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Ideas for survivor theme?

What are some good themed ideas for seasons of survivor. I.E. an all kid survivor ages 11-17 Dynamic duo survivor, some of the greatest two people alliances. Returning first eliminated players trying for a second chance at the title. Jeff Probst as a contestant?

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Theedunava wrote:
Survivor: Almost There

A returning players season, featuring twenty castaways that ALMOST won the game, but for some reasons they couldn't finish the job.

This season could include players who made it throught day 39 but got short in jury votes, such as Aubry and Culpepper. Other players may got one or two days short from 39, like Wentworth, Dave, even Rafe. And others, he ones that deserve to win but always gets their shot taken away, like Cirie, Malcolm or Andrea.


Survivor: Beasts vs Snakes vs Goats

A season featuring returning players, divided by the gameplay style shown on their previous run.

Beasts: Masters of the "Outplay". Usually, they're the workforce of their tribe. From winning challenges, to providing for their tribe, these players are remembered for their strength. However, a Beast is always a huge target when they make it to the merge, so that could be dangerous for someone weaker than them. Once a Beast gains mommentum on the immunity challenges, they could easily go until day 39.

Snakes: Masters of the "Outwit". Snakes are sly and persuasive. They know how to create strategies, flip the course of the game into their side, and they tend to be powerfull and intimidating players. They're the ones that fights everyday to avoid been voted out, and move the target to other players. When a snake plays near you, avoid been on their wrong side, because they can be letal at the Final Tribal Council, and spit their venom all the way to the victory.

Goats: (May sound weird, but I dare to say) Masters of the "Outplay". Goats are the underrated players. Often critiziced as the weakest of their tribes, Goats usually hang around with stronger players. They're usually "taken" to the end-game because " nobody will vote for them". Some Goats are likable, but won't make big decisions inside the game; others, hated by the mayority, making it easier for them to move forward. If a Goat makes it until 39, they usually plead a "loyalty" speach, and very rarely, they win the game if they're likable enough, or if they made one single move that can kill the other finalists.

I like that in theory, but the Beasts tribe would just completely dominate pre-swap and one of the other tribes wold just get ulonged. Also, it'd be pretty hard to get a likable tribe of all "goats", and their chances of winning are pretty slim unless they pull a Wentworth or something.

Personally speaking, our men and women in uniform sacrifice everything for us, up to and including their lives, and they don't even make minimum wage wage doing it. So I think a Survivor Season made up of all military personnel would be a great way to show them we care about them. We can have Active Military and Veteran military and divide them up on the branches of service they are or were in as tribes. An All Military Salute to the Troops Survivor!

Crimsonviper67 wrote:
Personally speaking, our men and women in uniform sacrifice everything for us, up to and including their lives, and they don't even make minimum wage wage doing it. So I think a Survivor Season made up of all military personnel would be a great way to show them we care about them. We can have Active Military and Veteran military and divide them up on the branches of service they are or were in as tribes. An All Military Salute to the Troops Survivor!

While this sounds like a fantastic idea, personally I don't think they should make this a full season. I recognize the military is made up of a diverse group of people and there are numerous different jobs within it, but I would still be concerned about having everyone on a season be military (I'd also want to avoid any other singular job-police, doctors, lawyers, students etc.) however a charity event that includes a mini or even full-length game of Survivor benefitting veterans or something like that featuring military personnel (or at least ex-military since it may not be possible for them to get the time off) sounds like a fantastic idea. Not to mention having some more veterans on the show might be a nice move on casting's part. It's definitely an important and massive subsection of the population.


Chinese Zodiac Animal TRINE TRIBES held somewhere in Asia!

A very cool social experiment to try on Survivor would be to make 4 original teams, by using the Chinese Zodiac TRINES.  The 12 animals of the year are broken down into 4 "trines"  and they all share similar characteristics.  Each trine has 3 animal signs.

For instance:

Rat/Dragon/Monkey Trine Tribe (Most Powerful)

Intelligent, magnanimous, charismatic, charming, authoritative, confident, artistic, and eloquent. Their extreme behaviors can result to tyranny, prejudice, deception, ruthlessness and vindictiveness.

Ox/Snake/Rooster Trine Tribe (Philosophers)

Nobility of a good heart and possessing wisdom. Natural leaders, plan before they act, have the patience to endure trials and hardships, slow to reach their destination. Meticulous planning,  highly philosophical people.

Tiger/Horse/Dog Trine Tribe Tribe (Protectors)

Humanitarian and have great respect for true affection. Idealistic and impulsive, follow what their heart desires. They are both a follower and a leader and they are not easily fooled.

Rabbit/Sheep/Pig Trine Tribe (

They possess the calmer nature. They are usually caring, unique, and self sacrificing, obliging, sensible, creative, empathic, tactful and prudent, although they can also manifest obnoxious behavior when warranted.

It would be really great to see how this would work out.  Which trines work the best together?  Which signs clash with other signs, or trines with other trines?

And then of course you can mix it up perhaps by putting all of the 1st in each trine together (RAT/ OX / TIGER / RABBIT , and the second (DRAGON / SNAKE / HORSE / )and so on.

This would really be interesting if the place the survivors go to is in Asia!

Love to see this play out!


A good idea for a Survivor season. No twists. Not even a tribe switch.


Idea #1: Old School vs. New School

Two tribes of ten. One tribe of players before Heroes vs. Villains and one tribe of players from after Heroes vs. Villains. No winners. All one-time players. Only Hidden Immunity Idols that won't be rehidden. No other advantages. And a bunch of tribe swaps.

Idea #2: Revenge Island (Revamped Redemption Island)

Four tribes of 5 are on a boat on day one. They have 2 minutes to get to know each other. Then each tribe must vote out one player. Those 4 players must compete in a challenge (probably just an obstacle course and puzzle). The first 3 people to complete this challenge stay in the game and return to their tribes. The loser on revenge island and await the the next 3 people voted. Those four will compete in a duel. The 1st place finisher returns to the game, the 2nd and 3rd placers stay on Revenge Island, and the loser is permanently out of the game. 3 people will be eliminated once the merge hits while 1 returns. The players will then have the opportunity the choose whether they want the twist to continue. If a majority says yes, then the twist will continue until the final 5, where one person will return and make it the final 6. Everyone eliminated during the merge makes the jury.


I have an idea involving HII's: If one castaway finds a HII, that's it, that's the only HII they are allowed to keep and whether they play it or not, they are not entitled to a second one. This applies to all castaways. Anyone who has or had a HII caught trying to look for another one will be punished and may be disqualified.

How about Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty All-Stars, but no one from Cagayan or Kaoh Rong,

Heroes vs. Villains 2, or Heroes vs Hero/Villains vs. Villains. We all know what HvV2 would be but I would like to see nobody from the first one. HvHVvV would be 3 tribes of returning players (duh…and nobody from HvV obviously); there would be a tribe of heroes, a tribe of those who are both a hero and a villain, and the villains. wrote:

Bwburke94 wrote:
First boots season would be impossible as most of them are too old. Assuming Francesca is eligible and Tina/JFP are not, and further assuming no returnees are booted first in 27/28, that gives a total of 25 first boots - 28 if you stretch the definition a bit and include Jonathan/Wanda/Kourtney. To get 20 of them to come back would be impossible. And male/female balance would be even more impossible.

All-kids is out for legal reasons. Though an Endurance revival is possible.

first boots can be done now, we now have enough male first boots.

Also many female first boots are actually young and athletic,  The only first boots I think who cant play again will be Sonja and Jim.

we can make it a 16 people cast or have extra females, I mean Fiji have more male contestants than female because Mellissa Quits before filming began.

Should there be a first-boots only season, the biggest challenge would be finding a young enough cast, especially if Tina, J. Fairplay, Rupert, Sugar, Vytas, and Ciera are not included.

Currently there are only two first boots under the age of 30: Ciera and Darnell, who will be turning 30 in roughly a week. On the other end of the spectrum, look how many first-boots are over 50: Jolinda, both Tinas, Diane, Jim, Sonja, Sekou, Peter, Debb, Wanda, Rupert, John, Wendy, and probably Chicken, not to mention that David's 50th is coming up. The remaining men who have competed once who are under 50 are Ryan, Darnell, Brook, Jonathan, and Zane.

To summarize it all: it would be a good season, it's just that there would be a lot of old people.

What about Survivor: The Forgotten Ones

Have 20 castaways that we have forgotten/don't remember much about. Examples include Joel from Borneo, Jessie from Africa, Dolly and Mia from Vanuatu, Blake from Guatemala, Erica from Fiji, Jerry from Tocantins, and almost every member of the original Gota tribe.