and Lauren/Devon/Ashley send him home.)

5th: Mike (He's got a bunch of friends on the jury so they see him as a social threat.)

4th: Devon (Lauren and Ashley see him as a bigger threat to win than Chrissy, who's been stuck at the bottom for the past 5 votes.)

2nd Runner-Up: Ashley

Runner-Up: Chrissy

Sole Survivor: Lauren

  • Lauren is playing a great game right now. She's got game but she's not a tryhard like Ryan or Chrissy. I believe the Lauren that we see on TV is the same Lauren I would meet in real life. She's a no-BS woman, practical and non-flashy. In an era where the game is preoccupied by BIG MOVEZ, a is badly needed to bring back the game Survivor is meant to be: A social experiment, not a race of finding idols or advantages. Sure she has an advantage, but she knows that when relationships are well-established, strategy follows.
  • Ryan and Chrissy finally got their butts handed to them. They are basically Probst's mascots for BIG MOVEZ. They were up on this high horse since they were on a tribe together. Ryan finally got his comeuppance for thinking he got the game in the palm of his hand for telling everyone he had an idol when he swore to Devon only he knew. I wish his downfall has a more glorious climax. Also, I can't stand his "I never had a gf/went to prom/poor awkward me" nerd trope (Probst continually shoving it down our throats makes me cringe even more). Seriously, the difference between him and Cochran is that, comedy is natural to him. Ryan however is just begging for laughs, and he's not even funny at all. Chrissy played an amazing game early but, her ego got in the way and felt she had the game down pat, overestimating (pun not intended) her social bonds, notably with Ben. Now that we're past Day 30, I can safely say these two are incurably losing this game.
  • There's something about Ben that when you look past his machismo, he's a cool dude with a compelling story. Beyond the beard and the tattoos is a softie. Love him.
  • Finally, Ashley and Devon are becoming relevant! It might be a little too late, but at least the attention is off Ryan and Chrissy, so I'll take it. Devon is showing to be smarter than he lets on (Ryan made a huge mistake underestimating Devon's intelligence), while Ashley had just got her feet wet in the game. While I still question their ability to win, I'm glad they're no longer placeholders like JP was.
  • JP was a non-entity the whole season, but he had strong potential to win if the jury is looking for a finalist with less blood on his hands. I fully understand why he was voted out over Ryan and Chrissy because JP is the most likable of these three.
  • If there's anyone else I'm rooting for to win other than Lauren, it's Dr. Mike. He's currently low hanging fruit but if he makes it to the end, he put up a good fight working a jury over, given 1/3 of the jury will be comprised of healers.
  • Finally, Joe (a.k.a. K-Mart/flea market/counterfeit version of Tony) is out. He's in the same vein as Ryan and Chrissy: trying too hard, striking nerves left and right (i.e. making a lie about Ben swearing on his troops' name), and barely built any relationships with people.
Who would've thought based on the events of these episodes we would be having to process Lauren's boot the next week? As a power rankings type Survivor fan I'm shook.